Season 2 Episode 8

Devil in Skirts

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 21, 1960 on NBC
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Devil in Skirts

If Grey will lure a belle named Lucinda away from Colonel Ashley's son Tony, the colonel will provide a profitable cotton cargo for the Enterprise. Lucinda overhears the proposition but she has a plan of her own: work with Grey to make Tony jealous so that he'll propose to her.


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    Gloria Talbott

    Gloria Talbott

    Lucinda Jennings

    Guest Star

    Frank Silvera

    Frank Silvera

    Colonel Anthony Ashley

    Guest Star

    Brad Weston

    Brad Weston

    Tony Ashley

    Guest Star

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      • Bill: (to Grey) You know, the only difference between you and the Colonel is - he's an old pirate.

      • Colonel Ashley: Yes, but we have business, Colonel.
        Grey: Yes, but we have business, Colonel.
        Colonel Ashley: Oh, I'm much too sober to discuss business now, Captain. We'll have our little deal over whiskey sours at breakfast.

      • Lucinda: (from behind a couch) Good night, Captain. You got a most appealing voice.
        Grey: Well, ma'am, I was just thinking the same thing about you.

      • Colonel Ashley: Miss Lucinda, just what the devil are you up to?
        Lucinda: Why, never end a sentence with a preposition, Colonel.
        Colonel Ashley: Now, don't start correcting my grammar, Miss Lucinda, because you ain't been acting like no proper schoolteacher around here. Not all night you ain't.
        Lucinda: Well, that's in the daytime. School's out at night.

      • Colonel Ashley: The whole county was in timber. Lots of bears here. Bobcats. Then when we went in for cotton, we drew another kind of animal. Prettier maybe, but just as deadly.
        Lucinda: I take that as a compliment, sir.

      • Colonel Ashley: I understood you were quite a ladies man.
        Grey: Yeah, well whatever you heard, you never heard money mentioned.
        Colonel Ashley: No one need know.
        Grey: I'd know.

      • Lucinda: Lovely sight, isn't it? Quiet and peaceful.
        Grey: So's dynamite. Right up to the moment it explodes.

      • Grey: I think you are a lady.
        Lucinda: Even after the way I acted downstairs?
        Grey: Now, ladies don't always behave like... well, like ladies. that's what makes them interesting.

      • Lucinda: Sounds like an exciting life.
        Grey: Exciting? Well, it's feast or famine. You see, one day you come into port riding high on the water. You don't know where you're going to get enough money to buy the next load of wood. Next trip in you're buying drinks for everybody on the house.

      • Colonel Ashley: There's a man by that name hanging around the plantation somewhere. He's aimin' to kill me.
        Tony: Sounds like a man after my own heart. I'd like to meet him.
        Colonel Ashley: You may get the chance, sir. He probably wants to kill you, too.
        Tony: Would it be prying to ask the reason why, or does he have the usual instinctive dislike for the Ashleys.

      • Colonel Ashley: Tie him up; I'll send for the marshal.
        Tony: Leave him alone!
        Colonel Ashley: He tried to kill us!
        Tony: I said leave him alone.
        Colonel Ashley: Are you giving me orders?
        Tony: Yes, I'm giving you orders.
        Colonel Ashley: Well, it's about time.

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