Road Rules

Season 8 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Oct 04, 1999 on MTV - Music Television
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So maybe they'll pass on the matching "friends forever" necklaces, but the constantly quibbling duo of Veronica and Ayanna are taking baby steps in the right direction. As the ship begins her voyage homeward this week, the girls finally call a truce and pledge to make a fresh start. This clean slate delights the rest of the gang, who long ago tired of the daily dose of squabbles and negativity. And the timing couldn't be better! As the Rulers discover in their clue, teamwork will decide the success or failure of their next mission. Weeks without a paycheck have left the cash-strapped Roadies making collect calls to Daddy Warbucks. But this challenge could significantly deepen those threadbare pockets. If the kids can efficiently work together, they can make a substantial amount of money running their own shipboard beauty parlor. Lured by promises of free haircuts, manicures and dye jobs, a large crowd of equally-broke students begin to clutter the hallways. The day is long, but there is a well-oiled mechanism of cooperation in this makeshift salon, and our novice stylists snip, primp and color their way to the bank. With the final client's shaved head sporting a stenciled Road Rules logo, courtesy of Yes' artistic prowess, the mayor pays the exuberant Roadsters for their skillful services. With smiles as wide as their billfolds, the joyful bunch return to the cabin. Unfortunately, the tranquil seas once again encounter some choppy swells. Stomping through various rooms, a fuming Ayanna plucks Veronica from a cabin and leads her into a packed hallway. Holding up Veronica's term paper, Ayanna angrily accuses Veronica of plagiarizing her words. Wide-eyed Veronica vehemently denies the allegation, embarrassed by the scene this confrontation has caused. With a disbelieving stare, Ayanna orders Veronica to immediately bring the paper to the dean for his opinion. Veronica flatly refuses, and a raging Ayanna snatches the evidence and slides it under the dean's door. Back in the Road Rules' cabin, the air is heavy with unspoken tension. So much so, that Ayanna desperately calls upon a friend to calm her down. Ronna, a sensible shipboard pal, encourages Ayanna to settle herself and let the dean be the judge. Taking her words to heart, Ayanna takes a deep breath and agrees to wait for an arbitration. The following morning, Ayanna and Veronica meet with Les McCabe, the dean who will determine the verdict. He agrees that the two papers are strikingly similar, but decides that the girls should finish them on their own and turn them in. Upset but courteous, a gracious Ayanna accepts his ruling and resolves to tolerate Veronica through the final trek of the trip. But we're not in calm waters just yet. Pua is also facing a serious predicament with Veronica. After realizing that her favorite shirt was lost, Pua discovers it hidden in Veronica's closet. This gross betrayal inflicts a sharp blow to Pua's sense of trust in her cast mate. Confused about how she should handle the situation, Pua eventually decides to wear the shirt in a public arena where Veronica will see it. Entering into the cramped pub, a flabbergasted Veronica spies Pua sporting the presumed-lost halter top. Before their eyes can meet, Veronica nervously rushes out of the room, hoping that Pua has not yet spotted her. But her actions prove futile as a despondant Pua later requests a word with her fair-weather friend. Will Pua actually speak her mind? Can Veronica talk her way out of this mess? How do the Roadies carry on from here? All will be revealed on the next Road Rules. from BMP.commoreless

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