Road Rules

Season 4 Episode 11

Love Is in the Airwaves

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Sep 15, 1997 on MTV - Music Television
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Love Is in the Airwaves
Oscar breaks two toes in a tarzan escapade aboard the Lady Jane. He bravely hobbles through a traditional Creole Wedding that the Road Rules Gang planned and then, donning his Puerto Rican T-Shirt, hoofs it to the top of... A VOLCANO! It's one of those moments where you contemplate the meaning of life. The wind whips through your hair as you stand with your cast-mates at the edge of the volcano, looking down into the crater. Yes, we have to hike down inside now. Yes, we could die here. It's an ominous moment. Jake is really nervous: "I've got fifty pounds on my back and Oscar has two broken toes!" Erika instructs everyone to move an inch a minute. Vince leads the way and is quickly shimmying down the life-rope, calling up to the others a play-by-play of what to watch out for. Suddenly, he slips into a vertical ditch, nearly loosing hold of the life rope. He's quickly out of the hole and back on track, but this gets everyone's blood racing. Now it's hand-over-hand, foot-behind-foot as the cast slowly work their way down the treacherous slope. Don't look down... Vince reaches the volcano floor first, calling out "I'm down!" Soon, everyone has joined him and all are thrilled to be alive. Now it's a hike across the parched land to look for a flat spot to pitch the tents. Of course, all are trying to stay calm - remember, the volcano could blow again at any moment! And what's that over there? Those steaming, bubbling, gray areas on the side of the hill? It's a section of the volcano that's still simmering - like an open wound on your elbow that's still damp with blood. Flat land found, the tents are pitched without too much difficulty, and everyone decides it's time for bed - even though it's still light out. The evening wind nearly rips the tent stakes out of the earth. The Road Rulers can only cross their fingers and try to sleep. Next morning, everyone wakes to find the tents are in the middle of a small lake! Seems it rained in the middle of the night. Everyone is soaking and cranky. Let's get out of here! They hike back up the mountainside and out of the volcano. They are greeted by Clint, the trail guide. He hands off another clue: you will host a love-chat radio program on the island of Grenada. Kewl! Erika is not sure she is an appropriate candidate for the mission; after all, she hasn't had sex in eight weeks! That night on their yacht, the Lady Jane, Kalle and Jake cuddle in their private suite. Jake proclaims his love for Kalle and reminds her that if nothing changes, he can imagine spending the rest of his life with her. Kalle tries to wriggle out of Jake's arms, complaining "it's hot in here." Isn't it romantic... The next day, Vince takes the wheel as the cast sails for Grenada. During a private chat, Vince asks Kalle if she thinks she'll stay with Jake after the show. Kalle confesses that she is unsure. Vince continues, asking Kalle, "if you had met Jake in New York and not on this trip, would you have gotten together?" Kalle quickly responds, "no, I wouldn't have liked him at all!" Up in the bow of the boat, Jake lowers his head. Vince docks the boat and the kids motor on over to GBC Radio Station, where they meet the manager, TROY. He explains, "you will produce and present a radio program." But first you need publicity, of course. The kids quickly whip up some flyers and hit the streets to get the word out. It's show time! The kids file into the sound proof booth and take their seats at the round table - everyone has their own mic. Troy reminds everyone, NO OBSCENITY. Oscar says he wants it to be real, with comments such as "I like to have sex on the bottom while I'm really high." Okay... Suddenly, the ON AIR box lights up and the kids are live across the country. It's introductions all around and then the calls start pouring in. But there's a problem. All of the callers have thick accents. They are speaking English, but as Vince points out, "it's like we have to know Russian to do this show." The kids are left with no choice but to make light of the situation, joking about all the confusion. A female caller condemns the program, explaining "you are insulting the people of Grenada and you should finish with your filth and leave!" Making friends around the world... Troy quickly bursts into the room to remind the cast they must be sensitive to cultural differences... to say the least! Next caller. Hey, it's Adam Corola and Dr. Drew from the MTV show LOVELINE. The pros turn the tables and start to ask the Road Rulers some questions. Is anyone hooking up on the show, Drew wants to know. Jake and Kalle confess and Drew quickly tells them to kool it. He explains that intimacy during a journey like this can only lead to confusion and, eventually, disappointment. Adam jokingly reminds them, "you never have sex with someone you'll see the next day." Next caller. Dad, is that you? It's Ed, Jake's pop! And he's got a clue: come home to Philly! Jake is thrilled at the turn of events. Hey Kalle, are you ready to meet Mom and Dad? Kalle gulps. from MTV.commoreless

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