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Episode Discussion: No More Drama in My Life 3x15 (Dec 25 )

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    [1]Dec 25, 2012
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    Please use this thread to discuss episode No More Drama in My Life. Enjoy!
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    [2]Dec 27, 2012
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    I though that they were going to leave us with all of them trapped in rubbles but they finally gave us a happy ending to a season. On top of that it was a great episode.
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    [3]Dec 30, 2012
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    Earlier in the season, I watched the first 4 episodes as they came out, but then I fell behind and in the past 2 days, and just watched about 9 to 10 episodes in a marathon late overnight.

    I actually wish this would have been a cliffhanger, especially since they were renewed for a 4th season earlier in the season. It just seemed rushed, the last 5 minutes of the episode.

    I really thought they were going to kill Tommy (Colin Egglesfield) off when I saw the building collapse. For anyone who does not watch Lifetime, and not already know: Colin Egglesfield is 1 of the main characters in "The Client List" and has much more screen time on that show. It only had 10 episodes for the first season over summer, but was renewed. It is the new Jennifer Love Hewitt tv series, and Colin plays her brother-in-law on the show.

    I knew the baby, TJ, would be safe. If they would have the nerve to kill off a 3 month old baby, they would have so much backlash against them, the show wouldn't survive. I know I would stop watching.

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