River City

Season 3 Episode 91

Episode 221

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on BBC
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Episode 221
Shirley came into the salon and found Billy sleeping there. She had a go at him but he told her what had finally finished off his marriage to Della; she had slept with Cormac. Alice told Zoe she would sort out the funeral arrangements for Patricia. Mac warned Alice that she was taking on too much with the girls, but Alice retaliated that the girls had nobody else. Shirley told Della that she wouldn't see her again until she gave the baby back. However, Della was planning to leave the country with the baby. Scarlett confessed to Kelly, Stevie and Bob that she'd had an affair with Billy. Kelly stormed out, asking how her own mother could betray her like that. Gerry visited Billy and told him time was up and that Michelle would be collecting her baby later on. When Billy said he needed more time, Gerry told him that the police were the least of Billy's worries; McCabe knew everything. Heather noticed McCabe paying a visit to Stevie at the van. Gina and Eileen met for a drink in the Ship, but Eileen was distracted by Callum, who was chatting up a girl at the bar. Eventually, Eileen couldn't take it, and left, only to be followed by Callum. They agreed to give their relationship another go. Zoe blamed herself for her mum's death; if only she'd got enough money together to move them into another area where there weren't drug dealers. Alice asked where Zoe could possibly get that kind of money from and Zoe told Alice all about the 'arrangement' with Vinnie. Alice was shocked that Vinnie was an addict. Gerry turned up in Versus, waiting to meet McCabe. Heather flirted with him and asked him if he was one of McCabe's 'boys'. By the time McCabe turned up, Gerry was drunk on Heather's best whisky and offended McCabe by asking him if he liked men. Bob and Michelle went to see Billy, and told him they'd call the police if he didn't give them back Rochelle. Billy said he was on their side and took them to see Della. In Versus, McCabe told Gerry he wanted a word in private. He grabbed Gerry by the throat and told him he wouldn't tolerate anyone being too familiar. He also told Gerry he could be a lawyer, or he could be like McKenna and be a part of McCabe's family. At the flat, Billy told Della that it was over. She had to give the baby back. He broke down as he told her he couldn't stand to see her like that, but it was Michelle who got through to Della. Michelle told Della she understood what she was going through, and that she would make sure Rochelle knew what Della had done for her. Tearfully, Della handed the baby over to Michelle.moreless

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