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  • Here is a show from the past that is somewhat interesting. Two old friends Cody and Nick Hook up with a nerdy geeky computer guy named Murray and take on all kinds of cases. Along the way they run into bad guys and dodge the cops and have fun to at times.

    Riptide I must admit has its moments of fun in the sun. Lets not forget all the women around. This show has got class to it. I cant remember the last time I saw a classic tv show that had bad guys running for there lives with nowhere to go. Those Riptide guys will get ya on land,sea, or air. And its like when was the last time anyone actually saw a pink helicopter on a tv show. I can say I like the way things get done here. With Nick and Cody talking about there broken noses to solving cases with Murrays computer skills. I like this tv show from the past. It kinda reminds me of afew other tv shows but it seems like it has alittle more to offer. I would suggest it to anyone who has alittle downtime or offtime. If that doesnt work look around for another show. The 80s were filled with some pretty decent stuff.