Road Rules

Season 12 Episode 17

Fire Walk

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Sep 08, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Fire Walk
Tina is running her loud mouth off about her dislike of Mary Beth again. Tina admits that she personally is self-conscious, but adds that she doesn't try and be fake or something she's not, implying that's what Mary Beth does. Dave is finally wising up to the fact that Tina is trying to make Mary Beth jealous. Tina suggested the two shower, but he knows this would "cause too many damn problems" in his life. Not backing down, Tina continues to make overt passes at Dave back in the RV. Mary Beth is not fazed by Tina's actions and says she is childish and immature and she's not fooled by her games. Tina and Mary Beth rehash the fated dinners with the ever-popular Octave and they begin to fight. The claws start to come out and Mary Beth cuts Tina off and tells her she doesn't care what she thinks. Mary Beth is confused because she says she hasn't done anything to personally offend Tina. Always the peacemaker, Christina recommends that Tina to give it time and then she might feel differently about her. Ironically, their next mission relies heavily on trusting one another. Each Roadie is randomly paired up with a partner: Dave with Christina, Chris with Jeremy and Tina with Mary Beth. Ah, the two people who trust each other the least have to work together. It's kinda like "ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife." Both girls are very nervous about working with each other knowing their history, but they know a successful completion of the mission depends on it. Jeremy, Mary Beth and Dave are chosen as the instructors and must learn about old Polynesian rituals based on trust while the others wait and wonder about the mission. These rituals include "the challenge of steel" and the "challenge of the invisible wall." Once they have conquered these two tasks, the will learn how to do a fire walk. The "challenge of steel" involves bending a steel rod with their throat. Mary Beth goes first and while she's a bit nervous, she is able to bend the steel rod with the instructor and she is blown away by their amazing feat. The "invisible wall" involves discussing the fatal flaws or weaknesses of their teammates. Once they establish these flaws, they devise a way to make sure they help and support Christina, Tina and Chris to get past those weaknesses so they can complete this challenge. They all agree that Tina will have the most trouble and Mary Beth says that it will be important for her to get Tina to display faith in her. The instructor trio returns and tells the others that they all have to walk across fire. Mary Beth is being very positive and encouraging all of her teammates. They now must teach the Roadies the same exercises they just learned. Christina, Chris and Tina are a little wary of the steel rod exercise, but they complete it and are shocked by how they feel after completing something like that. Mary Beth, Dave and Christina tell their teammates to look within themselves to find their biggest fears. Christina talks about her strong, can-do-anything façade and feels like she always has to live up to it. She says she has a hard time being vulnerable with anyone. Chris has a fear of not being accepted, even though he's changed his life. He's afraid that people will see him as the person he once was, not for the way he has changed his life. Tina admits to a fear of rejection and with that statement she feels relieved that she has let her wall down for the first time in 21 years. Now that the Roadies have discussed their fears, the must face the fire. They all can feel the heat coming off the coals and the Roadies are nervous. Tina is the first to go and she says that Mary Beth has proven that she can trust her. After walking over the coals, she squeals and gives Mary Beth a big hug. Christina and Chris also complete the walk of fire, but the mission is not over yet. The instructors must now complete the task as well. Looking a little uneasy, due to this late-breaking news, the instructors prepare complete the fire walk as well. Tina provides the same support she received when Mary Beth walks the coals and she, along with the rest of the instructors, successfully walk across the hot coals. Mary Beth is amazed at how close she and Tina have become just in the last few hours. Tina realizes she needs to get to know Mary Beth better and maybe she'll find that they aren't so different and that's why they've butted heads. So Tina makes a formal apology to Mary Beth and tells her that she thinks she's a "cool chick." Mary Beth accepts and they both will go into the final mission as friends. from MTV.commoreless

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