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Season 6 : Episode 7

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TNT's Rizzoli & Isles follows Boston detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and medical examiner Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander). They are complete opposites who share good chemistry and a strong working relationship that helps them solve some of Boston's most notorious crimes. This crime drama is based on the mystery novels by Tess Gerritsen. Other stars of the series include Lorraine Bracco as Angela, Jane's demanding and intrusive mother, Lee Thompson Young as Detective Barry Frost, Bruce McGill as seasoned Detective Vince Korsak and Jordan Bridges as Jane's brother, Frankie Jr., a patrol cop who hopes one day to become a detective.
Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon

Det. Jane Rizzoli

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Dr. Maura Isles

Bruce McGill

Bruce McGill

Det. Vince Korsak

Brian Goodman

Brian Goodman

Lt. Det. Sean Cavanaugh

Lorraine Bracco

Lorraine Bracco

Angela Rizzoli

Jordan Bridges

Jordan Bridges

Frankie Rizzoli, Jr.

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  • UNDERRATED!!!!!!!!!

    Love this show, it is not just another cop show. It has a strong story behind the weekly crimes, also has some quirky, very likeable characters .

    Always good fun & always good for a laugh!!
  • breath of fresh air

    i love this show it gives so much fun seriousness makes u think great relaxation hope it continues for a long time to come
  • question

    whats with razziola having her hands crossed in front of her stomach constantly .its thoroughly distracting
  • Chemistry

    This is a great show! As long as the chemistry between Jane and Maura continues to develop. Otherwise it's just another crime drama with some slightly interesting characters and slightly original plots. Also, their are some great witty and original moments throughout, however, they have been lacking a bit in this season. If you take the last two episodes into consideration, this show might redeem itself. I hope they follow through in the next season!moreless
  • Season ending double episodes.

    Season 2 episode finales. EPISODE #1: Bite out the crime. Starting note: Through out the series, Jane/Maura/Vince and Frankie have the ability to interject soft humor in small spots. This episode starts with a road rage murder. But from where and who. Searches locate a sniper style tree roost in a near by park. During the search, a loner who was living in the park is taken in for questioning. He is a real out their young man. The, shooting #2. Same area, same . With the soft approach of Maura, she manages to calm the young man and extract crucial information. Maura also finds out the young man is sick, which was causing his actions. The high point of the episode was when the young man recognizes the shooter in the hospital and Maura gives chase. A scallop in the leg and Jane's tackle ends the chase. All's well that ends well. Maura find the young man's name and his family. EPISODE #2: A couple in a hotel room are having sex games when the husband is murdered. Digging and digging located a second wife for the husband. Maura finally finds out how the husband was murdered. Jane tries to duplicate the deadly hit with no success. The solution revolves around a hit to his head with force. Finally, Jane put 1 and 1 together, with some trickery and the fingers point at both wives. A foot note, Tosha, a young lady who was shop a then Jane trying to save her and loosed her baby, visits them. Vince, Jane, Maura and Angela get money so she can to college. Cool. This show continues to mix good drama with just enough comedy. A man was poisoned, them tossed off the upper floor of a building. Private Investigator (PI) got caught with crime scene evidence. It seems the wife is scared to death. But was she. The mystery of the episode was Jane's dislike for any PI. But, this one did manage to help her solve the case. On the lighter side, Frankie was failing his gun range qualification. Jane was stumped because Jane had taught him. He failed again. Finally, Jane and Laura watched him at the range and noticed his interest in the female instructor. One simple sentence solve his problem. "How are the wife and . Bang, bang, bang bang Frankie qualified. One final note. Rizzoli and Isler are just like the series NCIS with Gibbs and Kate. Remember, Kate/Laura are the same actress.moreless

    TNT Renews Rizzoli & Isles for Shortened Season 7

    The series will return in Summer 2016 with 13 new episodes.


    TNT Renews Rizzoli & Isles for Season 6

    Meanwhile, the remaining three episodes of Season 5 will debut in February.

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