River City

Tuesday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • Why does every one think It's a sin to watch River City. Especially Scots? we need to support something that is good and that might actually win something, not like our National Team!

    River City is the best thing to come out of Scotland since Irn Bru and High Road! Its very realistic with what is going on in Scotland and isn't too OTT like other soaps . My only problem is why other regions don't get to watch it, I mean, we have to watch rubbish that the English put on, why cant they watch something that we have made. Maybe because it's Scottish it won't be good eh?! Sure people in England can watch it but only if you have Sky and is located in the high numbers like 918 or something.
    I read somewhere that they are going to bring about different News on ITV with more on what WE need to know, not things like the English congestion charge, or the English this or the English that! River City is GREAT and more people need to watch it all over the country and not just us Scots. Its ratings were great and were ony a few bits behind EastEnders last year AND it was rumoured that EastEnders had stolen some storylines from River City, they would probably be like "oh, its a scottish thing that no-one will watch down here, and therefore they won't know we stole it from them, hahaha!" RIVER CITY No.1