Season 2 Episode 11

Explosive Situation!! Steam~y Cute Girls in Confused Fighting

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 2002 on
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Explosive Situation!! Steam~y Cute Girls in Confused Fighting
Not only have Lux, Lan Lan, Lobelia, and Rei started staying at Iwaki's house, but they have also enrolled in Iwaki's school! The fight for Iwaki between America, China, Italy, and Russia is just beginning! But, where is Rizel?

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      • Rei (clinging to Iwaki): "Morning, moy daragoy. Our goal will be accomplished in another 5 seconds."

        [Rei starts to undress Iwaki.]

        Iwaki: "Stop undressing me!"

        Rei (saluting Iwaki): "We only have one goal to accomplish."

        [Rei takes off Iwaki's pants]

        Iwaki: "Stop it! [covers his crotch] DAH! What the hell are you thinking!?"

        Rei: "You said "Da," which is Russian for "yes." [goes in to kiss Iwaki's crotch] So this is consensual."

        Iwaki: "You've got it all wrong!"

      • Lan Lan: "You Tiao will increase your stamina. Xiao Long Bao will increase your stamina. Yu Chi will increase your stamina. Chinese porridge will increase your stamina. Now, eat 'em up!"

        Iwaki: "Wait a sec. Too much stamina!"

        Lan Lan: "Naturally, and... [Lan Lan takes out a special Chinese drink and Iwaki freaks out.] this drink is most useful in stimulating desire! Drink it, and you'll be so horny you won't be able to stop yourself from doing lots of sweet things with me! Now, drink it!"

        Iwaki: "Who would!?"

        Lux, Lobelia, and Rei (attacking Lan Lan): "STOP IT!"

        Lan Lan: "Ai ya!"

        [Lux, Lobelia, and Rei each grab Iwaki.]

        Lux (grabbing Iwaki's right arm): "He's mine!"

        Rei (grabbing Iwaki's left arm): "Mine!"

        Lobelia (grabbing Iwaki's left leg): "No, mine!"

        Lan Lan: "He is mine!"

        [Lan Lan grabs Iwaki's crotch area.]

        Lux, Lobelia, and Rei: "No fair!"

        Lux, Lobelia, Rei, and Lan Lan (each grabbing Iwaki's crotch): "His thingy is mine! Mine! No, mine! It's mine!"

        [Iwaki's facial expression relaxes, until...]

        Iwaki: "STOP IT! [The girls stop grabbing Iwaki's crotch] Stop it, I say, STOP IT! No accidental 'firing'! I don't want to live with you at all - not even slightly! Idiots!!"

        Lux (about to cry): "You hate me?"

        Lobelia (about to cry): "You hate me?"

        Lan Lan (about to cry): "You hate me?"

        Rei (about to cry): "You hate me?"

        [Iwaki freaks out, then the girls cry and cause four explosions.]

      • Russian Papas: "Nyet!"

        Chinese Papas: "Bu shi!"

        Italian Papas: "Non!"

        American Papas: "No!"

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