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  • A cleverly written and greatly acted sitcom, something completely unhead of for cable tv.

    No matter what other people may believe, cable has NEVER been able to strike lightning in a bottle and create a network worthy sitcom. More often then not, the writing on cable sitcoms is just not funny, in addition to a cast that isn't exactly competent. Rita Rocks changed all that. Unfortuently, it was short lived and only survived two seasons. I truly believe it could have gone on to become one of the greatest sitcoms ever made, and in fact, in only two seasons, it managed to come pretty damn close. Nicole Sullivan leads the show, and rightly so. Sullivan is an amazing actress/comediane who has not been given the recognition she deserves. On MADtv, she was amazing, pretty much the best part of the show, but because it was an ensemble, it was not all about her. Then, on The King of Queens, she helped create the ditsy/odd Holly Shumpert, a great addition to the series. However, she again was not the focus, and only was a supporting player on the five seasons she took part in the show. Rita Rocks gave her that starring vehicle that she so rightfully deserved. Her supporting cast, made up of Richard Ruccollo, Tisha-Campbell Martin, Natalie Dreyfuss, Kelly Gould and Raviv Ullman hold their own against her, delivering lines expertly, with the entire cast meshing together quite well chemistry wise. They all feel comfortable around each other. The writing starts the series off above average, but very soon kicks off to some of the greatest sitcom writing ever, and certainly miles ahead of any other sitcom writing on cable tv. Instead of relying a the stupidity of it's characters like so many other sitcoms, Rita Rocks creates dimensional characters that are quite funny. I only wish it would have lasted longer than two seaons. Sullivan's show she left The King of Queens for, the short lived ABC sitcom, Hot Properties, I watched, for Sullivan only, but it wasn't very good. She currently stars on the CBS sitcom, S#!* My Dad Says, but again she is not the star. It's perfectly fine to be a supporting actor in a show, but with Nicole, that leaves her talent wasted and not brought to it's full potentional. Rita Rocks remains the only series that managed to help Nicole Sullivan shine, as the brilliant comediane she is, capable of holding a show on her own.
  • Finally another family comedy!

    This family comedy is about Rita (Nicole Sullivan) is trying to keep up with life with her children, working, and even forming a new rock band. Her husband Jay (Richard Ruccolo) helps her out. This series is aired on Lifetime and also city tv at 8:00 on Monday night and on Tuesday night on city tv. This show first aired in October 20, 2008 and is just finished their first season and has been renewed for a second season already. The season finale is Rita gets a promotion at her work but, has thoughts of quitting her band because her schedule was getting too jam packed, but Jay her husband helps Rita out. This new comedy show does have future of being a successful comedy.
  • Awesome show love the banter and craic on this show. Personal Fav would not miss it.

    Well been watching this show a lot like the story lines and the mail woman is hilarious, basically love the show not a lot to say about this except that I hope it continues for long time to come as it is a good show with good people in, not enough good shows on tv to make me laugh but this one ticks all the boxes for our family, its the one show we can all sit down and watch and enjoy. Its just a pity its only on once a week as waiting for it to come back round is a pain
  • This show is great!

    This show's great to watch with your mother or grandmother...or gay friend lol. Nicole Sullivan knocks it out of the park with her performance as Rita Clemens. And Richard Ruccolo is HILARIOUS as Jay. Tisha Campbell is one of my favorite characters because she plays her part so good! Raviv Ullman[hottie], Natalie Dreyfuss and Kelly Gould are all equally great too! Awesome cast, awesome chemistry and awesome music! I like the fact that the idea is original. I mean who else would've thought of a Rock n Roll mom?? haha. Great show and very enjoyable! Keep up the good work!
  • A real cute show... and from the Lifetime channel!

    I was skeptical when I noticed it was a Lifetime original series. But then I noticed it had Richard Ruccolo, from the gone but not forgotten TV show Two Guys and a Girl and Raviv Ullman, who I've loved since Phil of the Future. So I watched the pilot on youtube and was hooked. It's a cute show about a mom who wants something new and starts a garage band with her mailwoman, the neighborhood bum, and her teenage daughter's boyfriend. The show works because of its amazing cast, Nicole Sheridan playing the different mom perfectly, every person fitting their cahracter to a degree that'll make you want to watch more. It's not the most original TV show ever, see 8 Simple Rulkes pr Reba, but it's cute enough to make you watch it more than once.
  • Nicole Sullivan finally gets another series playing another revolutionary mom wom with her own parenting style.

    I really like Rita Rocks. Nicole Sullivan was one of the so-few really big talents to come out of MadTV, and to see her float from series to series was disturbing. I this series, she gets the lead character as a mom, and basically playing herself, she just shines and really gets to reveal her comedic timing and potential with playing another crazy character. Other gold mines to this series is Tichina Arnold who is beautiful and funny, Ian Gomez who never got enough screen time around Drew Carey and Raviv Ullman from "cancelled way too fast" Phil of the Future. Nicole is trully surrounded by a stellar cast, and this series has the markings of a hit, but whether people will watch it on Lifetime when it could do so much better on ABC remains to be seen.
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