Season 1 Episode 31

The Sellout

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 18, 1960 on NBC
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The Sellout

The Enterprise is badly in need of repairs and Grey has to lease it to former riverboat captain Nick Logan. Nick Logan and his fiancée get to use it for two months, and they avoid telling Grey that they''re turning it into a crooked casino ship.

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      • Grey: How bad is it, Mr. Carney?
        Carney: Starboard side is stove in! We're floodin' fast! It's seepin' up through the bottom!
        Grey: I'll be right down. Resume full speed ahead.
        Joshua: But she'll fall apart!
        Grey: It's either Natchez or the bottom, take your pick... if we got one.

      • Chip: Is it all right to pray for money?
        Grey: Well, I--I, I don't think anyone would mind.
        Chip: Do you have to know how much to ask for?
        Grey: No, no, just make it general.
        Chip: Yeah, God'll know.

      • Grey: I got my principles!
        Nick: Well try carrying cargo with 'em.
        Grey: My principles are going to carry just as much cargo as your flat crewmen...
        Nick: That isn't even good English!

      • Nanette: We move to Creighton's Landing on Friday before the miners spend their money on foolish things - like necessities.

      • Nick: (to Grey) Do you know what I've been thinking down there? About guys like you me? We haul cargo, we push our boats, our crew, ourselves 'til we're half dead. For what? You've worked years for the Enterprise but you take my advice: when you get her back, leave her as she is. Live on the river, don't die on it.

      • Chip: You're going to be a cheater, just like him.
        Grey: You really believe that, Chip?
        Chip: You're going with him.
        Grey: Have you ever known me to cheat anybody before, ever? Have I ever lied to you, Chip?
        Chip: I don't know. Mostly you just tell me to wash my ears.
        Grey: Well, if you washed your ears good this morning, you'll hear what I have to say.

      • Joshua: All right, Chip, you stay here.
        Chip: Ah, every time there's a here and a there, I stay here and everybody else goes there.

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