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  • show #170
    show #170
    Episode 170
    This was the final show of serise 1 of RI:SE. Liz,Kirsty and Chris was on todays show this was the last time we would see them on RI:SE. At 7:00 Chris told us that he was not Alan Partridge and hes not gay. Insted of rain falling on the wet patches map there were snowmen. Mark said that Anthea Turner is half Alian to her husband! At 7:33 Edith started playing with a toy RainDeer that sings, she really enjoyed it but said it cant be turned off so Mark sat on it. One True Voice performed at 7:40. On the RI:SE christmas calendar Simon from BLUE said how much he loved Liz as he was saying that they cut back to Liz with her tough hanging out. Athoney from BLUE sent Kirsty a message. Girls Aloud confirmed that session singers sing on parts of "Sounds of the underground". The studio played the whole Celebrity merry christmas song that Mark promised they would show all week at 7:56, it really got me in the christmas mood. Mark hosted "The Christmas Quiz Vol: 2" and it was between Girls Aloud and One True Voice. The winning band got to keep there 100 singles that RI:SE bought the loseing band singles had to be returned to the shops. One True Voice won the quiz. At 8:26 Girls Aloud performed. At 8:40 showed us what Justin Timberlake was getting for christmas: 1 pair of boxer shorts and 1 pair of y-fronts. At 8:46 the girls left the studio on motor bikes. For the end of the show Chris and kirsty joined everyone on the sofa and they all said good bye and then they cut to the celebrity singers. Celebrity JackPot: Dancer > Bliztin > pracer They are all santa's raindeer. So there it is then the end of the first serise of RI:SE, see you in the new year.moreless
  • show #169
    show #169
    Episode 169
    At 6:58 Mark introduced us to a panto horse who calloped into the studio Liz thought it was really good Helen did'nt. At 7:06 after Helen did the weather she told us that it was really cold and that we should go back to bed. The studio was asking viewers to phone and tell them there christmas for this year. At 7:19 mark showed us hot to stuff a turkey. At 7:22 while helen was doing the sport she called the panto horse over and climbed on it and started rideing round the studio. Liz and James previewed the films "Terminator 3" and "The Matrix:Reloaded". The celebrity singing an christmas song was Tony Blackburn. At 7:41 Mark was told by the director that his gut was hanging out and that he should say sorry to viewers. At 7:46 Mark showed us his 2nd christmas tip: how to like brandy on a christmas pudding. Today was the last time we would see mindy for this year. At 8:01 Helen tried to pull the head off of the panto horse (see Quotes). The 1st celebrity jackpot caller said that Helen was a top girl on soccer AM and that his got her a present. FREAK! At 8:48 Mark gave out his christmas presents. Helen got a football set, Liz got a grease DVD and Chris got a bag of sweets. At the end of Helen sports round up she ask Chris for a kiss, so he did but Helen wasnt expecting it. Celebrity JackPot: Marlin Brando > Robert Di Dero > Joe Pishe Answer: they have all played Gansters.moreless
  • show #168
    show #168
    Episode 168
    RI:SE was live at the Star Trek Adventure with new RI:SE reporter Georgie Arnold. I think she done very well for her first day. At 7:00 Mark thought it was 8:00, how time flys. Helens waether summary: What do you expect its winter its cold. The studio was asking viewers to phone in to tell them there best TV christmas story line. Hells was interviewing the band REEF with Edith. This is the first time Hells has done a interview for RI:SE. Todays celebrity singing a christmas song was Darius. Edith said she wants to be in EastEnders. Chris is a stunt man in the new Harry Potter film. In the entertainment bullitin the studio played a clip of the latest episode of the 2nd serise of "The Osbournes". At 7:50 the studio showed a clip of Mark and Tara after yesterdays show with Mark kissing her. Both Edith and Helen was not impressed with Mark's kiss, Mark then said if they were expecting a porn kiss, Helen said yes you can have that in the mornig then she lept over mark and started to kiss Edith before they both feel on each other behide the desk. Mark hosted the "The Christmas Chris Quiz" 1ST ROUND: Eating as many mince pies as you can. 2ND ROUND: Guessing who the celebrity was behide the santa face. 3RD ROUND: Guessing how many lights there were on a xmas tree. 4TH ROUND: Complete the next line of a christmas carol. 5TH ROUND: Sell there TV show to the public. CHRIS PARKER WON. Celebrity JackPot: Alfie Moon > Den Watts > Sharon Watts Answer: They have all been manager of the Queen Vic.moreless
  • show #167
    show #167
    Episode 167
    After Mark begged for a Christmas tree to be put in the studio yesterday the bosses of RI:SE decided to have a camera in London were two Christmas trees of ice.

    Dougie was reporting form New York again.

    At 7:14 Phil began to lick Mark's ear before going into the break.

    Today the celebrity singing Christmas song was Anthea Turner.

    When Dougie was in New York he asks someone weather they knew what Pantomime was, they thought they were Mimes.

    Tara was on the show to talk about Celeb Blind Date.

    Edith had to do her last entertainment story at the news wall because it was a run down of the fight for Christmas number one.

    At 8:23 the show open to a scene across London like they use to do it the early days of RI:SE.

    Mark did an impression of David Grey.

    Tara said that Mark + Edith looked like Richard + Judy, but then Mark said that they looked like Brad Pitt + Judy.

    Tara said that Darren Day deserved a big fat kick on the head.

    Celebrity JackPot:

    Sir Cliff Richard > Bob The Bulider > Robbie Williams

    Answer: They have all had Christmas Number ones.moreless
  • show #166
    show #166
    Episode 166
    This was the first show of the last week before christmas and the last week of the old style,music and set of RI:SE (sob) At 6:58 Mark showed us that he had his packet of "salted seasonal reindeer rump" The studio was getting even more into the christmas sprit today, they had tinsil around the desk, lights on the couach and coffie bar and christmas statues every were. Dougie was in newyork trying to get people into the christmas sprit. Chris called every one a minger at 7:00 (see Quotes) While Chris was doing the news at 7:00 one of the news items was about the popstar rivals bands, Chris reaveld that both bands would be on the show on friday and that he couldnt wait then at the end of the news bulliten somethink really funny happen (see Quotes) RI:SE had there own christmas calendar today and behide each window was a christmas message from a celebrity. At 7:17 before going over to Kirsty for the sport Mark told us that he and Edith have found a new thing that will make Kirsty laugh, it worked when she was doing the sport Mark stood behide a camera and done the thing that made her laugh and Kirst started cracking up. Going into the break at 7:32 Kirsty revaled that over the last few weeks they have been asking celebritys to sing a verse of a christmas song and at the end of the week all of them will come together to sing the whole song. Today it was Hannah and Rachel from SCLUB. Kirsty's littel sister Laura was in the studio. At 8:01 Mark started to eat the Raindeer Rump but then said it was minging and spat it out in a news paper. Going into the show at 8:26 there was a "ho ho ho" sound effect played into the studio. Lip service was back for the first time in ages. Celebrity JackPot: Tania Strecker > Cilla Black > Ulrika Johnson Answer: They have all presented dateing shows on TV.moreless
  • show #165
    show #165
    Episode 165
  • show #164
    show #164
    Episode 164
    Dougie was doing panto wars and he was at the Two Towers premiere. Liz shatterd Mark's dreams when she told him that when stars go to movie premiere's they dont go there to see the film Mark, was outraged. Mark and Liz were not impressed when Chris said good morning to them (see Quotes). Helen was feeling a bit ill today so she took a nap on the news wall floor for the first half of the programme. Todays viewers were ask to phone in to tell what person of the year 2002 should be the RI:SE christmas hero ( the queen won it). Strap me down was back again today. Mark made another comment about the news thats been going around about RI:SE lately useing strap me down (see Quotes). Helen was not happy when she notice that the snowman on the weather map was made with 3 balls of snow, Mark said that the 3rd ball was the legs. Pam Ann put a life jacket on Mark and he couldnt get it off. Mark told us that the hot pants that the cheeky girls wear are all sold out. While chris was doing the last news update before the end of the programme, Helen came on to do the sport she was wearing a muti colour jumper and the cheeky girls hot pants she stated doing a littel dance and done the sport at the same time. Helen your great! (C4 dont axe her) (See Quotes) Celebrity JackPot: Patrick stewart > ? > William Shatner Answer: they have all been captains of the starship enterprize.moreless
  • show #163
    show #163
    Episode 163
    At the star if the show Mark was asking us if we could see the snow being droped in front of the camera Liz said it looked like spit. For the weather at 7:05 Hells began to jump around because there was a chance of snow today, the crew began to torw fake snow over her which made her even more happy, Your great Hells!! Helen had a copy of the sports obsever and picked out the best sportsman crying. Mark was telling christmas jokes all morning Liz did't fine them funny but i did. Mark did an impression of David off of FameAcademy and Helen did an impression of Lemar. Dougie was live in St.Albans for "Panto Wars." At 7:49 Helen pulled a christmas cracker and started playing with the whoppi cushion she got from it. The studio showed another clip of the U.S Tv show "The Osbournes", then they revealed that the 2nd serise will be shown over here in the U.K on MTV on february 5th. Hells asked Roger that why do cats eat tintsil and then she gave us some helpful advice: If you cat eats tinsil and it comes out of the other end DO NOT PULL IT! At 8:00 Helen and Liz chucked two big buckets of fake snow over mark and the desk. At 8:10 while Hells were doing the weather Mark crept behide her and poored a big bag of fake snow over her head she then layed down in it to make a snow angel. Celebrity JackPot: Ben Elton > Boy George > Andrew Lloyd Webber Answer: They have all made Musicals.moreless
  • show #162
    show #162
    Episode 162
    At 6:58 mark was giveing us news about Pop Idol 2 being put on ice because bosses fear it will be a ratings disaster then Mark made a comment about RI:SE (see Quotes.) Edith showed us her wrist band that she got from the "Celebrity Boxing" match she went to last night. Is it just me or is Kristy and Chris giveing the "I dont care" attitude but then again who can blame them it makes great viewing! The studio gave a count down of the songs men most like to make love to. Dougie was live at a panto in milton Keynes. At 7:33 when Edith was telling us about soap weddings always going wrong some one in the RI:SE sound department started running back one of the shows intros and in played in the studio. Mark played a game with Sam and Shaun guessing how long celebritys have been in jail for, they cheated to times! Is it just me or does Ainslie's stair into the camera scares every one! The studios were racing turkeys to see who could win the "RI:SE GOBBLE CUP". At 7:59 when mark cut back to Edith in the studio she had a strong echo effect on her voice it was tooking off secounds later. Celebrity JackPot: Catherine Zeta Jones > Gaby Roslin > Richard Gere Answer: they are all in Chicago.moreless
  • show #161
    show #161
    Episode 161
    This was the first show after the channel 4 announced that Chris, Liz and Kirsty will no longer take part in the show. Today's presenters were: Mark and Edith on the desk and Chris doing both the News and Sport.

    At 6:59 the studio was made to look like everyone had disappeared, by showing a prerecorded clip of no one in the studio.

    Dougie was cooking with Frankie Dettori all morning. What happened to pass the parcel he was doing last week?

    There was a VIP guest in the studio today, Chris' brand new dog Walter. he got it on Friday. at 7:36 he bought it on with him and it looked very cute

    For the news at 8:01 Chris had his dog sleeping on the news wall floor, Chris said it was the first time he had done the news with a dog.

    Edith read out a e-mail from a woman claiming that she handed Marks phone in at the reception of a hotel.

    At 8:48 Chris put his dog on the desk and it started drinking Edith's tea.

    Mark had a picture of Kirsty in a frame on the desk and said that he missed her.

    Celebrity Jackpot

    Nell McAndrew > Kate Lawler > Jade Goody

    Answer: They have all got fitness videos out.moreless
  • show #160
    show #160
    Episode 160
    Mark, Liz and Edith had to make a jigsaw before 9:00am. They completed it in time, only for Edith to throw it across the studio in pieces. Celebrity Jackpot: Robbie Williams, Donal MacIntyre and David Beckham. Link - They all have tattoo's. During the last few minutes Liz asked Donal to name a few celebrities using a theme from his Summer shows. (Hot, Cold, Wet and Windy.) Edwina Currie: Clamy. (Then changed it to hot, much to the horror of Edith.) Bradley Walsh: Windy. Himself: Wet.moreless
  • show #159
    show #159
    Episode 159
    The RI:SE Weather Map has Christmas trees and Lighthouses scattered around it. Hells Bells gave out a Weather Warning. RI:SE gave away 2 tickets, for a trip to Paris, giving the winner an exclusive showing of the Lord of The Rings sequel. As opposed to the usual Weather in a Word, or School grade, Helen summed up the Weather in a teenage emotion. Celebrity Jackpot: Blue, KiKi Dee and George Michael. Link - They've all done a duet with Elton John. Because all the kids action toys are selling so fast, Mark gave us an alternate option to buy them for Christmas - a figure of Jesus...moreless
  • show #158
    show #158
    Episode 158
    At 6:59 while Mark was reading the autoque Chris crouched down and walked behide him. When Mark asked him what he was doing Chris said they didnt know they were live on air. Mark said that he wanted a baby Rhino. Weather in a school report: D- At 7:25 Mark put on a kilt for a Scotish quiz with three teams the teams were: The Goons team (made up of Hardy and Sajeeve) The Edith team (Made up of Edith Bowman) The Taggart team (Made up of Colin and John) The Taggart team won. At 7:29 Mark flashed Liz. She then began to play with the remote control Tony Hawk, only to knock her Tea over. The studio showed a clip of the 2nd episode from the 2nd season of the Osbournes. Dougie interviewed David Furnish At 8:58 Tony tried to teach Edith how to do a "olie!" on a skateboard, She managed to send the board across the studio and fell on her butt. Celebrity JackPot: Liam Gallagher > ? > Peter Basliey Answer: they all have no front teeth. The contestant won a trip to New York and a games console.moreless
  • show #157
    show #157
    Episode 157
    Chris told Kirsty she was wearing a sock jumper. Weather in a emotion: a bit stroppy. At 7:06 Mark was told by the Director that his mic was not working, Edith looked down the back of his jeans to sort it out. There were four wrestlers in the studio this morning and Mark has been calling them girls all morning and at 7:26 ther got up a gave Mark a wrestling match and it looked like Mark got a bit hurt. The studio was counting down the worst christmas presents all morning. The studio had a book full of weird and wondeful words and asked viewers and studio guest's to tell them what the words meant. Edith showed us her drunk walk. Edith's Mum and Mad were in the studio watching her at work. Celebrity JackPot: Gareth Gates > Kylie Minogue >Ronan Keating Answer: They were all at the Royal Variety Performance last night. the contestant one SHAKIRA consert tickets.moreless
  • show #156
    show #156
    Episode 156
    RI:SE were getting into the Christmas spirit today. at the start and end of every part of the show, snowflakes fly across the screen and then turn into the RI:SE logo. For the News, Sport and Entertainment bulletins, snow falls down the screen and piles up at the bottom. Mark told us all that Kirsty has 3 spots on her chin. Kirsty said that it was because she had a facial. With Celebrity Big Brother over Dougie had a new slot to present "National Pass The Parcal" One of the TV's on the newswall was broken today, Mark told Kirsty to get it fixed by the next time they used it it was fixed. Weather in a school report: Must try harder. Strap me down was back for the first time in a few weeks. Coolio told Kirsty and Liz to get up and he teached them his new dance to his new song. Coolio kept on saying that he wanted to get naked in the studio! Going into the break at 8:52 Kirsty began to read the autoque but then stoped, i think that it was something to do with her spots. (See Quotes) Celebrity JackPot: Darius Danesh > Mariah Carey > Martine McCutcheon Answer: They all have abulms out today. The contestant won a DVD + DVD player.moreless
  • show #155
    show #155
    Episode 155
    Last night during the live Big Brother show Davina showed a clip to Sue of RI:SE with Helen doing the Big Brother poll. Tara PT was talking about her appearing on Blind Date and said that the guy she dated was to old for her and that she was holding out for Mark. Dougie was in the camera run of the Big Brother house. The studio hosted a Big Brother called "Have I Got Celebrity Big Brother News For You" the contestants were: Daruis Tara Mark W Helen Liz Edith The winners were Daruis and Helen. Marky mark hosted When Helen was doing the sport at 8:25 mark crawed beside her and tried to get the trophy she won for the quiz. RI:SE had a breaking news story at 8:36. Celebrity JackPot: Darius > Hayley Evetts > Sarah Whatmore Answer: They were all a contestant in PopIdol and PopStars. The contestant won a DVD + DVD player + 2 TV'S Liz's Big Brother Poll: 73% of viewers (and the studio) want Mark to win 17% of viewers want Melinda to win 10% of viewers want Les to win.moreless
  • show #154
    show #154
    Episode 154
    Dougie was joined at the big brother house by the characters from the BT ads. Word in a summary - Look Out The Window! Hells was taking her anger out on the newswall with a stick when she was doing the Big Brother poll saying that she was have a Davina moment. Helen got all excited at 8:07 when Chris winked at her. I think there something going on between them two! Hells put on another of her muticolour jumpers and some glasses for the weather. Mark spent all morning looking at the new Caprice calendar. Celebrity JackPot: Caprice > Tracy Shaw > Boy George Answer: They are all going to be on celebrity "stars in there eyes" The contestant won a DVD and DVD player he would of gone on and gambled but they ran out of time. Helen's Big Brother Poll: 43% of viewers thought Melinda was a Vulcan + 57% of viewers thought she was Darth Vader.moreless
  • show #153
    show #153
    Episode 153
    There was a chicken pen in the studio today to see which of the Big Brother house mates they wanted to go. During the show they escaped from the pen four times. For the weather at 7:05 Hells Bells put on a muti-colour jumper. There was not a weather in a word today, but in a kung foo move. RI:SE were the first TV show in the U.K to show clips of the 2nd season of "The Osbournes". While Dougie was doing a live link up to the Big Brother house interviewing Vanessa Feltz the guys back in the studio were doing a poll between there selfs to see how good she looked. they said she was looking Foxy. When Chris was about to introduce Hells to do the sport he pointed out that the autocue said Kirsty instead of Helen. Possible the best moment of RI:SE since it started: Chris Rogers hypnotizing a chicken! it sort of worked, but the best thing was that the chicken done a poo on Chris and the newswall floor. It was great viewing also nice to see Chris having a laugh. Celebrity Jackpot: Dean Gaffney > Jack Ryder > Bindya Solanki Answer: They are all leaveing EastEnders The contestant won all the prizes. Helen's Big Brother Poll: 62% of viewers want sue to go 38% of viewers want Mark to go. The chickens also want Sue to go.moreless
  • show #152
    show #152
    Episode 152
    Kirsty's weather in a colour was Grey. Edith told a story about how yesterday she saw Jeremy Clarkson trying hard to get into a parking space and when she drove passed in her car he had gone to find an easier space to get into. Because most of the teachers in london and the south east are on strike today the studio was turned into a classroom, with Mark as the headmaster. He gave three lesson's. my favourite was Mark trying to teach us how to say fireman in french. Kirsty gave Mark a hit over the backside with the cane after he ran over to the newswall and asked for it. Great viewing. Edith confessed that she has a friend that got food poisoning from Britney Spears's restaurant. Mark read out a magazine artical about Edith and Dougie getting close and kissing at a party. Edith said the story was Rubbish. Celebrity JackPot: Warrick Davis > Kenith Barra > Alan Rickman Answer: They are all in Harry Potter movies. Mark knew that if the contestant had gambled she would have lost all of her prizes so he stopped her. Kirsty's Big Brother Poll: 45% of viewers want Sue out + 55% of viewers want Anne Out.moreless
  • show #151
    show #151
    Episode 151
    Celebrity Jackpot: Ralf Little, Jonathan Ross and Johnny Vaughn. Link - They all have their own chat shows. In Kirsty's Celebrity Big Brother Poll, viewers actually wanted Les Dennis to stay in. Mark Owen was most popular to be next out with 35% while Les only had 2% The studio & guests made it clear that they weren't impressed by the viewers choice to boot Mark out, by booing. Ralf had four Miss UK's (from Bolton etc..) to choose from for a date. They had three challenges: Down a pint in one. As it was too early for beer, they had water instead. The second was to name something they'd do for their high street. And the third was to show some knowledge in sports. (All they actually did was bat a ball, as opposed to trivia.)moreless
  • show #150
    show #150
    Episode 150
    Celebrity Jackpot: Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Helen Hunt. Link - They're all Oscar winners (for Best Female Lead) The caller won the full 2k.
  • show #149
    show #149
    Episode 149
    Celebrity Jackpot: Claire Sweeney, Vera Lynn and Geri Halliwell. Link - They're all Forces sweethearts. Todays caller gambled the 500, only to lose it all.
  • show #148
    show #148
    Episode 148
    Celebrity Jackpot: Jamie, Oliver, Michael Owen and Bryan McFadden. Link - They're all set to become dads. Todays caller chose not to gamble after winning 500. Hells Bells decided to find out what would've happened if the caller gambled... and they would have lost it all.
  • show #147
    show #147
    Episode 147
    Celebrity Jackpot: Penny Ellis, Lynne Moncrief, Chris Eubank. Link - They've all been the first evicted from the Big Brother house in each series they took part.
  • show #146
    show #146
    Episode 146
    Celebrity Jackpot now has a few new rules. Probably because the answers are slightly easy, and the studio are giving 2k away, for the second time. Once a caller gets the link correct they win 100, but they can gamble for 500. The caller choses one of the three faces on the fruit machine and to win 500 there has to be one photo matching the celebrity the caller chose. If two matching pictures come up they can gamble their 500 for the full 2k. To win it all the money, all three pictures on the machine have to match. If they don't, the caller gets their original prize money. The rules out of the way, here's todays details. Celebrity Jackpot: Keith Duffy, Brian Dowling and Tom McDermot. Link - They're all Irish. One caller, the first in fact, said they were all in the BB House. It was true, but the answer was too much of a giveaway for 2k.moreless
  • show #145
    show #145
    Episode 145
    Celebrity Jackpot: Daryl Hannah, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. Link - They've all appeared in a Robbie Williams music video.
  • show #144
    show #144
    Episode 144
    Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Ali G, Jenny McCarthy and Ronan Keating with the link that they've all hosted the MTV Video Music Awards. Helen looks at how much people spend on Christmas presents on average. Also featuring Phil Cornwell, Jon Culshaw, Timmi Magic, Matt Blaize, Jocelyn Brown, Tony Blackburn and Steve Oram.moreless
  • show #143
    show #143
    Episode 143
    Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Rachel Stevens, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Dickson with the link that they're all engaged. Also featuring John O'Farrell, Rachel Stevens and Hannah Spearritt.
  • show #142
    show #142
    Episode 142
    Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Madonna, Tina Turner and Shirley Bassey with the link that they've all sung Bond movie themetunes. Mindy Burbano has all the latest gossip from the US. Also featuring Julia Bradbury, Rowland Rivron, Ashanti, Amelia Bullmore and The Cheeky Girls.
  • show #141
    show #141
    Episode 141
    RI:SE's Ultimate Hero Challenge is the Grub Rumble. Today's Celebrity Jackpot features Daniel Radcliffe, Clint Eastwood and Billy Crystal with the link that they've all played a character named Harry, with the name in the title of the film. Also featured Ben Saunders, Will Storr, Charlie Whelan and Nicholas Einhorn.
  • show #140
    show #140
    Episode 140
    Todays Celebrity Jackpot featured Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Gareth Gates & Jonny Regan with the link that they've all come second in the reality shows they took part in. Also featuring Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Hugh Dennis, Pete Waterman and Steve Punt.
  • show #139
    show #139
    Episode 139
    RI:SE's Ultimate Hero Challenge is Inflatable Idiocy. Todays's Celebrity Jackpot features Eminem, Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles with the link that they've all jumped from singing careers to starring in films. Steve Oram and Tom Meeton review todays papers. World Rally Champion Richard Burns is in the studio. Blazin' Squad perform their new single Love On The Line. Mindy has all the latest gossip from the US. Stuart Matheson discusses his appearance on reality show Faking It.moreless
  • show #138
    show #138
    Episode 138
    RI:SE's Ultimate Hero Challenge is human hurling. Today's Celebrity Jackpot features Jade Goody, Paul Burrell and Jimmy Gulzar with the link that they've all sold their stories to a tabloid paper. Mark has three women to choose from to go on a date with tonight. Also featuring Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Jonathon Dutton, Sophie Okonedo and Benedict Wong.moreless
  • show #137
    show #137
    Episode 137
    RI:SE's Ultimate Hero Challenge is the Canoe Carnage. Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Claire Strutton, Helen Adams and Sophie Pritchard with the link that tey've all been in Big Brother and dated, or are dating one of the housemates they spent time with. Also featuring Badly Drawn Boy, Jeff Green and Goldie.moreless
  • show #136
    show #136
    Episode 136
    Todays RI:SE's Ultimate Hero Challenge is the Lazy Boy Challenge. Today's Celebrity Jackpot featured Phil Mitchell, Tom Banks and Simon Wicks, with the link that they've all dated Sharon. Lee Davey proposes to girlfriend Sophie Pritchard. Also featuring Ed Byrne and David Kirsch.
  • show #135
    show #135
    Episode 135
    Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Derren Brown, Bernard Butler, David McAlmont, Ben Hull and Stephanie Chambers feature.
  • show #134
    show #134
    Episode 134
    Mindy has the latest entertainment news from the US. Tony Blackburn, Naomie Harris and Steve Jones.
  • show #133
    show #133
    Episode 133
    Todays show features Tom Dunmore, Don Gilet, Wil Johnson, Fraser James, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Kathleen McDermott.
  • show #132
    show #132
    Episode 132
    RI:SE's Ultimate Hero challenge today is Slamming Pumpkins. Today's Celebrity Jackpot features Honor Blackman, Teri Hatcher and Denise Richards with the link that they've all played Bond girls. Also featuring Danny Boyle, Naomie Harris, Ewen Macintosh, Jason Isaacs and Cillian Murphy.
  • show #131
    show #131
    Episode 131
    Today's RI:SE's Ultimate Hero Challenge was the Pumpkin Punch-up. Today's Celebrity Jackpot featured Donatella Versace, Jennifer Lopez and Geri Halliwell with the link that they've all worn a revealing, green Versace dress. Mike Cattermole discusses his new series Lunchtime at the Races. Lauren Laverne looks over the mornings papers. Deborah Crabtree, the first evictee from Model Behaviour is in the studio. Mark meets Adam Sandler. Nina Muschallik and Terry Kiely from Dream Team discuss the series.moreless
  • show #130
    show #130
    Episode 130
    In honour of stars from Casualty been in the studio, Mark makes some sick, using the recipe the show uses. Todays Celebrity Jackpot featured Andie McDowell, David Ginola and Jennifer Aniston, with the link that they've all done the "because you're worth it" commercials. Their's also the exclusive airing of Robbie Williams new video. Also featuring Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Dan Rymer, Harrison Ford, Claire Richards, Ian Watkins, Edd Hall and Loo Brealey.moreless
  • show #129
    show #129
    Episode 129
    Todays RI:SE's Ultimate Hero challenge was Roller-skate Tug of War. Todays Celebrity Jackpot featured Jennifer Lopez, Sadie Frost and P. Diddy with the link that they all have their own clothing range. Also featuring Gary Beadle, Lee Latchford Evans and Ashley Judd.
  • show #128
    show #128
    Episode 128
    RI:SE's Ultimate Hero continues today with Dropping the Egg. Today's Celebity Jackpot features Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelsey Grammer and Charlotte Church with the link that they all share the same Birthday. Also featuring Tom Dunmore, Stewart Wright, Shaggy and Tom Butler.
  • show #127
    show #127
    Episode 127
    Dougie Anderson is live with todays RI:SE's Ultimate Heroe contest - Shot The Shoe. Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Lisa Faulkner, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Appleton with the link that they've all dated Jonny Lee Miller. Ryze perform their single 'In My Life'. Theirs a look at last nights Q Awards. Trevor Nelson talks about his career, DJ Spoony talks about taking part in Celebrity Fear Factor.moreless
  • show #126
    show #126
    Episode 126
    In replacement of Iron Guts, a new competition called The RI:SE Ultimate Hero starts today, with todays challenge - Rain of Flour. Also featuring Kelly Slater, Luisa Bradshaw-White, Rosemary Ribbons, Vinnie Jones and Peter de Jersey.
  • show #125
    show #125
    Episode 125
    Mark took part in a dare - to have his head flushed down a toilet. In honour of the documentary that aired over the weekend, revealing Britain's favourite people, the audience at home send in the people they think are the worst people of Britain. Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Michael Caine, Macy Gray and Cilla Black with the link that they've all changed their names. Mark talks to Gwyneth Paltrow. Phil Nichol and Tara Palmer-Tompkinson review the papers. Steve Jones and Alexandra Aitken reveal some of their challenges in the new series 99 Things to do before You're 30. Edith chats to extreme cyclist Mike Metzger who also shows off some tricks outside. Ashley House, last weeks Fame Academy reject is on the phone.moreless
  • show #124
    show #124
    Episode 124
    Ben Freeman and Amy Nuttall from Emmerdale are in the studio. Boy George discusses his new album and play both of which are named Taboo. Mindy has the latest gossip from the US. Today's Celebrity Jackpot features Kim Cattrall, Liz from Atomic Kitten and Edwina Curry with the link that they were all born in Liverpool.moreless
  • show #123
    show #123
    Episode 123
    With the National Television Awards airing last night, Edith interviewed all the stars as they came down the red carpet. Amongst them were; Carol Vorderman, Graham Norton, Ant McPartlin, Cat Deeley, Davina McCall, Ulrikka Jonnson and Anne Robinson. Fashion critics, Trinny & Susannah are in the studio and discuss the fashion at last nights awards. Ed was sent to the hotel where the Macedonian Football players were staying, in attempt to find out what they've been up to. Todays Celebrity Jackpot features Brad Pitt, Jean-Claude Van Damme & Julia Roberts with the link that they've all appeared in Friends. Also featuring Tom Dunmore and Chris Simmons.moreless
  • show #122
    show #122
    Episode 122
    Naomi Roper, from Fame Academy gives a phone interview, revealing why she was asked to leave. Unfortunately for her, it was all due to a throat infection, and she had already been replaced. Todays's Celebrity Jackpot features Gareth Gates, Chris Moyles and Ken Hom, with the link been that they all support Leeds United. Ed reports live from the biggest James Bond exhibition, ever. Also featuring Danny Ecclestone, Tom White, Vin Diesel, Rachael Stirling and Marcus Brigstocke.moreless
  • show #121
    show #121
    Episode 121
    A new competition is launched, were viewers can win £2,000 by guessing how three celebrity faces are linked. New reporter, Ed Sanders introduces Iron guts, were the competitors had to either eat Ed's left over Curry or some Apple Pie. Big Brovaz perform 'Nu Flow'. Also featuring Nick Moran, Emilia Fox and Nicola Ward.moreless
  • show #120
    show #120
    Episode 120
    A new competition called Iron Guts launches, were all you have to do is eat as much foul tasting food as you can handle. It's revealed that Mark Scott is performing this weekend at the Beach nightclub in Sunderland. TheTV Repair Man visits Kim Ludlam, a ex Model Behaviour contestant. Also featuring Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, David Grant, Sarah Cawood, Adam Hills and Rachel Griffiths.moreless
  • show #119
    show #119
    Episode 119
    Liz, Colin and Helen get some martial arts training from some experts. The TV Repair Man visits last nights Faking It star Lynn Hurst, who directed a episode of RI:SE for her challenge. Mindy Stearns has the latest gossip from the US. Also featuring Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Josh Lucas and Ricky Grover.moreless
  • Show #118
    Show #118
    Episode 118
    The TV Repair Man went to visit Hayley Nolan who's been turned down for 10 reality TV shows, she's asked to sing in front of her neighbours. Their's a update on Search for a Nobody winner Mark Scott who's recorded his track now and today is having his first singing lesson. Liz reveals that tonights episode of Faking It features a 999 operator Lynne, becoming a RI:SE director. Also featuring Tom Dunmore, Nina Muschallik, Terry Kiely, Sean Mean, Brett Ratner, Michael Palin and Joe Cornish.moreless
  • Show #117
    Show #117
    Episode 117
    Rob the TV Repair Man visited JJ Adams house star of Survivor, they bake a cake together. Piper Perabo and Jane McGregor discuss working together on Slap Her She's French. Richard Blackwood reviews todays papers. David Grant has invited Mark the winner of Search for a Nobody to some recording studios. Their's a look at peat throwing and Professor Peter Doyle brings in some examples of prehistoric vomit. Their's a look at how Jonathan Wilke's opening night in The Rocky Horror Picture Show went and Edith's new best friend is Ralph Fiennes.moreless
  • Show #116
    Show #116
    Episode 116
    Rob Deering takes on the role of TV Repair Man and will try's to fix ex-Big Brother housemate Tim Culley's life. Today was also the final of 'Search for a Nobody' Mark singing 'Suspicious Minds', won the competition by 2%. Also featuring Martin Compston, Tony Mortimer, Sarah Cawood and Will Young.moreless
  • Show #115
    Show #115
    Episode 115
    Mark's interviewing Robin Williams and in honour of his new film One Hour Photo, he asked him to look at photo's of his co-presenters and tell him a little about them, he thought Edith and Chris wear thongs, Kirsty attendsStar Trek auctions (and wants a cling-on in the worse way) and Liz is a man-eater. His description of Helen was too rude to air. Also featuring David Grant, Sarah Cawood, Tony Mortimer, Lee Sharpe and Mohammed George.moreless
  • show #114
    show #114
    Episode 114
    Todays show features Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Ed Byrne and Will Young.
  • show #113
    show #113
    Episode 113
    Mark, Liz and Edith introduced the show after inhaling helium, in honour of the gases discovery. Donal McIntyre looks over the papers with Mark. Tom Dunmore has some more gadgets. Christopher Simpson discusses his role in White Teeth. Al is at the tube station to see how commuters are suffering from the stations workers strike. Donal McIntyre talks about his new series Wild Weather. A tired Edith, who got three hours sleep after the ceremony, reports from last nights MOBO awards.moreless
  • show #112
    show #112
    Episode 112
    Today we celebrate the Andrex puppy's 30th Birthday with the original (now stuffed) Labrador itself in the studio. The Soap Awards took place last night, Sarah Dunn & Lisa Kay from Hollyoaks and Leon Lopez & Steven Fletcher from Brookside dropped by to dish the latest gossip. Also featuring Luke Goss.moreless
  • Show #111
    Show #111
    Episode 111
    Laura Regan and Kris Lemche star in the new horror film My Little Eye and to celebrate it, the pair are set a challenge in the studio, they both had to put their hands in a box without knowing what was in the box. To find out exactly what the boxes contained they had to have a good feel, they soon realised that they contained soggy sausages and tomatoes. Also featuring Dirty Vegas and Dave Stewart.moreless
  • show #110
    show #110
    Episode 110
    It's the final of the Superstar competition today. The show features David Grant, Sarah Cawood, Lee Sharpe, Jeremy Dyson, Tony Mortimer, Steve Pemberton and Ryan Reynolds.
  • show #109
    show #109
    Episode 109
    Todays show features Lucy Davis, Ralph Ineson and Feeder.
  • show #108
    show #108
    Episode 108
    Jenny Richards from Model Behaviour talks about her move to France. Also featuring Tom Dunmore, Ashley Judd, Dylan Jones, Gemma Shaw and Michael Chiklis.
  • show #107
    show #107
    Episode 107
    Al Murray and Shirley Manson feature today.
  • show #106
    show #106
    Episode 106
    Mat Ovens (who wrote his own song & dedicated it to the studio) won the vote for 'Search for A Nobody', so will be through to Friday's final. Mindy Burbano reported live from California to give the lowdown on theEmmy Awards, which had aired less than 3 hours ago in America, Boyd's in the studio to give his opinion. Tom begins the adventure seekers competition. Jonathan Wilkes talks about his part in a new stage version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also featuring Trucks.moreless
  • show #105
    show #105
    Episode 105
    A new competition was launched, were viewers would be required to travel to Swanage, Ilfracombe, Milton Keyens, Stoke or Swindon, to take part in a adventure style task, in order to win a European holiday. Al takes over You're A Celebrity.. Let Me In There!, as he visits Chris Eubank at home. Also featuring Lee Sharpe, Tom Hanks and Ryan Reynolds.moreless
  • show #104
    show #104
    Episode 104
    Today was Tom's last visit in You're a Celebrity, Let me in There, popping into Christine and Neil Hamilton's house. The Cheeky Girls of Popstars fame also appeared in the studio and performed an extended version of 'The Cheeky Song'. Mindy had the latest US gossip. Also featuring Terry Alderton.
  • show #103
    show #103
    Episode 103
    Todays show features Tom Dunmore, Holly Valance, John McCririck, R. J. Helton and Supergrass.
  • show #102
    show #102
    Episode 102
    Todays show features Uri & Daniel Geller, Suede, Sacha Hinds and Erica Waldron.
  • show #101
    show #101
    Episode 101
    Todays show features Boyd Hilton, Busted, Terry Nutkins and Puddle of Mudd.
  • show #100
    show #100
    Episode 100
    Todays show features Mandy Moore, Lisa Rogers, Nicholas Bateman, Abs Breen and Kelly Harrison.
  • show #99
    show #99
    Episode 99
    Mindy has the latest gossip. Also featuring Chris William Martin, Christopher Biggins and David Charvet.
  • show #98
    show #98
    Episode 98
    Todays show features Rolan Bolan, Julia Stiles and Rustie Lee.
  • show #97
    show #97
    Episode 97
    Two new competitions launch today, the first is an opportunity to win a Nokia camera phone in Name the Face, were a certain part of a celebs face (mouth, eyes, nose) will be shown throughout the morning and viewers have to guess who the full picture will reveal. The other competition will see a nobody become a somebody, as someone gets trained to sing and dance and appear on America's The Jay Leno Show. Also featuring Tom Dunmore, Ross Noble and Mike Reid.moreless
  • Show #96
    Show #96
    Episode 96
    Two new features today with Tom visting Sam Kane and Mike Read in I'm a Celebrity, Get me in There, entering celebrities houses. Bruce Burgess also made his first appearance with new competition Strap Me Down, were a untrusted friend or family member has to answer multiple choice questions under a lie detector test. Minute Man perform their new single '5,000 Minutes of Pain'. Rob Simpson makes things blow up in the car park. Also featuring Boyd Hilton, David Bull, Liberty X, Linda Lusardi and Louise Loughman.moreless
  • show #95
    show #95
    Episode 95
    Todays show features Ben Ofoedu, Jimmy Carr, Jon Bon Jovi, June Sarpong, Matt Damon and Michael Owen.
  • show #94
    show #94
    Episode 94
    Mindy Stearns makes her debut appearance on the show with the latest news from the US. Also featuring John Corbett and Nia Vardalos who star in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, encouraging everyone to smash plates throughout the show. Also featuring Angela Buttolph.
  • show #93
    show #93
    Episode 93
    Todays show features David & Carrie Grant, plus Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • show #92
    show #92
    Episode 92
    Todays show features Boyd Hilton, Uri Geller, Reese Witherspoon, Rupert Everett and Adam Spencer.
  • Show #91
    Show #91
    Episode 91
    After the roller coaster quiz, RI:SE is now having their questions take place on a stunt plane. The pilot will ask questions at the most difficult point (e.g. when the plane is up-side down, or slowly turning on it's side). The person with the most questions out of 5, correct, wins a Holiday or camera phone. Todays show features Jemma Woodman, Boyd Hilton, Ben Ofoedu, Chris Eubank and Russell Brand.moreless
  • show #90
    show #90
    Episode 90
    Todays show features James King, Nicolas Cage, John Woo and Dave Gorman.
  • show #89
    show #89
    Episode 89
    Todays show features David Bull, Karl Hyde and John Collet.
  • show #88
    show #88
    Episode 88
    Tom Dunmore and Tamyra Gray feature.
  • show #87
    show #87
    Episode 87
    Al meets Andy in Doncaster who flies to work to avoid congestion. Boyd Hilton reviews upcoming TV. David Collins is interviewed. Tom's new best friend is Eddie Izzard who discusses his new film.
  • show #86
    show #86
    Episode 86
    Todays show features Ben Ofoedu and Charlotte Hobrough.
  • show #85
    show #85
    Episode 85
    Andy Hine, Kelly Osbourne and Hannah Sandling feature. Adrian & Neil Rayment from Carol Vorderman's Better Homes talk about their parts in the new Matrix films and show off some of their stunts.
  • show #84
    show #84
    Episode 84
    Andy Hine features. The stars of The Sweetest Thing (Cameron, Selma and Christina) dropped by to talk about the new movie, and Selma was sporting a new (cropped) hair-do. A update on American Idol, as Simon Cowell speaks over the phone. Abs and Scott Robinson from 5ive talk about launching their own solo careers. Al carries on with his rollercoaster challenge.moreless
  • show #83
    show #83
    Episode 83
    Todays show features Andy Hine, Hannah Sandling and R. J. Helton.
  • show #82
    show #82
    Episode 82
    Todays show features Boyd Hilton, Andy Hine, Heather Graham and Sam Johnson.
  • show #81
    show #81
    Episode 81
    RI:SE conducted the first ever quiz on a roller coaster. Al will be in various theme parks around the UK all week on the world's scariest roller coasters. He will ask two people, 5 questions on the roller coasters worst and most terrifying points, and whoever gets the most questions correct wins a camera phone, or a holiday. Todays show features Andy Hine, Ben Ofoedu, Johnny Vegas, Imelda Staunton and Ricky Tomlinson.moreless
  • show #80
    show #80
    Episode 80
    Todays show features Jemma Woodman, Ray Stubbs, Nicole & Natalie Appleton and Ben Affleck.
  • show #79
    show #79
    Episode 79
    Todays show features Jemma Woodman, Jemma Woodman, Claire Richards, Ian Watkins and Jimi Mistry.
  • show #78
    show #78
    Episode 78
    Featuring Jemma Woodman.
  • show #77
    show #77
    Episode 77
    Todays show features Jemma Woodman, Zac Harvey, Rachel Mingo and Hannah Sandling.
  • show #76
    show #76
    Episode 76
    Joanna Taylor is in the studio to reveal why she's left Hollyoaks to join Mersey Beat. Colin's the latest RI:SE Idol contestant with 'Unchained Melody' (featuring Jeremy Josephs). Al reports live from Newbury's race course. Edith looks at the latest developments in the American series The Anna Nicole Show. Niki Harris of Snap, discusses the bands recent tour of the UK, before performing the bands new single - Snap vs Plaything with 'Looking for the Light'. Also featuring Jemma Woodman and Hannah Sandling.moreless
  • show #75
    show #75
    Episode 75
    Todays show features Joe Washbourn and Dan Hipgrave.
  • show #74
    show #74
    Episode 74
    Todays show features Tom Dunmore.
  • show #73
    show #73
    Episode 73
    David & Carrie Grant feature today.
  • show #72
    show #72
    Episode 72
    Todays show featured Daniel Bedingfield. Louise Wener discusses her latest book. Lauren Laverne meets some funeral directors. Tom is still in Ibiza with Sophie from Big Brother, their outside Space with Emma B and DJ G. Colin attempts wheelbarrow acrobatics.
  • show #71
    show #71
    Episode 71
    On the show today is Darren Jon-Jeffries and Kate McEnery.
  • show #70
    show #70
    Episode 70
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #69
    show #69
    Episode 69
    On todays show is Huey.
  • show #68
    show #68
    Episode 68
    Gemma Hayes features. Tom's in Ibiza with Sophie from Big Brother. Their's a look at the history of weightlifting. Carrie and David Grant from Fame Academy, take a look at American Idol and attempt to teach Mark and Colin how to sing. Al is in Stratford.
  • show #67
    show #67
    Episode 67
    Boy George is in the studio and gives his opinion on Madonna.
  • show #66
    show #66
    Episode 66
    Jonny Regan and Alex Sibley are in the studio discussing who's left in Big Brother.
  • show #65
    show #65
    Episode 65
    Big Brother contestants family's and friends are in the studio, with both the Regan and Sibley families fighting for their relative to stay in the house tonight. Also featuring Marcus Bentley, Johnny Depp, Lee Davey, Tim Culley and Adele Roberts.
  • show #64
    show #64
    Episode 64
    Todays show features Karen Lawler.
  • show #63
    show #63
    Episode 63
    Todays show features Myleene Klass, Polly Hudson (of 'Heat' Magazine), Mike Myers and Johnny Shentall.
  • show #62
    show #62
    Episode 62
    Sandra Scott provides further analysis of the Big Brother house. Todays show also features Omid Djalili and Margaret Regan.
  • show #61
    show #61
    Episode 61
    Big Brother evictees Tim Culley and Lee Davey are reunited on todays show.
  • show #60
    show #60
    Episode 60
    On the show today is Simon Cowell and Jack Osbourne. Big Brother evictees, Spencer and PJ return to see Kirsty, however Helen's in her place for the week.
  • show #59
    show #59
    Episode 59
    In the studio today is Richard Sibley, Hannelore Sibley and Rory Bremner.
  • show #58
    show #58
    Episode 58
    Sandra Scott analyses this weeks nominations in the Big Brother house. Mark's new best friend is housemate Jade's mum Jackiey Budden. Al interviews, Stephen Hunt, star of Neighbours as he attempts to swim the English Channel, he rings fellow cast member, Daniel MacPherson, who's on the support boat at the other side of the Channel. Lou Pearlman discusses his career in music and why shows like Popstars and American Idol are so successful. Mark presents his 'Big Knight Out', were alongside fan of the show - Knightrider, Rod Harris, he presents his own tribute. Natural perform their new single 'Put Your Arms Around Me'.moreless
  • Show #57
    Show #57
    Episode 57
    A viewer vote decides that puppies are most likely to be adopted out of children, pandas and puppies. In the studio was Boyd Hilton, Tim Westwood, David Wild and Dirty Vegas.
  • show #56
    show #56
    Episode 56
    Big Brother housemates, Spencer Smith and PJ Ellis are in the studio alongside Fatboy Slim - Norman Cook.
  • show #55
    show #55
    Episode 55
    Martin Crewes and Milla Jovovich discuss their new film Resident Evil. Marcus Bentley discusses narrating Big Brother.
  • show #54
    show #54
    Episode 54
    The show today features Melanie Hill, John Lydon, Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini.
  • show #53
    show #53
    Episode 53
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #52
    show #52
    Episode 52
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #51
    show #51
    Episode 51
    Rebecca Ritters talks about her new role in Coronation Street, and Big Brother evictee, Adele gets a grilling from the viewers. Tom reports from this years Mardi Gras. Mark's new best friend is John Thomson who talks about his new single as Bill & Ben and his role in Cold Feet.moreless
  • show #50
    show #50
    Episode 50
    Anna Nolan looks at the past week of Big Brother and discusses her new series Anna in Wonderland. Liz's new best friend is Bryan Adams. Edith catches up with Noel Gallagher as he finishes a soundcheck at a festival. Tom looks at festival fashion. Audley Harrison discusses his next fight in the studio. Also featuring Neil Fox.moreless
  • show #49
    show #49
    Episode 49
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #48
    show #48
    Episode 48
    Marcus Patric and Sarah Baxendale are in the studio, after they broke the world record of longest on-screen kiss, last night on Hollyoaks. It lasted for over 3 minutes, and they revealed they had to do at least, 4 takes.
  • show #47
    show #47
    Episode 47
    Sandra Scott has more analysis of the Big Brother housemates.
  • show #46
    show #46
    Episode 46
    Suzanne Collins and Big Brother evictee Lee Davey are in the studio.
  • show #45
    show #45
    Episode 45
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #44
    show #44
    Episode 44
    Big Brother psychologist Sandra Scott is in the studio today.
  • show #43
    show #43
    Episode 43
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #42
    show #42
    Episode 42
    Big Brother evictee Lee Davey gets to work for Roger Sanchez. Colin looks at why he thinks men should not wear shorts. Al looks at Tim Henman's army's of fans at Wimbledon. Ex Big Brother contestant Bubbles has the latest from the house. Nick Moran discusses his new film.
  • show #41
    show #41
    Episode 41
    Alison Hammond is in the studio today.
  • show #40
    show #40
    Episode 40
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #39
    show #39
    Episode 39
    Tom takes part in a five-a-side. Edith reports from the opening night of 'Bombay Dreams'. Spencer from Big Brother's best friends Nader and Charlie are in the studio. Pat Doyle is in Japan and gets a riot started featuring alot of water between Brazil and England fans. Edith's new best friend is Nelly.moreless
  • show #38
    show #38
    Episode 38
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #37
    show #37
    Episode 37
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #36
    show #36
    Episode 36
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #35
    show #35
    Episode 35
    Todays show features Christina Milian.
  • show #34
    show #34
    Episode 34
    Todays show features Victoria Bush.
  • show #33
    show #33
    Episode 33
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #32
    show #32
    Episode 32
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #31
    show #31
    Episode 31
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #30
    show #30
    Episode 30
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #29
    show #29
    Episode 29
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #28
    show #28
    Episode 28
    Josh from Big Brother 2, has the latest updates from the house. Tom is in Weymouth with a angry bottlenosed dolphin. Liz looks at the rumours that have surfaced about Madonna expecting her third child, she chats to Heat Magazines, Elly Compton.
  • show #27
    show #27
    Episode 27
    Todays show features Narinder Kaur.
  • show #26
    show #26
    Episode 26
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #25
    show #25
    Episode 25
    Featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor and Claire Strutton.
  • show #24
    show #24
    Episode 24
    Featuring Sada Walkington, Mark Read and Christian Ingebrigtsen.
  • show #23
    show #23
    Episode 23
    Featuring Nicholas Bateman.
  • show #22
    show #22
    Episode 22
    Tom takes a look at if the Queens past her sell by date. Colin looks at the phenomenen of 'dogging'. A phone poll asking if the Queen should abdicate and Anthony Wilson discusses his latest projects. Darren Ramsey is in the studio.
  • show #21
    show #21
    Episode 21
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #20
    show #20
    Episode 20
    Matt Deegan discusses running Big Brother fansite TalkBigBrother.com. A special Fox News report on 'Bum Fight's', Tom gets the British perspective. Mark takes us for a tour of this years Eurovision contest's home, Estonia. Liz's new best friend is Colin Farrell. Doug Allen is in the studio discussing his role in EastEnders.moreless
  • show #19
    show #19
    Episode 19
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #18
    show #18
    Episode 18
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #17
    show #17
    Episode 17
    This episodes features Stuart Hosking, Lucy Gaskell and Ben Daniels.
  • show #16
    show #16
    Episode 16
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #15
    show #15
    Episode 15
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #14
    show #14
    Episode 14
    Adam Garcia guests on todays show.
  • show #13
    show #13
    Episode 13
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #12
    show #12
    Episode 12
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #11
    show #11
    Episode 11
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #10
    show #10
    Episode 10
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #9
    show #9
    Episode 9
    Daisy Donovan is in the studio.
  • show #8
    show #8
    Episode 8
    In the studio today is John Lydon.
  • show #7
    show #7
    Episode 7
    More breakfast news and weather with the team.
  • show #6
    show #6
    Episode 6
    Liz looks at how successful the return of Auf Wiedersehen Pet was at the weekend. Colin looks at the return of football violence at Millwall. Liz's new best friend is Jason Schwartzman who discusses his band Phantom Planet.
  • show #5
    show #5
    Episode 5
    As Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes' funeral was yesterday, her band TLC pay tribute. Liz chats to Davina McCall about the return of Big Brother. Henry takes a look at how the BNP is represented in the media. Mark's new best friend is Graham Norton who discusses his new show V Graham Norton.moreless
  • show #4
    show #4
    Episode 4
    Colin visits Knowsley, which at the last local elections had the lowest turnout across the country. Edith's new best friend is Moby, who discusses his new single. Donal MacIntyre is in the studio. Another animated short entitled Trevor's Hatch.
  • show #3
    show #3
    Episode 3
    Theirs a look at the May Day protests going on around the world. A exclusive trailer for Danny Devito's new movie Death to Smoochy. Nicholas Hoult talks about working with Hugh Grant in About A Boy. Featuring an animated short entitled Trevor's Hatch: Bum Wars.
  • show #2
    show #2
    Episode 2
    Kirsty chats to Michael Owen. Edith's new best friend today is Mary J Blige. Two fans report from Canada on the new Spiderman film, from it's premiere.
  • show #1
    show #1
    Episode 1
    The first show featured Denis Leary and Phillip Rhys.
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