Season 2 Episode 3

The Two Faces of Grey Holden

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 03, 1960 on NBC



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    • Grey: (admiring Marie) She's particular.
      Carney: She's just young, that's all.
      Bill: And Cajun. You'd have to speak French.
      Grey: Not for long.

    • Papite: Your journey back has been a long one. Sit if you are tired.
      Grey: What do you know about my journey?
      Papite: The journey back from death is always long.

    • Sebastian: It doesn't make any difference to me if you say you're Gabriel or not. It doesn't make any difference to anyone. But to Marie, you be Gabriel.
      Grey: It matters to me who I am.

    • Carney: Any luck, Mr. Blake?
      Bill: What's luck, Carney?
      Carney: Well, I meant, did you find Captain Holden?
      Bill: Do you like New Orleans?
      Carney: Yes, yes, I like it.
      Bill: Yeah, I like New Orleans, too. I like the food, I like the women, I like the wine. Not necessarily in that order.
      Carney: I know what you mean.
      Bill: Well, if you know what I mean, what the devil are you asking me about Captain Holden for?

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