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  • Season 2
    • show #408
      show #408
      Episode 408
    • show #407
      show #407
      Episode 407
      Iain and Kate present. Richard Hammond reviews the days TV.
    • show #372
      show #372
      Episode 372
      Kay Mellor and Kym Marsh guest.
    • 16 December 2003
    • 10 September 2003
      10 September 2003
      Episode 164
      Featuring Candace Bushnell, Ursula Holden Gill and Vicky Hall.
    • 20/10/03
      Episode 163
      Featuring Rebecca Hayes.
    • Tuesday 16th September 2003
      Featuring Jocelyn Jee-Esien and Tameka Empson.
    • 12 September 2003
      12 September 2003
      Episode 161
      Danny Dyer guests.
    • 17th November 2003
      17th November 2003
      Episode 160
      Coming Soon
    • show #326
      show #326
      Episode 151
    • show #323
      show #323
      Episode 150
    • show #322
      show #322
      Episode 149
    • show #321
      show #321
      Episode 148
    • show #319
      show #319
      Episode 147
    • show #318
      show #318
      Episode 146
    • show #316
      show #316
      Episode 145
    • show #315
      show #315
      Episode 144
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      show #314
      Episode 143
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      show #313
      Episode 142
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      show #312
      Episode 141
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      show #311
      Episode 140
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      show #310
      Episode 139
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      show #309
      Episode 138
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      show #308
      Episode 137
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      show #307
      Episode 136
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      show #306
      Episode 135
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      show #305
      Episode 134
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      show #304
      Episode 133
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      show #303
      Episode 132
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      show #302
      Episode 131
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      show #301
      Episode 130
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      show #300
      Episode 129
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      show #299
      Episode 128
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      show #298
      Episode 127
    • show #297
      show #297
      Episode 126
    • show #296
      show #296
      Episode 125
    • show #295
      show #295
      Episode 124
      Javine Hilton from Popstars, Danny Seward from Where the Heart Is and tv personality Maxwell Hutchinson guest. Alison is joined by BB4 evictees Federico, Jon, Justine and Gos. Dougie chats to Super Furry Animals. James the BB monitor has all the latest from the house. Jon previews tonights TV.
    • show #294
      show #294
      Episode 123
    • show #293
      show #293
      Episode 122
    • show #292
      show #292
      Episode 121
    • show #291
      show #291
      Episode 120
    • show #290
      show #290
      Episode 119
    • show #289
      show #289
      Episode 118
    • show #288
      show #288
      Episode 117
      Featuring Charlotte Bellamy and Nicola Wheeler.
    • show #287
      show #287
      Episode 116
    • show #286
      show #286
      Episode 115
    • show #285
      show #285
      Episode 114
    • show #284
      show #284
      Episode 113
    • show #283
      show #283
      Episode 112
    • show #282
      show #282
      Episode 111
    • show #281
      show #281
      Episode 110
      Featuring Gena Lee Nolin.
    • show #280
      show #280
      Episode 109
    • show #279
      show #279
      Episode 108
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      show #278
      Episode 107
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      show #277
      Episode 106
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      Show #276
      Episode 105
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      Show #275
      Episode 104
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      Show #274
      Episode 103
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      Show #273
      Episode 102
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      Show #272
      Episode 101
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      show #271
      Episode 100
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    • show #266
      show #266
      Episode 95
    • show #265
      show #265
      Episode 94
    • show #264
      show #264
      Episode 93
    • show #263
      show #263
      Episode 92
    • show #262
      show #262
      Episode 91
    • show #261
      show #261
      Episode 90
    • show #259
      show #259
      Episode 89
      More breakfast time news and gossip with Iain, Kate, Dougie, Zora and Mel & Sue.
    • show #258
      show #258
      Episode 88
      More breakfast time news and gossip with Iain, Kate, Dougie, Zora and Mel & Sue.
    • show #257
      show #257
      Episode 87
      The lines open for viewers to vote for this years Big Brother correspondant. Mindy has the latest from Hollywood. Sophie & Alex have been to a polo party. Steve McKenna reviews The Matrix Reloaded. Mel & Sue chat to James Alexandrou and James Sarsfield.
    • show #256
      show #256
      Episode 86
      Featuring Catalina Guirado and Myleene Klass.
    • show #255
      show #255
      Episode 85
      More breakfast time news and gossip with Iain, Kate, Dougie, Zora and Mel & Sue.
    • show #254
      show #254
      Episode 84
      More breakfast time news and gossip with Iain, Kate, Dougie, Zora and Mel & Sue.
    • show #253
      show #253
      Episode 83
      In the studio today is Eurovision entrants; Jemini, FLY and Lynn Chirchop, Simon Grant and S Club. Some teenagers review Trust Me I'm A Teenager, their's a report from the allnighters 'Sports Illustrated' party. Dougie finds out if boys or girls are better at skating. Caprice and team Squirrel try the carpet drag. Samantha Mann reviews todays TV.moreless
    • show #252
      show #252
      Episode 82
      Featuring Rachel Brady, Neil Jackson, Dhaffer L'Abidine, Ashly Rae and Tim Smith.
    • show #251
      show #251
      Episode 81
      More breakfast time news and gossip with Iain, Kate, Dougie, Zora and Mel & Sue.
    • show #250
      show #250
      Episode 80
      Uri Gellar and Jerry O'Connell are in the studio today.
    • show #249
      show #249
      Episode 79
      Uri's back in the studio.
    • show #248
      show #248
      Episode 78
      Today was Kates Birthday and The Androids played live.
    • show #247
      show #247
      Episode 77
      "Date Kates Mates" returns with this weeks contestant Nathan. Uri tryed to fix broken watches in the studio audience, he managed to fix everyones but Kate & Iain's. Mindy has the latest from the USA. Featuring Colin Firth and Phil Turner.
    • show #246
      show #246
      Episode 76
      Ronan Keating discusses his new single. Uri Gellar talks about I'm A Celebrity. Tony's back from his date with Vanessa. Mike who's representing RI:SE at the Nike Football Freestyle Competition reports from the event. Dougie spends the day with Hayley Evetts. Caprice try's out nipple clamps with team Squirrel. Mel & Sue are joined by Ronan and look at this years Eurovision entrants, Mando in Greece and Stelios in Cyprus.moreless
    • show #245
    • show #244
    • show #243
      show #243
      Episode 73
    • show #242
      show #242
      Episode 72
      Kate was loving the sunshine today. Iain was upset over corrie last night because it was'nt that good. At 7:16 the lights in the RI:SE studio went out at 7:18 they flickerd back on but then went back out, at 7:33 the presenter charis and sofa had to be turn round and placed infront of the newswall. Iain blamed Uri. MEL:SUE INTRO Sue: oh dear (laughs) Mel: Sorry Mates Sue: Mel begins this show like every other show going "is it me is it us are we on!?" Mel: also just appluading my self!moreless
    • show #241
      show #241
      Episode 71
      RI:SE is now back to its normal time. 6:55 - 9:00. The show started with Kate and Iain messing around at the reception sink. The office paper review is now back, but not with Rik, just Iain and Kate. Dates Kates Mates was back this week and Rosie was set up with Danny. MEL:SUE INTRO Sue: (to audience member) If you use the right cream it should clean up. Mel: Guntan Morngong Sue: Thank you very much to Zora their for the news. Mel: Feeling like a 1970's music/playaway show this morning Sue: Its very kids TV presenter [mel and sue start rock left and right pretending to be playing the guitar] Its hay gang were much older then you! sing along to this one!. Mel: were sitting on the cubesmoreless
    • show #240
      show #240
      Episode 70
    • show #239
      show #239
      Episode 69
    • show #238
      show #238
      Episode 68
      RI:SE The RI:SE crew has nicknamed Kate "Katie Bear" At the start of the show Tony was making coffee for one of the RI:SE crew. 2 girls were in the RI:SE studio getting football shirts painted onto their bodies. Katie said she needs to go back to school and learn some history. Iain could not stop singing Tony's songs all morning. Iain was mad with Rik the paper boy for not sorting out the papers for him, Rik said he didn't have time even though he had been at the studio since 5am. Iain said he likes boobs. Dougie was not on today's show his only input on the show today was doing a voice over for the "World Famous for Dicking Around" VT. Katie said that she really would like to hit Iain around the face with a big fish. This show saw the first play of some new music that RI:SE uses when coming back from the break. Iain and Kate said the team should have asked them whether it was ok to use the new music. Iain did an impression of Richard Blackwood. Katie did a special dance for Craig David. The new address to send any think to RI:SE is RI:SE UNIT 316 Whiteleys Centre 151 Queensway London W2 45B While Iain was doing the link to the break Kate pinched him Iain jumped up and said it really hurt. In the Entertainment Report they showed a clip of Madonna acting in U.S sitcom Will and Grace. Steve was back in the studio showing us some more DVD Easter eggs.moreless
    • show #237
      show #237
      Episode 67
      RI:SE Human beat box menskie was back in the RI:SE studio for the first time in ages. Iain was full of millionaire jokes. (see quotes) Iain was talking about the Paul Macarty concert he went to go to see last night, he did not really enjoy it that much because he sang to many new songs about his wife who he don't like. Iain said he was really upset about S CLUB splitting up and that he fancied Jo. Rap group So Solid Crew he were on the show yesterday left some gum on the RI:SE table. Kate said that she really liked Iain's shoulders. For the first TEXT 2 WIN viewers had to guest what person out of Iain, Menskie and Charlie the floor manger that guest Lisa Maffia wanted to sing a rap to. She picked Charlie. Today's subject in Lip Service was celebrity Holly Valance. Mindy Join us once again from LA. Looks life Sophie Blac is the new sports expert…………….GET HELLS BELLS BACK CH4 Iain started to spin kate around on her chair. Do you want the chance to date one of Kate's Mates just send a picture of yourself and some information to Date Kate's Mate RI:SE Princess Studios Whiteleys Centre 151 Queensway London W2 45B MEL:SUE RAP Sue: You start Meline Mel: Fresh Bassline Sue: This goes out to the leather head massive…..were mel and sue on your TV we follow after Kate and Iain Lee! Now were placing our bids, look how well we've be taught by the kids! Mel: My name is Mel and I'm an MC…SUPERSTAR! My music teacher said I would go far Sue: My name is Sue and I'm an expert rapper, have to say music teacher said I was crapper. Mel: Here I'm again Mel to the G, my blaze is expensive but my rhyming is free, I wear rainbow shoes on my stinking feet and my tune is so bad I keep missing the b – b – b beat. Sue: S to the U to the E is mixing my oral flavours all over this track cheak 1 , 2 to the mix style and a big shout out from me and Melinemoreless
    • show #236
      show #236
      Episode 66
    • show #235
      show #235
      Episode 65
    • show #234
      show #234
      Episode 64
    • show #233
      show #233
      Episode 63
    • show #232
      show #232
      Episode 62
    • show #231
      show #231
      Episode 61
      Todays show was presented by Iain and Dougie, Kate was still on the show helping out now and then, RI:SE are trying to brake her into the show so she can find her feet. Kate will be takeing over full time on Monday. The show started with Iain and Dougie running up the stairs to the studio. Iain thought they was going to be late. Iain kept takeing the mick out of Dougies accent. Blazin squad said they have some very scary fans. Lip service was back for the first time since the relaunch!! todays subject was Catherine Zeta Jones. Iain ponited out that Kate was wearing a very short skirt but told her not to worry because on RI:SE they love the short skirt. Iain told Blazin squad to quite down dueing the paper review. Sophie said thanks to Dougie for being so nice to her, but Dougie said he was flirting with her. Iain and Dougie said they could not see a VT because one of the producers had taped over it with the hoobs. RI:SE set up one of there auidence members by showing clips of them when they were babies. Krazy was the viewers fav to make a rap about new RI:SE presenter Kate Lawler.moreless
    • show #230
      show #230
      Episode 60
      Ediths last show. "beep the clock:"
    • show #229
      show #229
      Episode 59
    • show #228
    • show #227
    • show #226
    • show #225
    • show #224
    • show #223
    • show #222
      show #222
      Episode 52
      The show started on an opening shot of Iain at the reception breakfast bar hovering up sugar. He then went dow the corridor do get Edith who was in the video editing room talking to the editor. Because its April fools day Iain and Edith played a joke on Dougie, while he doing his "Music Dougie Style" they are going to send 2 "Police" men to arrest him for filming with out a licence all in the name of comedy!! Edith thought a story about a dog scuba diveing was true. Iain has to whisper to kate because she was losing her voice. Edith found out how good she was at sufeing when she went on a computer game in the studio. Mindy got a cream pie in her face for april fools.moreless
    • show #221
      show #221
      Episode 51
      Iain was so pleased that it was the first day of the britsh summer and it was so bright. But he said the best thing about was that all the women on the production crew were wearing nothing! Iain said he didnt do nothing for mothers day because he treats her everuy day of the year he wants a day off!! Edith said she would never be able to do a sex scene in a film because she would start laughing. Edith said her new name for the day was "Littel Bow Peep". David (BBC3's The Bachlor) had to pick a gril out of Katie,Alex and sophie to go on a breakfast date with him. RI:SE was one of the first shows in the U.K to show a clip of Maddonas new music video "American Life". Iain said that working on RI:SE is like a party.........sometimes not a good party but never the less it still is one. David chosse Alex to go on a date with him.moreless
    • show #220
      show #220
      Episode 50
      Coming back into the show at 8:28 RI:SE mocked the "24" split screen.
    • show #219
      show #219
      Episode 49
    • show #218
      show #218
      Episode 48
    • show #217
      show #217
      Episode 47
      Due To The Events In Iraq RI:SE Now Airs From 8:10 - 9:00 The show started with Iain behide the coffee bar doing what he called his "sexy lady" pose. Iain,Edith and Rik was talking about sproof Alan Partridge doc that was on last night, Iain really liked it but Rik and Edith wasnt to keen. The "Today On RI:SE" graphics have yet again been updated to have a new spring feel to the show. Iain and Edith was fighting over what they thought of rapper Eminem. Iain said he was a load of rubbish Edith said he was great. TEXT 2 WIN was back today. Iain said that the studio was so hot that he might take off all his clothes, Edith said she wont be joining him. Dougie hosted a re-vamped version of "Music Dougie Style" it now has new graphics and involes 3 music people from POP,HIP HOP and ROCK and then the audience votes on what is the best new single out of all of them.moreless
    • show #216
      show #216
      Episode 46
      Due To The Events In Iraq RI:SE Now Airs From 8:10 - 9:30 RI:SE's long titels are now played at the start of every show. Iain said the paper reviews will not be on the war (Zora will be covering that)but on all the weired and funny stroies inside the papers. Iain said that Rik (the paper boy) nick name is " Horney Goat Wee" and every night when Iain goes home he phones up Rik's mum and ask if "Horney Goat Wee" is playing out. If hes lucky Rik wont be playing out, but if he is its just bad luck. Mindy was live at the oscars after show party giveing us a full and indepth run down of the nights events. Ediths Entertainment Report coved the oscars as well. Edith told Iain to stop takeing the piss out of the crew and to stop throwing props at them. Edith did an impression or Alfred Hicthcock after it was revealed that he made the shortest oscar award speech lasting just over 1 secound. Fearn thank iain for telling all the people at home that she had a hole in her fishnets. Edith and Fearn started to burp alot and Iain was not happy. Iain did an impression of Justin Timberlake. Iain said that the word Donna in britan ment that some bird who works in a chip shop.moreless
    • show #215
      show #215
      Episode 45
    • show #214
      show #214
      Episode 44
    • show #213
      show #213
      Episode 43
    • show #212
      show #212
      Episode 42
    • show #211
    • show #210
      show #210
      Episode 40
    • show #209
      show #209
      Episode 39
      Edith was back today. Iain told Edith off for shouting during the news, he said it was great that they found that littel girl but should not have shouted "GET IN!!!" Iain said the audience were all wimps because they only watch Eastenders. Iain said he would pay Edith 50 pounds if she said nothing in the whole show. In the entertainment report RI:SE showed a clip of Geri Halliwell's new USA show called "All American Girl". Playboy's Victora Silvesledt said she really liked Iain. Iain did an impression of Harry Hill. Rik was off sick today so his stand by Fred steped in. RI:SE beatbox Menskie had a BEATBOX fight with Killer! Menskie biged up Zora. Mel + Sue was doing more dumb dares and they included Zora playing air guitar.moreless
    • show #208
      show #208
      Episode 38
      Dougie was presenting todays show with Iain because Edith had a day off. Iain said Zora was looking veryt summary. the textecution contestants have raised 260 pounds for C.R. Iain took over the entertain,ment report. Iain and Dougie asked viewers to text in if they had seen a U.F.O Iain said that Menskie the human beat box looks like beppe from Eastenders. Iain and Dougie perfromed there very own beatbox dance. Kerry was the next contestant to go. Sandra had her hair re-styled by Dougies littel friend Muhammed.moreless
    • show #207
      show #207
      Episode 37
      Iain was warming Edith up by rubbing her. Iain said that ruby wax was very sexy. The "Today On RI:SE" graphics have been changed again. Edith did an impression of Billy off of Eastenders. In the entertainment report a mumber of people where haveing ago at Iain for being to skinney. Iain and Edith was in the office for the paper review, but then Iain started going into peoples draw and he found a work saw. Josh (SC) dyed his hair red after a viewers text in to dye his hair red. The TEXT contestants had to perform a line dance. Adam was the first one to go with 59% of the vote. It was Edith nan and grandads birthday. Iain perfromed a dance that was a mix of Hip Hop and Mime. Crossing over to Mel + Sue at 8:26 every one was laughing because to rabbits where shagging!!! the pets where there because Mel + Sue part of the show will be themed around a topic today it was "Pet Problems"moreless
    • show #206
      show #206
      Episode 36
      Edith was telling us all morning about how cool being at the celebrity Fame Academy was last night. The "Today On RI:SE" graphics have now been updated. All of the money RI:SE and Channel4 earn out of TEXT'S will go to comic relief. This week's TEXTECUTION contestants are Kerrie,Ali,Adam,Lousie and Doug. Iain said that Lousie had a very sexy voice. Iain said he cannot read out a TEXT a viewer sent in because it was to rude to read out. Iain told Rik to cheer up and wave to the viewers. Down to queenway and Dougie was doing his sport report in the ART cafe which i have been to and it is very nice indeed. Edith said she was crying her eyes out in make-up this morning because she was watching last nights coldfeet. Edith said that they should give Dougie away as a prize for "Text 2 Win". Iain made Delta play the drums.moreless
    • show #205
    • show #204
    • show #203
    • show #202
      show #202
      Episode 32
      Iain and Edith was asking viewers to text in there best ways to make pancakes. Today the "TODAY ON RI:SE" graphic was shown at the start of the show insted of half way in. Iain said that pancake day was hes best time of the year. Julia one of the textecution contestants took a breath test to see if she was still drunk but she cut her lip on the glass and she started to bleed. Iain did an impression of George Michael. Edith said that she wanted Paul Ross the first one out of the celebrity Fame Academy. RI:SE had lots of FA gossip but Kevin would not answer to say if any think was true or false. Julia .R. was the first TEXT contestant to be voted off. Edith said that Popstar Darius Danesh should stop doing his Ali G impressions. 8:03 Mindy was back and Edith and Iain chatted to her about all the hollywood storys. June played the studio game "Bed or Dead" where she had a choice between two faces and pick one that she would love to go to bed with and one that she would love to kill. Iain said Justin Timberlake looks like a car jaker.moreless
    • show #201
      show #201
      Episode 31
      Iain and Edith was asking viewers to text in there worst thing that had happen to them while they were driving. This week's TEXTECUTION contestants are Julia .B.,John,Stacey,Adam and Julia .R. Stacey said that she is so happy that Jade is on the show because shes just like her. Iain said that if you cover adams mouth up he looks likes Tom crusie. Edith was pleased that T.A.T.U are no longer number 1 in the UK music charts. Jade took the RI:SE driving test if she passed RI:SE would give 500 pounds to Comic Relief if she dont they wont. At 7:24 Dougie gave us hes sport report hmmmmmmmmm i can pick other person who would be very good doing this slot. HELLS BELLS At 7:28 Edith told us what was coming up on todays show. Jade was very lively dueing the show. Katie was at the video wall picking out voices that rob should perform. The 8:15 paper review was done at the sofa insted of the coffee bar. Iain said that Graham Norton is a 2 faced man.moreless
    • show #200
      show #200
      Episode 30
      After a load of e-mails and 2 phone calls from production I was standing outside Charing Cross station waiting for a car to pick me up and bring me to the RI:SE studios. At 6:20 it arrived and a very nice car it was too! The car dropped me and my friend off in the car park of whitely shopping centre, we then followed the signs up to the studio where Sara one of the production team greeted us and showed us where to sign in. As we were waiting to be told where to go we were asked to wait in reception as was a very tired Dougie!! He spent a few minutes talking to the textecution contestants and then went off down the corridor. At about 6:40 we were taken in to a room were we got to have breakfast and read the daily papers, and then we had a practice on clapping. At 6:50 we were taken in to the studio and told where to sit, me and my mate got to sit around the big table near the video wall, Edith and Iain was already sitting in their chairs and started talking to members of the audience. Edith and Iain then began rehearsing the first part of the show but I didn't take much notice as I was enjoying watching Zora mess up her news report. She was complaining that the autocue was going to fast. As the titles started the floor manager told us not to clap and just to remain quiet, and then Iain said it was time for Zora and as the ident was on the other floor manager told us to shut up for the news. During the first break Edith's microphone had be put back on and Zora had to have her make-up redone. When Dougie is down on the streets or Iain is in the office for the paper review we can see it on the video wall. Coming back into the show at about 7:30 the floor manager told us that the long titles were being played and that the show will start on camera 3, Iain stood up and said to him you can stuff your long titles. While Iain was booting out the loser of textecution Edith's mic fell off again and the camera men told her to sit in the other chair ready for her entertainment report. At 7:40 a member of the production crew took me into the office and asked if I would like to help out in the show by asking a question to one of the guests. I agreed and he started talking to me about the show and whether I watch it a lot. I asked him if he liked the old RI:SE or the new RI:SE better and he said that the new one is more relaxed but he liked the presenters of the old one, he also said that don't believe all that you read in the papers about the show and that it's going to be on the telly for a long time yet. I asked him whether I could have any thing to take home with me and he gave me a script of todays show and a few presenting cards. At 8:27 me and my friend got moved to the bar area and Katie asked if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee but before I could reply we were moved again onto the big cube cushions While we were in the break Mel came up behind me and asked if I was enjoying the show and then she went off to talk to the winning textecution contestant. When Mel and Sue go into the green room to interview their guest all of the audience rushed round to get a good seat. I was at the back but I got to talk to Dean Gaffney. And that's about it. im sure I will remember more things that ive forgotten to write and I will add them over time. In six weeks time I will be going back to RI:SE for the whole week! Craig [moreless
    • show #199
      show #199
      Episode 29
    • show #198
      show #198
      Episode 28
    • show #197
      show #197
      Episode 27
    • show #196
      show #196
      Episode 26
    • show #195
      show #195
      Episode 25
    • show #194
      show #194
      Episode 24
      From todays show viewers can text in with any comment they like! Kate the coffee girl was in Mindys studio in L.A to give her a RI:SE mug and also to tell her that she will be at the grammeys. Iain told us that he needed to burp. Iain said that Rik the paper boy is not allowed with in 100 YARDS of Edith because of the court order that was put on him. Dougie was in the local CD shop getting people views on who should win at tonight Brit Awards. Harvey told us that he can not be botherd to go to the Brtis tonight because his watching the football. Iain said that Zora was in tears this morning because no one text's her with notes of love so he ask every one to phone up and leave there number. The TEXT contestants had to model clothes they bought. Daniella was the next TEXT contestant to go. Iain said that in the break Edith could not stop talking.moreless
    • show #193
      show #193
      Episode 23
      Edith said that she use to fancy Rollie from Eastenders
    • show #192
      show #192
      Episode 22
      Helen one of the TEXT contestants was not in the studio today because she was feeling sick. Kieron was the 1st TEXT contestants to go. The Entertainment report graphics have been updated
    • show #191
      show #191
      Episode 21
      Today was the first day of the London Congestion charge and the show open with a pre-recored video showing the RI:SE studio and production offices with no one in them, and a banner down the bottom of the screen saying due to the congestion charge no one could make it to the studio. The new TEXT contestant are Lindsey,Roy,Daniella,Helen and Kieron. Iain said that this weeks contestants were good looking. Edith done her first entertainment report at the fish tank and not in the control room. Dougie was down on the road talking to people about the congestion charge. Iain told every one in the studio to give Zora a appluse because she is a very good news reader. At 7:59 Zora joined Iain and Edith to give us news about a boxer not fighting beacause of an upset stomach. .:CAPTION:. Picture of christian .A. bending over " 2 cents and she sings"moreless
    • show #190
      show #190
      Episode 20
    • show #189
      show #189
      Episode 19
    • show #188
      show #188
      Episode 18
    • show #187
      show #187
      Episode 17
      At 7:02 Iain showed us a game called "Larden V.S USA" The textecution graphics have been updated. Joseph had to sleep in the RI:SE studio after he had the most number of votes from mondays show. Iain told Gemma can't say bum crack of tv. Dougie was playing "blindefold date" in the pub. Graham was the first TEXT contestant to go. At 8:15 there was a full paper review with Iain,Edith,Ben,Alexia and Rik. .:CAPTION:. Liam .G. Kicking a man out of a car "Liam lerts one rip"moreless
    • show #186
      show #186
      Episode 16
      Richard said that he is not that scary. This weeks TEXT contestants are Joseph,Gemma,Graham,Alex and bobby. Iain said that last weeks contestants must be kicking them selves because they won a caravan and this week the contestants are winning a holiday. IAINS TOP FIVE 1. Liam Gallagher 2. Dennis + Holden 3. T.A.T.U 4. Fish Pain 5. Zeta Jones At 8:16 there was a full paper review with Iain,Edith,Rik,Bryan and Sara. .:CAPTION:. Picture of christian .A. standing with two tall men "New cast for Addams familey tree"moreless
    • show #185
    • show #184
    • show #183
    • show # 182
    • show #181
      show #181
      Episode 11
      The RI:SE audience seem a lot mre lively then they normally do. Looks like C4 have listen to viewers because it looks like Zora is going to be doing the news infront of the control all the time now. Iain thought it was still january. This weeks TEXT contestants are Sophie,Beall,Lucie,Alice and Jon. Iain said that Edith can get in a nasty cat fight and told sophie not to argue with her. At 7:09 Edith once again took us into the control room. RI:SE showed us a clip the wako jako doco. Iain said te only reason he bought the T.A.T.U CD was because the two singers kissed. Why does Edith keep wearing them horrible red shoes? hasnt she got any others? At 7:22 Dougie was down at the pub talking to football fans. Understanly there was tension between the Westham fans and the Man U fans. Steve-o said he would never feed birds rice to make them explode. At 7:37 Iain asked the textcution contestants to perform party tricks. At 7:50 Iain and Edith interviwed Jodie. St 7:53 Rik the paper noy brang on his cake he made for Jodies birthday.moreless
    • show #180
      show #180
      Episode 10
      General Chit-Chat broke us into today's edition of RI:SE with then a look at the News headlines with resident reporter and ex-Capital Radio presenter Zora Suleman. Todays topical top 5 included 1. Barrymore's Barnett 2. Colin Farrell 3. Snow 4. Claudia's Baby 5. Welsh Del-Boy Over to the abysmal game, Textecution (which has no point) and this week's winner was Philip! (Bad Luck Sabah, I know I was backing you!!!) Philip did an absolutely awful impression of Homer Simpson too! The All Nighters returned to RI:SE again this Morning! Alex and Sophie attended two bashes last night – they attended the premier of Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant's new film "Two Week's Notice" and went to an ‘animal benefit party'. :s Down on to Queensway and to Dougie Anderson in the local Laundrette! Today's OB included Men in several different styles of underwear! Hmmm… YAK! Anyway TPT joined Dougie later on in the show and decided that the guy in the Calvins was the best, lol! Matchbox 20 stars including Rob Thomas who sang on the Santana single "Smooth". Mindy Burbano once again joined RI:SE at 07:49 for her second showbiz report of the week. Topic of the Day: Britney "sultry" Spears. Mindy also attended the premier of Final Destination II. Harry Enfield SWORE on today's RI:SE at 08:04 (B**TAR*S) Captain Competition Winner: Wash and Go Please. Michelle and Barry from Wife Swap appeared at 08:10am, lol. The Enfield interview at 08:15 was very funny including what Harry thought of a lot of TV shows on at the minute. He also revealed during text to win he is a patient of Accupuncture!! More next week, Jonny! MEL:SUE Review up soonmoreless
    • show #179
    • show #178
    • show #177
      show #177
      Episode 7
      Featuring Lucy Benjamin and Jeremy Spake.
    • show #176
      show #176
      Episode 6
      In the studio today is James Alexandrou and Jon Peyton Price.
    • show #175
      show #175
      Episode 5
    • show #174
      show #174
      Episode 4
    • show#173
      Episode 3
    • show #172
      show #172
      Episode 2
    • show #171
      show #171
      Episode 1
      RI:SE was back today and despite what people its not like the Big Breakfast. The show started with Iain and Edith hanging out there brand new studio and then walking into the studio and sitting down. At 6:59 Edith said she went to the zoo at the weekend and that they didnt have no elephants but they did have foxes. At 7:00 the new news presenter gave her first news bulletin. At 7:01 Edith went to go and get Clair from the dressing room and take her to the coffee bar to be interviewed by Iain. RI:SE has a new game "Textucution" is were we get to meet 5 members of the publicand we get to text in who we hate the person with the most votes leaves. The winner at the end gets a holiday. At 7:09 Edith took us into the contol room to give us a preview of her entertainment report. Another new game "TEXT 2 WIN" before going to a break Iain gives us a question a dueing the break we text in thje answer, and then when we come back to the show we fine out who the winner is. Dougie was back on RI:SE introducting the new show to the local people. At 07:42 when Edith was giveing us the i hate numbers Iain came on and said that all the people texting in i hate Iain wasnt funny. At 7:50 Derren played a mind game on Iain and Jamie. At 8:01 there was another news paper review with Iain and Edith. At 8:06 Iain tryed to go out on the balconey and shout out at Dougie but he couldnt open the door. Mindy was another presenter who made it to the new RI:SE she will join us every Monday and Friday. Mel + Sue joined us at 8:36.moreless
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