Rizzoli & Isles

Season 3 Episode 3

This Is How a Heart Breaks

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 2012 on TNT



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    • Jane Rizzoli: Why would you tell my mother about Casey?
      Maura Isles: Sorry. Jane, look! (gives her a paper)
      Jane Rizzoli: Oh, okay. No problem. Not mad. Why don't you tell her I got a vibrator, too? Frankie wrote you up for vandalism? Maura, you were tagging?
      Maura Isles: I was with Dennis.
      Jane Rizzoli: Never date a zombie. They have no respect for the law.
      Maura Isles: Jane, I have a confession. I liked it. I liked it. I liked breaking the law. It made me feel like who I used to be... someone who took chances.
      Jane Rizzoli: Someone who commits felonies and can't keep her mouth shut. That's great.

    • Jane Rizzoli: What did you see?
      Sour Grapes: He killed Justin.
      Jane Rizzoli: Who?
      Sour Grapes: Pope John Paul. Think it's the second one.
      Jane Rizzoli: (to Rondo) You understand that "C.I." does not mean "crazy individual"? It stands for "confidential informant," which means he provides information to solve a homicide.

    • Maura Isles: (about the paintings on the wall) Wow. What a powerful piece of street art.
      Jane Rizzoli: What a powerful example of felony vandalism.

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