Rizzoli & Isles

Season 1 Episode 5

Money for Nothing

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2010 on TNT



  • Quotes

    • Jane Rizzoli: You're scrambling to finish out the autopsy.
      Maura Isles: The governor called. He would like the reports right away.
      Jane Rizzoli: Of course he did. Did you have a nice chat? Maybe tonight you could attend the opera with some senators, and then afterwards go out on the veranda and smoke big rolled-up wads of $100.
      Maura Isles: These people are not the enemy.
      Jane Rizzoli: Yeah, neither was Columbus. Tell that to the native Americans he killed with smallpox.
      Maura Isles: The Fairfields helped build this city.
      Jane Rizzoli: My grandfather was an ironworker. He helped build this city.