Season 2 Episode 1

End of a Dream

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 19, 1960 on NBC
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End of a Dream

Fast talking Martinus Van der Brig persuades Holden and Bill Blake, the riverboat's new pilot, to transport a group of pioneers to some new territory, recently purchased from Mr. Van der Brig.

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    Cliff Robertson

    Cliff Robertson

    Martinus Van der Brig

    Guest Star

    Robert J. Wilke

    Robert J. Wilke

    Red Dog Hanlon

    Guest Star

    Susan Cummings

    Susan Cummings

    Tekla Kropen

    Guest Star

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      • Tekla: Umm, I would like to know your plans.
        Grey: Plans, ma'am? Well, they vary according to the drift of the current.
        Tekla: I would like to know your plans about sailing.
        Grey: Sailing? We sail tomorrow morning at sunup. But between now and then lies a whole evening.

      • Martinus: I've never known a woman like you, Tekla Kronen.
        Tekla: What are you selling now, Martinus Van Der Brig?
        Martinus: Myself.
        Tekla: I have no use for such merchandise.

      • Tekla: Oh, those poor people. You took their money.
        Martinus: In exchange for hope! A home to build, land of their own!
        Tekla: You believe all that, don't you?
        Martinus: I believe everything I say.
        Tekla: You do sell a dream. I pray it will not become a nightmare.

      • Martinus: I see we share a common insistence on the best, Captain.
        Grey: You always share other people's belongings without asking their permission?
        Martinus: What better compliment, Captain, can one man pay the other than to feel at home in his quarters?

      • Martinus: You're so much like me, Captain, I think you're almost my image.
        Tekla: Could there really be two such people like you, Martinus?

      • Martinus: You don't love a woman like that, Captain, you conquer her.
        Grey: Conquer her? Why, you haven't learned how to lose.
        Martinus: Well, I never had adequate competition until you arrived.
        Grey: Yeah, that's true, that's true.

      • Martinus: Oh, that woman. Well, at least the rest of the group trusts me.
        Grey: Yes, well they have to. You have all their money.

      • Grey: You're supposed to bring them horses, oxen, supplies.
        Martinus: Yes. Yes, that's true. there has been a delay.
        Grey: Um-hmm.
        Martinus: A shortage. Not one cow in sight.
        Grey: Oh?
        Martinus: But I assure you, Captain, that this difficulty for Martinus Van Der Brig is simply a challenge.
        Grey: (punches him) Now listen to me. This is going to be a challenge. The Enterprise sails tomorrow morning. If you don't have everything onboard by then, there really will be a shortage... of Martinus Van Der Brig.

      • Grey: Well, what now, Martinus van Der Brig? Going to give up your 24-hour lease on the world?
        Martinus: No, Captain, I think I'll leave the river to you.
        Grey: Why, thank you.
        Martinus: Not at all, Captain.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Noah Beery is billed as a show star, finally replacing Burt Reynolds after the latter was dropped partway through the first season. Despite the fact that he is presumably playing a new arrival on the Enterprise, both Grey and Carney treat him like an old hand.

      • With the new season, the shows receives new opening credits. Rather than opening live-action shots of the Enterprise and Darren McGavin, a painted image of the Enterprise is used. For the end credits, the model shot of the Enterprise sailing away is replaced with a different painted image. Elmer Bernstein's main theme and incidental music is replaced with a more sedate banjo-heavy score by Gerald Fried.

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