Road Rules

Season 12 Episode 14

Put the Skills to the Test

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 18, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Put the Skills to the Test
The Roadies arrive on the breathtaking island of Tahiti. Tina continues her full court press on Dave, saying she's only doing it to mess with him and make Mary Beth jealous. It's clear by the look on Mary Beth's face that it's working. It's clear by the look on Dave's face that he likes the attention. Once they learn their mission involves using the six skills there were told to master a few weeks ago, most of the Roadies start to cram. But while Mary Beth works on lock-picking, Donell snacks on Doritos and Tina complains about having to learn four languages. Dave is frustrated with Donell who says he wants to switch his "skill" to pie-eating. Not able to keep his attention for long, Dave is unable to help Donell with his logic puzzles. Tina decides she needs a tutor and a free meal to help her learn French so she hooks up with Octave who owns a restaurant near where the group has been staying and they have dinner. She insists that she is on the date purely to learn French. The next night, Octave suggests they all go out dancing. Tina may not want to get in Dave's pants, but she does want to get in Mary Beth's head and enjoys dancing close with Dave. He eats it up. Chris enlightens him later and warns him of the perils of two women vying for his attention. Meanwhile, Mary Beth decides to do a little dancing with Octave to make Tina jealous. It's, like, sooo seventh grade. Octave slithers over to Mary Beth and asks her to dinner. Never one to turn down a free meal, Mary Beth agrees. Perhaps a tad bit jealous, (God knows why! Octave is no Russell Crowe look-alike) Tina says Mary Beth is sleazy for going out on a date with Octave just so she can get some grub. Thinking about writing a book called "The Girls Guide to Anti-Date Attire", Mary Beth shows up in a graphic tee to drive the point home that she's only there for the free food, lest Octave get any ideas. Ah, but Octave has a couple of ideas. Clearly not aware of the significance of a girl wearing a t-shirt on a date, Octave gives Mary Beth a necklace and puts his hand on her butt while they dance. Junior High stuff aside, it's mission time and the mayors inform them they have two and a half hours to use their skills to execute the mission and win their tattoo. Using a map and compass Dave navigates the crew to the highest point on the island that a paved road can go. Next, Tina must decipher a clue which is in four different languages. She fails and eventually Dave has to help her with the clue. Christena is up next and must interpret the Morse Code to determine which direction they must go. Hanging a left, Donell now must figure out a "word family." He doesn't study the puzzle for long and the Roadies are worried he chose the wrong answer. They run up a big hill only to find out that he did choose the wrong answer, which made them lose valuable time. With 13 minutes to spare, Mary Beth is unable to pick a lock and the team loses their third mission. They all agree that it was Donell who caused them to lose the mission. Chris suggests that they decide who they are going to vote off on their own, rather than separating into groups and talking behind everyone's backs. Further expanding their rift, Tina tells Mary Beth that she is thinking about voting her off. Meanwhile, a lot of the team seems to agree that Tina would be going home if she wasn't exempt. When they return to the RV, Chris gets the voting started by choosing Donell and the rest of the Roadies follow. Donell, who's been known to shed a tear or two, takes his dismissal really well and says he is happy with what he accomplished. Christena calls him "ill mannered, ill-tempered, vulgar and downright crude" but says that they all love him. Proud that he did things people didn't think he was capable of doing, with only a week or so left on the trip, he says the new guy doesn't deserve his prize. Rather than going home in a brand new car, D is leaving with a renewed sense of confidence and a bunch of new friends. There's a lesson there somewhere... from MTV.commoreless

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