Season 1 Episode 3

About Roger Mowbray

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 27, 1959 on NBC
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About Roger Mowbray

Wealthy Roger Mowbray's marriage is threatened when an old sweetheart tells his wife Jeanette that Roger married her for her money. Roger is doubly upset to discover that his father is involved in a scheme to cheat his father-in-law.

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    • Grey: Cassie! Cassie, looking for someone?
      Cassie: Yes, I want to say something to Roger Mowbray.
      Grey: Oh? (finds her hidden gun) Be quite a speech.

    • Jeanette: Darling, I love you so very much. If anything should ever happen to you, I think I should die.
      Roger: Keep on right feeling that way for the rest of our lives and we'll both be so very happy

    • Grey: You ever have the feeling that you were sitting on a keg of gunpowder?
      Ben: No, why?
      Grey: Not a very pleasant feeling. Liable to go "boom" at any minute.

    • Jeb: You see, Cassie, it's like this. A man gets married young, and then it gets so every day is the same. The same face, the same questions, same arguments. You can see how it is. It gets monotonous.
      Cassie: What about your wife, Jeb? It must get monotonous for her, too.
      Jeb: Women are different.
      Cassie: Whoever taught you that?

    • Jeb: She led me on. She sweet-talked me all night and then she bit me.
      Grey: Good! I hope she took a good big bite.

    • Grey: Roger Mowbray was no contortionist. He couldn't have shot himself in the back.
      Cassie: Well, now why would I shoot him? I love him. I'd die for him, that's how much I love him. So why would I shoot him?
      Grey: A good many people have shot a good many other people just because they loved 'em so much.

    • Grey: And you stay right here in this cabin, my girl, and don't you leave it. Unless you jump overboard.

    • Grey: Jeanette, you've been married, what, one month? You think your first quarrel is the end?
      Jeannette: It isn't just the first quarrel, Grey. It's the things that made the quarrel.
      Grey: Anything can make a quarrel, Jeanette, anything at all. When two people who have promised each other so much arrive at the conclusion that this is the end, what they really mean is that they've lost the ability to understand. The ability to fight for what they want.

    • Grey: Oh, I'm sorry insisting about that derringer. And that was very nice of you, not to get angry when I threatened to search you.
      Cassie: Well, you wanted to find the gun. You thought I had a gun. I just wanted you to know that you didn't.
      Grey: Yeah. Well, good straight thinking, Cassie. You keep on being bone honest. And as for you ever being searched for a gun again, well I doubt whether that'll ever happen. (once she leaves) But I won't make book on it.

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