Rizzoli & Isles

Season 2 Episode 2

Living Proof

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2011 on TNT

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    Well, the new season of TNT's breakout hit last week was just really dull, but tonight's episode wasn't just dull, it was flat out bad and it left me wondering if the show has any legs or if it was just a one season show. The formula for this show and all procedurals nowadays is some banter in the beginning, a murder victim is introduced, they find a suspect, they get a new suspect, they solve the case and they close things out with more banter. If the acting is good, if the case is interesting and if the jokes get a chuckle from me I am fine with that formula, but unfortunately this episode possessed none of those qualities.

    Come on Rizzoli and Isles, you were a solid summer drama last year. Step your game up.
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