Road Rules

Season 6 Episode 12

Australian Rules Romance

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 31, 1998 on MTV - Music Television
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Australian Rules Romance
Susie and Piggy vie for the attention of Shane, their "babe-licious" coach. The competition for the big game turns out to be the Road Rules All-Stars: Chris, Belou, Emily, Oscar, Dan, and Roni. Football in Australia. Relentless, violent, and the current mission for Road Rules Six. Under a scorching sun, the two teams collide. But before we dive into game specifics, let's go over the fundamental rules of the game: when running with the ball, the player must touch it to the ground every ten meters. If you catch the ball, you can stop and take a free kick or run with it. Most importantly, though, when you kick it between the two big sticks, it's six points. Got it? Okay, let's get back to the game... Running, passing, and kicking, both teams are eager to claim the championship trophies. Kefla tackles Dan fiercely while Coach Shane shouts from the sideline. Though vociferous with the others, Shane quiets down when fine-tuning Susie's game. She comments, "Take one look into those baby blues, and I'm lost." Chad scores a goal, igniting the spirits of Road Rules Six. The first quarter ends with the All-Stars down two goals. When the game resumes, Roni goes down, giving her a chance at a free kick. The opposition, utilizing mother nature's gifts, promptly moons her. The distraction works as Roni boots the ball into Shayne's bare bum who remarks "The fierce determination of the women has really surprised me." Serving as an example to his observation, Piggy smashes into Emily, sending her face-first into the grass. The school boys that have gathered to watch the match go wild when Susie high-fives them. She thinks their smothering attention is "very scary, but I appreciate the support." His boxers creeping more and more out of his shorts, Dan begins to take control of the game, deftly kicking the ball through the sticks. The game is now tied. Everyone raises their energy level one notch as time ticks down. During a team huddle, Coach Shane states bluntly, "If we play bad now, we're going to regret it for the rest of our lives. Ten minutes of hard work. That's all it is." Unfortunately for them, the All-Stars are equally pumped at the opportunity to win the match, and exit the field as champions. Chris gets hit hard and holds his wrist. Christina observes, "I know he was holding back his pain... It looked like he was about to cry, but he shook it off." Two minutes to go. Kefla has possession of the ball, but a muffed kick sends it into the arms of Dan, who promptly charges past the others and kicks the winning goal. The game is over. Final score: All Stars - 6, Road Rules Six - 5. Dan is named the MVP. Coach Shane thanks both teams for the tremendous effort. Then it gets a bit more personal -- he slips his number to Susie. Piggy is visibly upset, or should I say jealous? Susie comments, "I got the gold. That's all I have to say about that." The sun sets and that means time for the celebration. Kefla cooks dinner while the others unwind. Oscar explains to Piggy how close he has become with his fellow cast members, but Piggy can't relate. She doesn't share the same feelings with her group. "I just can't see myself calling Kefla up for a chat." At the doctor's, Chris discovers the extent of his wrist injury: multiple fractures. A cast is applied that must stay on for four weeks. Kefla rings the dinner bell, and Oscar says a prayer of thanks. Chris makes a toast, "You're all good people, and you deserve everything that you'll get." The collective Road Rulers chow down, as Kefla eyes Roni. "Roni's a very cool person. She's smart... funny, very attractive. She's the kind of girl that I would try and go after." Later on, music blares and bodies gyrate. Bedtime arrives and Oscar snuggles into bed with Christina, but she resists... and resists... and resists. She tells him, "You're a Puerto-Rican fire cracker." The next morning, the two teams say goodbye. Christina comments, "I really liked having the All-Stars come and visit. We really needed them because they have sort of shaken us up a bit." Kefla hugs Roni farewell with a feeling that they'll "hook-up" in the future. The All-Stars' bus pulls away... Activities having quieted down, Piggy tries to convince Susie to give Shane a call. It doesn't take much effort, considering Susie considers him "the total package. He's talented. He's athletic. He's got personality. He's got money." It's settled. She'll call him. After a quick rehearsal with Piggy, she dials the number to his house. She leaves a message on the answering machine, but mistakenly leaves him the fax number. Thoroughly embarrassed, Susie's forced to call back. You've gotta work at love. Coach Shane returns the call and sets up a dinner with the whole cast at his house. When they arrive, he gives them the grand tour of his place, which blows Susie away. "Shane is a man, not a boy. What more could I ask for?" Another feast follows. Can this cast gorge or what? Susie remarks to Shane that she loves the tub in the bathroom, to which he replies, "Do you want me to run you a bath?" She answers, "Would you?" Hang on a sec... should kids be watching this? Then it's off to a club for a little late night dancing. Susie asks, "Remember when Marsha was star-struck by Davy Jones on the Brady Bunch? That's the way it is. He's just everything…" Together, they groove to some tunes. "If I had more time to spend with him, I would re-evaluate my whole value system and just go for it." Shane drives them home, Susie stays behind in the car. "We started kissing and everything that goes along with it. It didn't last that long, but it will last forever in my mind." from MTV.commoreless

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