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Season 1 Episode 20

The Salvage Pirates

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 31, 1960 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Salvage Pirates

Louise Harrison and her boyfriend, the only survivors of a ship tragedy, do some quick thinking. Realizing that a fortune in pearls went down with the ship, they appeal to their rescuer, Grey Holden, to help them retrieve Louise's "dowry." Grey agrees in return for half of the pearls, and soon finds himself up against the salvage pirates who sank the ship in the first place.


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    Judi Meredith

    Judi Meredith

    Louise Harrison

    Guest Star

    Richard Garland

    Richard Garland

    Jacques Tremaine

    Guest Star

    Bern Hoffman

    Bern Hoffman


    Guest Star

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      • Pickalong: Water bad?
        Grey: It's colder than Mother Annie's pie!
        Pickalong: Want me to come in with you?
        Grey: Yeah, I'd love it.

      • Pickalong: Did your hip pop out again, Captain?
        Grey: No, I just like to lie down here!

      • Carney: Skipper, don't get that look in your eye. You know what happens every time you get that gleam.
        Grey: What's the matter with you, Carney? Don't you like money?
        Carney: Well, sure, but...
        Grey: But you would object to my divvying up the reward for getting this poor little girl's pearls off that shallow, sunken wreck, huh?
        Carney: By "divvying," you mean equal shares.
        Grey: Yeah, I mean equal shares.
        Pickalong: Carney, how we going to get in there?
        Carney: Ah, shut up, Pickalong. Haven't you got an eye to the future?

      • Grey: Now there's a small matter of the Enterprise and our interest in this.
        Kincannon: How much?
        Grey: Ten thousand.
        Kincannon: Five thousand.
        Grey: Eleven thousand.
        Kincannon: Seven thousand five hundred.
        Grey: Twelve thousand!
        Kincannon: Ten thousand.
        Grey: Now how did you arrive at a figure like that?

      • Grey: Well, boys, I'd certainly like to help you out, but I can't get off this bunk to open up the safe. It's locked.
        Joshua: I wouldn't worry about that, Captain. Hasn't been a lock built that I can't take care of. I'll open the safe.
        Grey: And just how will you open the safe?
        Joshua: A man learns a lot of things he goes through life, Captain.
        Grey: What kind of a thieving crew have I got here?!?
        Joshua: Whatever kind of crew it is, Captain, what can you say? You picked it.

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