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Rizzoli & Isles

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TNT Premiered Jul 12, 2010 Returning February 17, 2015



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Rizzoli & Isles Fan Reviews (57)

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  • Funny!

    I love this show. I don't consider it to be of great quality but I enjoy it a lot. I like Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. For me the show is fun to watch and I always look forward to the next episode. I think they handeled Lee Thompson Youngs death with a lot of grace and true feelings. I love the whole cast but my favourite is Bruce McGill.
  • Season 5b

    Is back 17/02/15 :) Can't wait
  • Is it coming back for season 6?

    Can anybody tell us if this awesome show is coming back for a 6th season?
  • Next Episode?

    Do we know when the next episode is airing yet?
  • What happened to this show?

    Look, I'm as sad as anyone else that one of the cast members committed suicide, but this show hasn't been the same since. What used to be a great cop show with witty dialogue and a believable cop station atmosphere has turned into the Mary Tyler Moore show. Not real, not funny, just sappy. Finally, what was the point of the pregnancy? Why didn't Jane take in the teenager as a foster child instead of foisting her off on a nurse? Really guys, get it together and pay attention.
  • World's Hottest Cops

    Like why is it that cops and/or athletes have to be... so good-looking?
  • Angie Harmon and her Mother

    Back in the day when Angie Harmon played a detective on Law and Order and Lorraine Bracco played a psychiatrist on The Sopranos I was able to watch them and know that they were capable of serious acting roles. Then they were cast as air heads and placed on this show that in no way resembles their resume. My sister watches this nonsense and I cannot believe what happened to these fine actresses.

    Nobody acts that way in a police station.
  • Mother

    Can we please have less of the mother. Really, she is always around the office - unprofessional! and annoying!
  • all shows

    Great show. Please stop the loud music. Myself and friends over age 65 do not like the music. Tone it down, way down or we will no longer watch.
  • Rizzoli's love life

    This is the dumbest story line ever. "We love each other, but have decided not to marry at this pregnant and will raise this child do I tell the It's horrible, horrible, horrible. Angie Harmon is about as unbelievable as you can get. Why do good procedurals have to throw in some stupid side story that is totally unnecessary? Rizzoli's mom's line are equally hard to listen to. I'm done with this show.
  • Love this show

    This show is great! If you're looking for another show with strong females watch Reckless! The characters are super cool
  • Pregnant?

    What were you thinking making Rizzoli pregnant. I can't name one show that ever made it after a baby was introduced. Nice going!!!!
  • Rizzoli and Isles

    Not happy with the way this show is going. Frost is gone (no ones fault) Vince retiring and Jane pregnant. It's supposed to be a crime cop show and now it's turning into a family girly bff show. Not happy.
  • nice show

    love the show
  • niceshow

    love the show
  • carrying on ...

    i honestly don't know how they're going to explain frosts character but i hope they give his character justice and don't just ignore the matter. its a great shame whats happened because he was a fantastic character and i for one absolutly love Rizzoli and isles. its an amazing cast with fantastic plots and stories. one of the most memorable for me is the ones with Charles Hoyt, those were really chilling episodes fantastically written and i cant wait for a new season in 2014.
  • Frost character

    Now that the actor has passed away, it breaks my heart just watching his character. What a damn shame.

  • My God

    Lee Thompson is gone, things aren't what they seem even . can cover up a great deal
  • season 5 is official!

    I love this old formated show! reminds me of Perry mason and Murder she wrote... LOVE This cast! long may it stay on the tv!
  • Is the show goingaway????

    I have heard promos that "Only 3 Episodes Remain" Please mean that is only 3 episodes remain this season. This is the best show on TNT since the "Closer"
  • Losing its touch

    I loved this when it first came on. But everything happens to Jane and Laura. Where is the police work and the law enforcement story lines? I like the characters, but it needs better plots.
  • Awesome...

    I love it. Love the chemistry between the two main cast. They bring a lot to the show. I dont want them to be couple but I do understand the fan who ship them. Sasha and Angie play beautifully in this show.
  • Fab show!

    I love the characters. I love the writing. I not only love the TV show, I also love the book series and and have devoured each one like a big ball of cotton candy. I wish Gerritsen wrote faster. If you haven't guessed, I'm a voracious reader and I know there are others out there just like me. For those "in between" times, I've found some other series that I've gobbled up:

    James Patterson's Alex Cross Series

    MA Comley's The Justice Series

    Linda Prather's Jacody Ives Mysteries

    Steve Berry's Cotton Malone books

    So put on your reading bib and start munching!
  • GREAT show!

    Absolutely love this show, def among my top Fav cop shows. Excellent Cast chemistry.
  • Great Show

    This is a great show. I have watched Motive which is a lot like this but without the chemistry these characters have. Everyone in this show is my favorite. Sooo glad there will be a 4th season. It is nice that some good shows make it. Seems like if the show is good they take it off the air for some brainless show.
  • YEEES!!!

    I love this show!! I love their chemistry on TV and the cases. I'm sooooo glad that there will be season 4!!
  • Nice Duo!

    This Program Started At A 4.9 and Now its At 8.5. Good Acting, Very Nice Combination of Different Types of Personality Traits. And Your Occasional Humor. Enjoy It Very Much. Good Job.
  • Fun and quirky.

    Although I find some of the writing a bit silly at times, or maybe even inconsistent for some of the characters. Overall the show is fun and a good addition to the current crime shows. I especially like the dynamic between Jane and Maura, their comments and banter make for some amusing scenes.

    I did really like the inclusion of a character like Hoyt and was a little disappointed to see him go, I feel like the show hasn't been quite as "serious" as it was while his character was still around to be a possible threat.
  • Typical 80's style cop show, extra PC

    At least in Cagney and Lacey, one of them had a husband and family. Jane and Maura, however, although both over 40, act like high school kids around men, in the rare moments they aren't joined together at the hip. Enough of this sisterhood power. And I love how the unemployed Rizzoli brother has a kid out of wedlock and everyone's just peachy keen about it. Can't be judgmental, right? No one dares mention the "m" word.

    And you have to congratulate the show for not having a single black perp the entire season, despite the setting in a highly urban environment.

    rizzoli and isles very nice show love it . Rizzoli love her : pretty , intelligent, and so funny .

    Dc isles so funny in her one way . love all the cast . continue please .
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