Season 1 Episode 25

Fort Epitaph

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 07, 1960 on NBC
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Fort Epitaph

Captain Brad Turner continues captaining the Enterprise and supervises the delivery of four cannons to Ft. Wilson. However, the commanding officer has taken heavy losses after setting off a war with the Sioux, and impresses Brad and the crew into fighting for him.

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    Mark Allen

    Mark Allen

    Sergeant Matthews

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    Joan Camden

    Joan Camden

    Barbara Daniels

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    Charles Cooper

    Charles Cooper

    Major Luke Daniels

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      • Brad: Joshua, what are you doing to the map?
        Joshua: We made a dogleg a few miles back. I'm just correcting the chart.
        Brad: You know, I'd think you were the best mate on the river if I didn't know you'd be selling those charts to other pilots the minute we got back to Natchez.
        Joshua: Well, a man has to look out for his old age, Captain.

      • Joshua: There's one thing you can give the British credit for is teaching a man how to aim a cannon. That's all I'll give them credit for, though.

      • Brad: If those are peaceful Indians, I'd sure hate to get in their way when they're on the warpath.

      • Brad: But what provoked the attack?
        Lt. Henshaw: Oh, a lot of little things. The major's been tightening up the last few months on discipline between us and the Indians.
        Brad: You mean discipline caused the attack?
        Lt. Henshaw: The major reads the book word for word; every comma, period and semicolon.

      • Major Daniels: Worst officer I ever had. Don't know he ever became an officer. Nothing in his background but the river.
        Brad: I don't know that that's so bad, Major.
        Major Daniels: Has it ever produced a gentleman?
        Brad: I think we're like the Army. We produce a little of everything.

      • Major Daniels: How about a drink, captain?
        Brad: I never turn down another man's liquor.

      • Brad: Umm, Joshua. We're, uh, going to help defend the fort until the major can get reinforcements from Keo.
        Joshua: That's a nice thing for us to do. Did we volunteer?

      • Corporal Turner: Good old Fort Epitaph.
        Joshua: How's that?
        Corporal Turner: Fort Epitaph. That's what we call it. Cause that's what it's going to be. Each man is writing his own epitaph.

      • Major Daniels: Certainly I'm ambitious. I'm the only Luke Daniels there is. I have no family, no brothers, no sisters, no one to carry on my name. The only thing left of Luke Daniels when I die will be what the world remembers of me, me! And the world is going to remember plenty. I'll see to that!
        Barbara: The world may remember, but will they care?

      • Brad: Running Bear is wise. He counsels with the wind, the fox, and the bear.
        Chief Running Bear: Chief of the big canoe is wise, also. He counsels with the rivers, the beavers, the water snake

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