Rizzoli & Isles

Season 1 Episode 1

See One. Do One. Teach One

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2010 on TNT
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Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles work the murder of a wealthy couple that appears to resemble the work of the serial killer dubbed "the Surgeon", a man currently behind bars.

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65 Hours
  • Love this!

    I just know about this show recently, last year to be precise. What caught me the most is the great on-screen chemistry between Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon. Even though the pilot was different from TG's The Surgeon, I find that differences are quite entertaining. Some of you may say this show is too girly but hey, I'm a girl :D

    I ended up watching all seasons available and like most of their fans and (again) can't help to enjoy Sasha and Angie's chemistry (and their so-called lesbian subtle). I have to admit I don't really pay attention to the crime, though. Just those two.moreless
  • 1.01 'See One. Do One. Teach One' (Pilot episode)

    This show really surprised me! My friend did recommend it to me in June 2011 but I've been busy with my work, traveling and other stuff / TV shows so I've kinda forgotten. She mentioned it again a few weeks ago so I got myself to it today and I'm loving it.

    The pilot episode was very entertaining and I was glad that this is not just another ordinary crime show. Loved so many things about it - especially the character development and the huge difference between Rizzoli and Dr. Isles but they are such good friends with a perfect chemistry that you can overlook their differences (Rizzoli wears pants in this relationship, lol). Also the character of Detective Korsak made a huge impression. Yeah, writing was good, story was also incredibly solid for a TV show with this crazy Dr. Hoyt teaming up with a former soldier and attacking those couples. The pilot garnered a 9.0/10 in my little black book :)

  • Dejavu.

    This is the first episode of the whole entire show. I'm sorry to say that I think the people in charge could have done better. The characters Rizzoli and Isles are good. I couldn't believe Rizzoli's partner; seriously, go into a different field. Rizzoli's family was good, but a little predictable. With all that being said, I was extremely disappointed in the episode. For me, it screamed dejavu. I can't remember what show, maybe CSI, had an episode very very similar to this one with slight changes. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I've seen this same kind of thing in two shows; Criminal minds being the other one. I'm just saying that I wish the first episode would have been more out there.moreless
  • I enjoyed this one a lot.

    Great story, really started thge series with a bang. A lot of shows take a while to find themselves & reveal the nature of the characters. I was really intrigued by all, but Foster. Let's face it his job this whole episode was to be sick, or near sick:) I heart Bruce McGill in the face & love that he is in this series. I can't wait to find out why he & Rizzoli aren't partners anymore. I want to see when rizzoli & Isles met. I wonder if we will see handsome FBI guy again? Lorraine Bracco is hilarious as the constantly disapproving mother. I do hope they were just so heavy handed with it this episode to cement a character trait in our minds, otherwise she will be come a SUPER irritating character. New episode is on my DVR. Going to stop reviewing & start watching:)moreless
  • Can they not have 1 average looking person on tv?

    While I like Angie Harmon a lot, Rizzoli is short, stout and not classically beautiful.

    And Maura should have dark hair. I would've preferred to see Angie play her.

    I am glad that they at least cast women in their 40's to play women in their 40's. That's nice to see. I was kind of expecting that they'd make them in their 20's.

    Otherwise it was an interesting adaptation of the Apprentice book (w/ flashbacks to the earlier novel "the surgeon"). The opening scene was kind of hard to watch, I realized that while I can read books about rape & violence, I don't really like seeing the imagery acted out.moreless
Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon

Det. Jane Rizzoli

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Dr. Maura Isles

Lorraine Bracco

Lorraine Bracco

Angela Rizzoli

Bruce McGill

Bruce McGill

Det. Vince Korsak

Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young

Det. Barry Frost

Jordan Bridges

Jordan Bridges

Frankie Rizzoli, Jr.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler

Det. Darren Crowe

Guest Star

Michael Massee

Michael Massee

"The Surgeon" aka Hoyt

Guest Star

Marisa Ramirez

Marisa Ramirez


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Maura Isles: (to Jane Rizzoli) What's my ringtone?
      Jane's custom ringtone for a call from Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles is the Piano Sonata No. 2 by Frédéric Chopin aka The Funeral March. Maura only find this out after asking Jane.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jane Rizzoli: Did you ever like the same guy as your best friend?
      Maura Isles: No.
      Jane Rizzoli: Did you ever have a best friend?
      Maura Isles: No.
      Jane Rizzoli: (chuckling) You'd tell me if you were a cyborg, right?
      Maura: (thoughtfully) No, I don't think I would.

    • Maura Isles: You should talk to your mom.
      Jane Rizzoli: She's so mad at me that I won't come home and sleep in my pink canopy bed.
      Maura Isles: I always wanted a pink canopy.
      Jane Rizzoli: I wanted a horse. (pause) Please don't tell me that you always wanted to dissect dead people.
      Maura Isles: Okay, I won't.

    • Angela Rizzoli: I hope Frankie Jr.'s okay down there.
      Jane Rizzoli: Hoyt's not after Frankie, ma.
      Angela Rizzoli: Your father's out there, also.
      Jane Rizzoli: Oh, my God, did you bring the dog, too?
      Angela Rizzoli: Why would I bring the dog?

    • Angela Rizzoli: (to Jane)That lipstick doesn't flatter you. It's too pink, babe.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Starý známý (Old Acquaintance)

    • Rizzoli & Isles is based on Tess Gerritsen's book series. The first novel in the series is called The Surgeon. The opening scene of the book states the date is July 12. This is the same date as the original air date, July 12, 2010, of the first episode of the television series.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Turkey - February 15, 2011 on CNBC-e
      Spain - April 27, 2011 on Calle 13 Universal
      United Kingdom - September 13, 2011 on Alibi
      Germany - March 14, 2012 on Vox
      Czech Republic - September 6, 2012 on Prima family
      Finland - October 22, 2012 on MTV3