Road Hammers

Season 2 Episode 5

Finding Mojo

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on CMT - Country Music Television

Episode Recap

The band flies to Shanghai, China for their China tour. Day 1: They first show their sound check. They see a poster promoting "Jason McCoy and the Road Hammers." The other band members talk about the fact that nothing has changed even though its the road hammers not Jason McCoy and the Road Hammers. Jason says the main reason is because he had a solo career before this. They play the show without any problems.

On the third day they go to Suzhou, China. They have a show on an outside stage there. Clayton has fun with the crowd during that show. The Road Hammers do some autograph signing.

On the fifth day they become lost and their tour guide keeps having to ask for directions. They eventually had to get a cab driver to get them there. For the sixth day they were in Hantoag, China. They perform another outside show. They hand out CD's to the crowd.

Corbett doesn't think that the China trip was a good idea. He thinks it was a waste of time. They need to focus on the US market not some tour that had bad timing. They visit the great wall of China. Even while touring Jason keeps in contact with the people in the US.

They head over to Beijing, China. They hope they get good gear compared to what they have been getting for shows. They can't feed off of the crowd for energy. The barrier is there that they can't get past. Jason had to find another amplifier to use as they only were given one amplifier. Jason said that the band was challenged by this tour. The equipment is behind the times. They make what they have work. They show their live performance. They showed the Road Hammers performing "I'm A Road Hammer."

Jason goes to Tiananmen Square by himself thinking he will meet the rest of the band there. Jason is putting the most money into the project. Jason keeps being pushed out of the decision making process. Clayton and Jason tend to both want to be the main leader.
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