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TNT's Rizzoli & Isles follows Boston detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and medical examiner Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander). They are complete opposites who share good chemistry and a strong working relationship that helps them solve some of Boston's most notorious crimes. This crime drama is based on the mystery novels by Tess Gerritsen. Other stars of the series include Lorraine Bracco as Angela, Jane's demanding and intrusive mother, Lee Thompson Young as Detective Barry Frost, Bruce McGill as seasoned Detective Vince Korsak and Jordan Bridges as Jane's brother, Frankie Jr., a patrol cop who hopes one day to become a detective.

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  • Angie Harmon

    Angie Harmon

    Det. Jane Rizzoli

    Sasha Alexander

    Sasha Alexander

    Dr. Maura Isles

    Bruce McGill

    Bruce McGill

    Det. Vince Korsak

    Brian Goodman

    Brian Goodman

    Lt. Det. Sean Cavanaugh

    Lorraine Bracco

    Lorraine Bracco

    Angela Rizzoli

    Jordan Bridges

    Jordan Bridges

    Frankie Rizzoli, Jr.

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    • season 6, episode 16

      I started watching the episode and was totally speachless. If you gonna talk about Latvians and the characters will speak Latvian , could they sound more authentic and not have some horrible accent and use incorrect grammar? That was so dissapointing. And I love that show. But this episode was something.... i can judge because I am from Latvia and Latvian is my first language. Don't they have consultants or someone who can advice them??? Wow, just wowmoreless

      The season started off with Laura getting kidnapped. She was rescued, but the mystery as to why was not answered in the first 2 episodes. The one change that should be made in Laura assistant. His Scottish accent gets in the way of what he is saying. Susie was a quality person where Kent is a mumbling know it all who should be replaced. It seem every 10th would he say leaves you wondering what did he say. And, the pot scene was in poor taste. I give the 2 episodes an 8 and it should be a 10 if not for Drake.moreless
    • Show Ending

      I am sad to see show ending, really enjoyed. Hoping they replace with something equally as good.
    • Be Careful What You Wish For

      To all of the fans out there who complained about the story line which included Rizzoli's pregnancy: now we all have to sit through this horribly sad new episode where she has lost the baby. It's a very real tragedy and it sucks to see it happen even under fictional circumstances. Too bad she couldn't have ended up being a happy momma since it was already in the script.
    • Why are people confused about the dad? Agree with the mom comments tho.

      It has always been the case that Maura's mother did not live with her biological father, as she got pregnant with Maura so young, and they were from different worlds, so why would it be such a stretch to think this Maura had a non-biological father growing up?

      I agree with those who say there's too much of Jane's mom. It is cute and fun to have the "isn't she great, gets the truth out of people, reads everyone's mind, always knows what's really going etc" for a while, but every episode is like this now.

      Also, what happened to the long running story lines? Is this because the show is always on the brink of being cancelled, so the writers never dare to write a long running story in case it never gets to reach a conclusion?

      It's a shame as this is just one of those easy to watch shows, that has female leads too, which is good as they then don't have to always push the "kick ass, woman in a man's world, not just as strong and tough as the men, but even tougher" as they always have to do in shows like NCIS with a solitary woman in the field team, which is got old around in around 2003.

      Oh, and I was delighted to see that they seem to have drop the opening scene phone call bit where they answer their phones in the correct "Rizzoli... Isles" order, just before the opening titles. It lost it's novelty after a couple of shows but dragged on for about 10???moreless

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