Season 1 Episode 13

Strange Request

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 13, 1959 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Lorna initially tells Grey that her son Bobby was abducted six years ago. However, later both Grey and Josiah Cragg say that the boy was abducted seven years ago.

  • Quotes

    • Grey: We need steam, we're going upriver.
      Carney: What? What in blazes for, Captain? Why do we have to build up a stoke?
      Grey: To transport Miss Lorna Langston.
      Carney: Lorna...? Lorna Langton? Is she as beautiful as they say?
      Grey: She's very pretty. But she doesn't have your sunny disposition.

    • Lorna: Well, then we have at least to St. Louie to see if he remembers anything.
      David: Well certainly, Lorna. Ask him as many questions as you please. But keep it on a friendly although impersonal basis.
      Grey: Oh, that's fine. That's just great. Pester the boy with questions but don't bother being nice to him. He might be someone else's child.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Grey: Well, you see, a Sioux warrior thinks, like Samson, you cut his hair, you cut his strength.
      Referencing the Biblical strongman whose story is told in the Book of Joshua. An Israelite, God empowers Samson with great strength so that he can smite his enemies. He eventually falls in love with a woman Delilah, who is bribed to learn of Samson's one weakness and tell his enemies. Once they cut his hair, he loses his strength and are able to capture Samson, but God gives him strength to bring the temple down on himself and the Philistines.