Season 1 Episode 9

A Night At Trapper's Landing

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 08, 1959 on NBC
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A Night At Trapper's Landing

French-Spanish playboy Andre Devereaux has become an American lieutenant to avoid an angry husband. His superiors put him on the Enterprise and send him and his platoon into Indian territory, and Andre discovers that someone is provoking the normally peaceful Indians into violence.

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    Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert

    Tony Walchek

    Guest Star

    Stacy Harris

    Stacy Harris

    Colonel Nicholson

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    Judson Pratt

    Judson Pratt

    Sergeant Ned Bolger

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Andre brawls with the Irish worker, the stuntman in the long shots is noticeably taller and has different hair than Ricardo Montalban.

      • When Andre steers the Enterprise onto the sandbar, the camera cuts to a shot of the model. One miniature crewman is seated over the edge of the lower deck, and remains seated there even after the ship hits the sandbar and pitches over at an angle.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Nicholson: Very well. Let me talk to Mr. Holden.
        Ben: He's in New Orleans.
        Nicholson: Well, what's he doing in New Orleans?
        Ben: I don't know but I wish I was doing it too.

      • Andre: But in those days, confusion and a troubled spirit made me look at many careers. Searching for one that might be valuable.
        Travis: You don't call being a priest valuable?
        Andre: Not if a man is confused, no. Only if he is certain. The priesthood is a vocation that calls for strength... and courage. It was a disappointment, I decided to give it up.

      • Andre: Oh, so we're fighting for revenge.
        Ben: Not exactly.
        Andre: Then what is it, then? Fur collars? That's it. The right to wear fur collars. I had one on a coat once. I was proud of it. But it wasn't worth a human life.

      • Andre: I'm going alone.
        Ben: You'll never catch him by yourself.
        Andre: I'm going alone. I don't want to share this feeling with anyone.
        Ben: What feeling?
        Andre: For the first time in my life, I can understand loathing and hatred and revenge. I want to kill a man. I've been a slow student but, uh, I've learned it now.

      • Ben: I only know I don't want to see you get killed.
        Andre: Straightforward as ever. The honest, direct frontiersman.
        Ben: I say what I feel, what's wrong with that?
        Andre: Nothing, I admire it. I admire vigor and honesty and vitality. Of mind, spirit, and purpose. But... I am made of different material, Ben and I was a fool to forget it. I am made of weak, soiled stuff that's best discarded. I've been taught the wrong values from the day I was born. Oh, they're stubborn, my relatives. Death and decadence cling around their shoulders like a shroud and... and they cloak their young in it. My grandfather taught me it was my privilege to rule over people even after those same people have risen to revolt against them. My uncles tried to persuade me that the old prestige would be restored. My own father, that... that... that poor bewildered man could only fight duels to remind himself of valor, and drink toasts to his victims to remind him of honor. That's my heritage, Ben. Senseless bloodshed. Killing's what I was born for! Now maybe I will accompany my purpose.

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