Riverboat - Season 1

NBC (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • The Sellout
    The Sellout
    Episode 31

    The Enterprise is badly in need of repairs and Grey has to lease it to former riverboat captain Nick Logan. Nick Logan and his fiancée get to use it for two months, and they avoid telling Grey that they''re turning it into a crooked casino ship.

  • The Quick Noose
    The Quick Noose
    Episode 30

    A noose is about to tighten around Carney's neck. Visiting his brother in Wingate, the riverboater is charged with murder.

  • The Long Trail
    The Long Trail
    Episode 29

    An Army colonel warns the Cherokee to take the long trail to a new settling place. Pillagers burn the Indian village to make sure the Cherokee have no reason to stay, and the colonel commandeers the Enterprise into transporting the Indians.

  • Night of the Faceless Men

    The Enterprise makes a wood stop at a small river town. But there is no wood for sale to strangers and night riders have terrorized the town into complying.

  • Hang the Men High
    Hang the Men High
    Episode 27

    A young man aboard the Enterprise has been accused of murder by his dying father. An aroused posse sets out to drag him off the Enterprise and serve up their own brand of justice.

  • Three Graves
    Three Graves
    Episode 26

    The crew of the Enterprise plan a big night on the town when they arrive in Green City. But when they dock, they find the place completely deserted except for three new graves.

  • Fort Epitaph
    Fort Epitaph
    Episode 25

    Captain Brad Turner continues captaining the Enterprise and supervises the delivery of four cannons to Ft. Wilson. However, the commanding officer has taken heavy losses after setting off a war with the Sioux, and impresses Brad and the crew into fighting for him.

  • The Wichita Arrows
    The Wichita Arrows
    Episode 24

    With Grey away on business, Brad Turner is hired to fill in and pick up a cargo of beaver pelts. On their way to meet Grey, Brad and the Enterprise crew soon become involved in stopping what appears to be a series of Indian raids.

  • The Fight at New Canal

    Grey is chosen to represent riverboat captains in seeking a government-subsidized canal. Preliminary surveys and work must be completed before Congress will approve the project. Opponents of the canal set out to sabotage the project.

  • The Treasure of Hawk Hill

    Bank robbers have a falling-out over some hidden loot. One of the men manages to give a map of the hiding place to his nephew before he is killed. The boy heads up river on a raft to deliver it to his other uncle, and the Enterprise picks him up.

  • Path of the Eagle
    Path of the Eagle
    Episode 21

    A trip to Independence, Missouri brings back memories of a bitter adventure to Grey Holden. Holden tells the story to Chip and Joshua.

  • The Salvage Pirates
    The Salvage Pirates
    Episode 20

    Louise Harrison and her boyfriend, the only survivors of a ship tragedy, do some quick thinking. Realizing that a fortune in pearls went down with the ship, they appeal to their rescuer, Grey Holden, to help them retrieve Louise's "dowry." Grey agrees in return for half of the pearls, and soon finds himself up against the salvage pirates who sank the ship in the first place.

  • Forbidden Island
    Forbidden Island
    Episode 19

    While the Enterprise makes a stop for wood, a group of Cajuns board the vessel and hijack a part of the cargo. Two people are shot during the incident.

  • The Blowup
    The Blowup
    Episode 18

    Grey and his crew get into a barroom brawl over Martha Crane and land in jail. Martha, who set up the fight, agrees to bail them out on the condition that Grey will transport a supply of gunpowder up river to her father.

  • The Landlubbers
    The Landlubbers
    Episode 17

    The Enterprise, tied up overnight, is boarded and hijacked by a vicious crew, who kill the three men left to guard the boat. Grey and the crew return to the scene in time to see their craft heading down the river, and hire a guard to travel overland to head her off.

  • Tampico Raid
    Tampico Raid
    Episode 16

    A group of volunteer teachers who have gone to the island of Diablo Corozan off the coast of Tampico are imprisoned when Spain conquers the island. The corrupt Spanish officials allow Joan Marchand, one of the teachers, to return to the United States to raise a ransom for the rest. She makes her way to New Orleans and tries to convince Grey to help her raise the money.

  • The Face of Courage
    The Face of Courage
    Episode 15

    The Enterprise steams upriver with a cargo of arms and recruits for the Fort Union outpost. At Atkin's Landing, Grey Holden is told by Homer Atkins that the Sioux have been watching the boat and are planning an uprising.

  • Guns for Empire
    Guns for Empire
    Episode 14

    Anthony Lorrimer charters the Enterprise to deliver a cargo of farm machinery to his thriving community of Lorrimer City. Ben is unaware that the cargo is actually arms and ammunition, while Lorrimer has Grey abducted to make sure that Ben cooperates when he does find out.

  • Strange Request
    Strange Request
    Episode 13

    Actress Lorna Langton wants to charter the Enterprise and a skeleton crew for a trip to St. Louis. The actress has been told that her young son, kidnapped some years before, is being held in another town.

  • Jessie Quinn
    Jessie Quinn
    Episode 12

    Lt. Perry Quinn, an officer in Sam Houston's Texas Army, hires the Enterprise to deliver a cargo of lead down river. Grey is unaware that Perry's mother Jessie is aboard the ship to supervise the shipment... as is her older son Beau, who hates his family and is working for Santa Ana to stop the lead shipment.

  • The Boy From Pittsburgh

    Tommy James, a young stowaway, is discovered aboard the Enterprise. Also on board is a pair of thieves, who plan to blow up the boat to collect insurance on some diamonds they are shipping to St. Louis.

  • The Faithless
    The Faithless
    Episode 10

    Prison guard Kester captures escaping prisoner and former doctor Paul Drake and transports him back via the Enterprise. Paul wants nothing to do with anyone... until a young passenger is stricken ill.

  • A Night At Trapper's Landing

    French-Spanish playboy Andre Devereaux has become an American lieutenant to avoid an angry husband. His superiors put him on the Enterprise and send him and his platoon into Indian territory, and Andre discovers that someone is provoking the normally peaceful Indians into violence.

  • Witness No Evil
    Witness No Evil
    Episode 8

    Otto Justin, dealer in wild animals, is escorting a shipment of his captured beasts to St. Louis aboard the Enterprise. Widow Abby Saunders and her young son Paddy are both impressed with Justin's manner, but are unaware of the true reason that he's on the ship.

  • Escape to Memphis
    Escape to Memphis
    Episode 7

    Laura Sutton is forced to kill her husband in self defense. Laura's brother-in-law, Jarrett Sutton, witnesses the shooting and tries to blackmail her.

  • The Fight Back
    The Fight Back
    Episode 6

    Ansel Torgin hires the Enterprise for his daughter's wedding. However, Grey recognizes the bridegroom, Chris Slade, as a convict who escaped the ship when it was hired to run a prison transfer. Things get complicated when Chris inadvertently kills the brother of a crime lord, Shelby Fowler, who has been terrorizing Ansel and the other local farmers.

  • The Unwilling
    The Unwilling
    Episode 5

    River pirate John Murrell plans to hijack a shipment from carpenter Dan Sampson. Murrell arranges to have Lela Russell take a job on the Enterprise as a dancing girl so that she can feed inside information to the pirates... and because Lena was romantically involved with Dan three years ago when she secretly betrayed him.

  • The Race to Cincinnati

    John Jenkins has placed a large down payment on land owned by three ruthless farmers. Jenkins is planning to deliver a shipment of peaches, via the Enterprise, to Cincinnati, as a final payment for the land. But the farmers plot to block the boat so the shipment of peaches will spoil.

  • About Roger Mowbray

    Wealthy Roger Mowbray's marriage is threatened when an old sweetheart tells his wife Jeanette that Roger married her for her money. Roger is doubly upset to discover that his father is involved in a scheme to cheat his father-in-law.

  • The Barrier
    The Barrier
    Episode 2

    Young Jefferson Carruthers has been assigned to a new post as an Indian agent. He and his wife board the Enterprise to travel to their new home. Also on board is Vance Muldoon, who plans to offer Carruthers money if he will smuggle liquor to the Indians.

  • Payment In Full (aka - The Penitent)

    The simple-minded Hunk Farber tells the police the whereabouts of his friend and boss, Monte Loman, who accidentally killed a senator's son. Hunk believes that they'll arrest Monte and protect him from people out for revenge. He takes the reward money and heads for Captain Holden's riverboat, eager to get his departing girlfriend back. However, Hunk soon learns that the police killed Monte and is consumed with guilt.