Season 2 Episode 11

Duel on the River

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 12, 1960 on NBC
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Duel on the River

Brian Cloud monopolizes all the cotton crop in the area, and Laurie Rawlings, the wife of a cotton planter, doesn't like being under Cloud's thumb.

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    Fay Spain

    Fay Spain

    Laurie Rawlings

    Guest Star

    Claude Akins

    Claude Akins

    Beaudry Rawlings

    Guest Star

    Robert Emhardt

    Robert Emhardt

    Brian Cloud

    Guest Star

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      • Brian Cloud: Forgive me, Captain. How can I convince you of my sincere desire for friendship?
        Grey: Well, getting to the point might help.

      • Laurie: It's quite obvious, Captain, that you can't quite place me.
        Grey: It has been a long time.
        Laurie: Do you really think it has?
        Grey: Well now, don't tell me. Don't tell me. Let me guess now. Memphis?
        Laurie: No.
        Grey: New Orleans!
        Laurie: No.
        Grey: Well, don't tell me it was right here in Vicksburg.
        Laurie: No. Captain Holden, I am one of the few unfortunate women who do not occupy a place in your past.

      • Brian Cloud: Don't confuse business and honor.

      • Laurie: You hungry?
        Grey: Well, you ever found a river man who wasn't?

      • Wingate: Well, kinfolk's kinfolk. You're welcome to stay at my house tonight and fresh horses in the morning. That is, if our younger cousin still recollects how to sit a horse.
        Laurie: That is, if you still recollect how to walk. (rides off on his horse)

      • Laurie: Men. Why don't you try using your head instead of your muscle for a change?
        Wingate: Oh, we'll leave that to the ladies.

      • Beaudry: You see, Captain, we so-called plantation aristocrats are not really the masters, we are the slaves.
        Grey: To what?
        Beaudry: Oh, to cotton, to credit, and to a tradition that is too old to survive and too young to die.
        Grey: Well, pardon the murky allusion, but if cotton is your king, then its prime minister is Brian Cloud.
        Beaudry: He accepts our word as gentlemen. Mr. Cloud understands our code of honor.
        Grey: Yes, well, we river men have a code, too. It's not particularly honorable but it's very practical. "Pay as you go. Cash on the line." You see, that's what makes our world go around.

      • Brian Cloud: Captain Holden, what a surprise this is.
        Grey: Surprised that I got here?
        Brian Cloud: To find you quoting Shakespeare. That's uncommon, isn't it, for a river man?
        Laurie: Captain Holden is most uncommon for any kind of man.

      • Brian Cloud: Well, we will meet again.
        Grey: There's not one river in the world that's big enough for you and my boat.
        Brian Cloud: And that is why I say we will have to meet.

      • Bill: When are they going to give us the money they owe us?
        Grey: In time, Bill, in time. Remember, we have the word of a gentleman.
        Bill: Do you believe that?
        Grey: Well, after all, a man has to believe in something, Bill.

    • NOTES (1)

      • The Wingate house is filmed using the famous Bates House set from the movie Psycho, which had just been built on the Universal Studios lot in 1960, just before this episode was produced.

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