Road Rovers - Season 2

The WB (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • A Day in the Life
    Episode 4
    Ever wondered how the Rovers manage their lives? The Road Rovers go out on a normal day of missions. It is discovered that Hunter carries with him a photo of a beautiful female dog, whom the Rovers assume to be his girlfriend. Who is she?
  • 2/15/97
    The Rovers' owners - the world leaders - are brainwashed into warring with one another because of an extra-terrestrial force! It is up to the Road Rovers to save them, and the whole world from nuclear war!
  • 2/8/97
    A deep declining decrease in the world currency/gold market sends the Rovers out on a mission to recover the gold in South America. They meet a young boy who happens to be blind. His dog has been stolen by mutant pirhana fish. Will they save him?
  • Reigning Cats and Dogs (a.k.a. Curiosity Killed the Cat)
    After discovering an amazing tool, Parvo goes back in time in the form of a cat! He becomes the pet of Professor William Shepherd, who is just perfecting his Trans-Dogmifier. Parvo plans to derail Shepard's ideas, thus ruining the future of Road Rovers! Parvo's past is revealed as the Rovers hunt him down.moreless