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Personally I kind of want Jane to mull it over and then say yes to Casey's proposal. I just think it's time to push the Jane character forward and get some growth. Doesn't necessarily need to be getting married but I think at this point in the show Jane needs to develop somehow and I think letting someone like Casey in would give the show that character development.
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Jun 18, 2014
I think it would be a great story if Jane and Casey got married but he went on to become a general and she remained a pregnant homicide detective in Boston. However being Jane, Casey would manage the household and her OB care via Skype coordinating support from friends and family in Boston. But, when he comes home, they have great reunions.
Feb 26, 2014
Do you still feel that way after seeing tonight's new episode? I agree and feel that both Jane and Maura need a little growth (Jane more than Maura). Maura played the voice of the audience a couple of times in tonight's episode in that she wants Jane to follow her dreams, but she also doesn't want to lose her best friend. Outside of Jane and everyone else in the morgue/precinct, we haven't really seen Maura with any other "friends". I'm not sure they can truly separate Jane/Maura's friendship without each of them having someone else to fall back on.
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