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The WB (ended 1997)


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  • Road Rovers is a show about a team of crime fighting canines. When the call goes out, the dogs report to Road Rover Mission Control and are transformed into Cano-Sapiens, which are part dog and part human. Road Rovers is a show with action, comedy, and th

    As a Warner Bros. cartoon, Road Rovers has all the same comedy and wit as their other shows, such as Animainiacs, Histeria, and Freakazoid. The rovers team consists of dogs from all over the world. Hunter is a mutt from America who is the leader of the team with super speed. Colleen the collie is from London, and rather than have a super power, she is a mistress in martial arts. Exile is a sled husky from Siberia. His powers include freeze vision, laser vision, and night vision. Blitz is the egotistic doberman from Germany with super powerful jaws and claws. Shag is the cowardly sheepdog from Switzerland with super strength. Muzzle is the last “member” of the team. Although he never is transformed into a Cano-Sapien, he is quite vital to the team. He is always restrained in a straight jacket on a dolly due to him being… well crazy. When the team needs a lot of damage done to something, they release Muzzle! All of the rovers are very different from each other, and one of the great parts of the show is seeing these dogs from all parts of the world working together to save it. The show only ran one season with 13 episodes. The WB was planing to air new episodes, but didn’t (even though the ratings for the show were great). Still, even with the short run, Road Rovers is a great cartoon.
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