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Road Rules

Wednesday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jul 19, 1995 Between Seasons


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  • Welcome back!

    Road Rules, along with The Real World, is one of the two original reality shows. Now, in its 14th season, Road Rules has a new format that will allow viewers to participate and they will have a say as to who stays and who goes.

    For the first twelve seasons, Road Rules was at its best. The concept is simple. Rather than have 7 strangers live in a house and work together, Road Rules puts 6 strangers into an RV (or a boat in the case of the Semester at Sea season) to travel together. Over the course of the journey, they'll have an opportunity to make some cash in order to survive the trip.

    Then, in its 13th season, Road Rules decided to become a Survivor-style elimination show where the cast members were forced to boot someone from the RV if they did not successfully complete two challenges in a row.

    In any event, I will always remember Road Rules for its originality.
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