Rizzoli & Isles

Season 1 Episode 2

Boston Strangler Redux

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 19, 2010 on TNT

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  • Nailed this one.

    All the characters in this episode were truly wonderful. I really enjoyed the banter between Rizzoli and her boss, which is played by Donnie Wahlberg of the music group Da Block. The way the two of them go at it makes me wonder if something is going on or has gone on before between them. If not, I think that something could go on if they would be willing to let it. The story line for this episode was wonderful. I really enjoyed the idea of the Boston Strangler not being caught. This episode made me want to check in on the next one.
  • Still going well

    I enjoyed this episode too. Was hoping for another glimpse of the FBI agent, but the story was interesting & the cast was good. The bit with Isles on her date was hilarious. She comes off as very odd, but you see why in this episode with a little more backstory. Didn't even derail the plot at all. I loved Sasha on NCIS , so I am hoping this series works out for her. Also love Angie Harmon, but her attitude seems a bit too rough at times. Loved Chaz as her father! inspired. In the last review I said her mother's constant disapproval was going to get irritating. it did. That is going to be one character I skip over when watching if the heavy handed- ness keeps up. The chemistry with Rizzoli & Grant was not really there for me. Not like it was with FBI guy. Love Bruce McGill as always. Can't wait for next episode :)
  • There's a person killing people with the exact same names as the victims of the Boston Strangler... is he back?

    Personally, I don't think this episode was as good as the pilot, but it was still enjoyable. I figured out the killer halfway through the episode, but that's only because I watch the Mentalist too much and I always know to point the finger at someone unexpected. xD It was a very interesting case, but I think they could've included more suspense in it. I missed FBI Agent Gabriel Dean, but obviously, cause he's a fed, he can't be in every episode. However, I will enjoy every episode he's in, because he adds a little something something. This episode is a perfect combination of personal and case- the personal stuff isn't anything crazy and over-the-top like Grey's Anatomy, but it is enjoyable and funny.

    The part where Maura is out on a date and then ends up ruining it because she diagnoses the guy was one of my favorite parts. Actually, there were a lot of really good parts- like when they visited Raymond Jones' mom, the end of the episode, etc.

    I'll just wrap it up- it was a good entertaining episode, but not suspenseful enough.
  • The Boston Strangler was already caught...

    ...or was he?

    Interesting episode. The only scene I didn't like much was the family scene - the mother is annoyingly loud and obnoxious. Which in itself isn't a bad thing, but really, she looks like she's a forty or fifty-something mother with a plumber for a husband and she doesn't know not to put her potato skins down the drain?

    The brother on the job is a twist I like, though, especially when it appeared that he "signed a deal with the devil," to put it in dramatic terms. There's one family conflict I'm interested in seeing more of.

    The case was interesting, as well as the various suspects. The actual killer was someone I did not expect, and that was an interesting twist, as well. Maura Isles doing online shoe-shopping on the job seemed iffy, but when I thought about it - well, maybe she was just waiting for Jane to get there so she could relay her findings. I will say this - Maura is absolutely adorable when she knows she's right. xD The end scene was that perfect mixture of funny and cute. I really liked this episode and I'm looking forward to the next one. :)
  • 102

    Rizzoli & Isles is getting huge ratings, and with good reason as this show is really good. I was not expecting much, but both the pilot and this episode left me satisfied. On paper it looks like another show about a hard-nosed female cop, but it is so much more than that. The Isles character is pure genius, think Temperance "Bones" Brennan from Bones, only just a little bit less socially awkward, and Angie Harmon's Jane Rizzoli is also more realistic than comparable characters like Mary from In Plain Sight for example.

    The show obviously targets the female demographic, but if you are a fan of procedurals then you will love this anyone. It is a strongly-written program that is not afraid to get a little graphic with the crime scenes. Definitely surprised at how much I have enjoyed this show so far.