Road Rules - Season 1

Wednesday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jul 19, 1995 Between Seasons


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  • Tit and Tat
    Tit and Tat
    Episode 15
    The next morning they packed up and head out back on the trail. And they continued to fight and get lost. When they eventually found a river on the map, they started to feel better and stopped fighting. When they finally made it back to the Winnie, they found a trophy that told them that they were to go to a spa in California. On they way to the Spa, the group started remembering all the fun that they had had on the adventure. When they made it to the Spa they received a mud bath, use of a Jacuzzi and a massage, but it did not take long for Kit and Mark to start massaging each other. Just when Kit and Mark started walking down the hall they dropped their towels to flash the camera.. After they got done with the Spa they went to a Chinese restaurant where they had dinner and after dinner they was given fortune cookies with clue in them telling them that they need to go Santa Barbara for their next clue. On the way to Santa Barbara they decided to stop in San Francisco to get tattoos for Shelly and Allison. So Allison ended up get a kermit the frog with a stethoscope on her upper hip, and Shelly got her name on her lower back. After they got to Santa Barbara they found another clue telling them to go back where they started. So they headed back to Malibu, and when they got back they started to run up the hill. When they got to the top they found a box and all of their families waiting for them. After saying Hi to everyone they opened the box and found their reward: a trip for two to Europe.moreless
  • Skydiving in Antacid
    The next clue told them that they would be skydiving. And when they got to the field they were told that they would be doubling up with an instructor. When Allison put on her harness she place kermit in the frount where it looks like he was free falling. When Mark jumped out of the plane his primary and reserve chute did not open up, the only thing that saved him was a CO2 canister that exploded at a certain altitude and released the chute. Once Mark relized what happened he was very scared. After each one jumped a little parachute droped with their next clue: telling them that they had a job at a motel in Utah. When they got to the motel they found out that they had to paint a big dinosaur pink, half way through the paint job, Mark and Kit get the idea of painting the T-rex next sores, toenails pink. So when the finished thier job they got paid, and on the crane was a stuff dinosaur with a note in it telling them that there were to meet the B.O.S.S. The closer that they got to the place they relized that B.O.S.S. stood for a survial course. When they got to the B.O.S.S. they was told that they was to be dropped off in the middle of the desert to fend for themselves for two days, and they were only going to be able to take just a little bit of things with them. So the group went through a training course that taught them how to start fires with sticks, how to read maps and how to pack for their trip. Then they were dropped off in the desert and told where their water drop would be and they were on thier way. The day went with out too much trouble, except for a little fighting. They eventually found their campsite and sat down to eat. It ended up that they ate all the food that they was given for the whole next day.moreless
  • Meeting the Stoned Presidents
  • A Crash Up & Bang Up Time
    On the way to Rockford, the cast decides to stop in Chicago. At night, the cast splits up to do their own thing. Los meets up with a friend of his. Mark and Kit go to a Tequila bar. Alison and Shelley go to the Hard Rock café, where they talk about how much Los is frustrating them. Shelley hates the fact that Los only likes her because of the color of her skin. The next morning, they arrive at the Rockford Speedway where they meet up with David. As usual, Los isn't very enthusiastic about racing. David tells them that they will be part of the demolition derby where the driver wears a paper bag over his head. The cast goes to check out their cars. Mark and Kit decide to ride together, as does Shelley and Alison. They are given spray-paint and they're allowed to decorate their cars. Mark tests out one of the Nascar Cars. The professional drivers get on the track and the cast watches them. Mark gets the privilege of participating in one of the races. Everyone is proud of Mark for having the guts to race. The time arrives for the demolition derby. Shelley and Kit are the ones that are driving, so they are the ones that have to wear the paper bags. The derby begins but Kit and Mark's car never starts. Shelley and Alison's hearse crashes into Kit and Mark's car and that's when it finally breaks down. No one in the cast gets the money. Over the loudspeaker, the cast finds that the next mission will take them to Mitchell, South Dakota, where they will visit the Corn Palace.moreless
  • Sammy and the Roadies
    On the way to the concert Kit, Mark and Shelly played poker and the loser had to moon the nest car that they passed, and Shelly lost so she had to get up in the passenger seat with a towel and drop her pants. When they got to the concert, they found out that they where to set up the concert not play in it. Everyone except Shelly had to manual labor, she got to work in the Productions office. When Mark and Kit were helping to sort T-shirts, Mark stole one, which was stupid because they ended up getting one any ways. During the sound check Allison got to tune Eddie's guitar. When the day was done their reward was to meet Van Halen. They seemed to get along very well with the band and just before the band went on Sammy gave them a tape with a clue on it: Go to Illinois and have a smashing time. So after they got their clue they went to the concert and had a great time.moreless
  • All Right Nothing to See
    When the arrived in Nashville Indiana they found out that they were going to help the cops. Kit and Shelly got to ride with the Sheriff, and got to pull over a family that was driving to fast, and Kit out of the kindness of her heart gave him a warning. Los, Mark, Allison got to work with the Marshall and direct traffic for the annual Easter egg hunt. Later in the day Kit and Shelly got to go on a chase to catch a jeep that ran over a sign, it ended up being a 16 year old and he admitted to doing it so they took him in. After the Easter egg hunt Los gave a ticket out to a van that was parked in the wrong direction. After lunch Los, Mark, and Allison got to set a speed trap, and ended up catching a young girl. and ended up giving her a warning also. When they were heading back to the city hall the owner of the van came to ask them about the ticket that Los had gave him earlier, and in remembering how he felt when he got pulled over in Washington DC he threw out the ticket also. Shelly and Kit was given a tour of the jail and Shelly got booked, after a whilethey leyt her out and when she got her stuff back, there was a tape in her stuff with a clue. It told them that they were to open for Van Halen and Shelly went nuts.moreless
  • Boot and Shoot
    Boot and Shoot
    Episode 9
    The captain takes them inside and Major Bride welcomes them and tells them they will get a small taste of the training by doing physical and mental courses that the marine candidates go through. Shelly doesn't feel like this is for her but she sucks it up for the team. Their first mission is to get explosives over a 9-foot wall and across some water. After unsuccessfully trying to get across Kit falls in the water and professionals show them how to do it. The second mission is to make a little raft and get materials and themselves across the water. The girls are successful but the guys are too heavy for the raft and time runs out before they can get across. The next thing they have to do is get through the obstacle of ropes. Everyone does well except for Shelly who is scared and has problems but she eventually finishes. The cast is hungry but all they get are MRE's, that are Meals Ready to Eat, and they consist of little packages with food and utensils and sauce in it. It's not what they wanted but eat it happily. The last obstacle is the Combat Course, which consists of 20 obstacles and is approximately a mile long. They don't have an easy time since they have to climb walls and go across pits with ropes and go under barb wire. They are freezing when they get into the water and Los is mad that Alison doesn't complete that part. They finally complete the mission and the captain gives them their next clue which consists of them going to West Virginia and going white-water rafting. They arrive at Mountain River Tours and meet up with Michael. They get geared up in wet suits. Michael informs them about what they will be doing that day. The rapids are wild and they aren't working together well so they don't have too much control. Shelly is pissed that Los isn't paddling. He says it's because Shelly is paddling offbeat. The guide tells them to pick up the speed or they would face dangers in the future so Los takes Alison's spot in the front. By the end of the rapids, they're having a great time. They plan to throw Carlos off and they do but then Mark throws them all off. They find a bottle in the water with a message in it and it turns out to be their next clue. It tells them to go to Nashville to meet the evil town Marshall.moreless
  • Making a Clown of Yourself
    The cast arrives in Manhattan and the clue tells them to go to Madison Square Garden. They meet up with Chris the head clown and he tells them they will be clowns for a day in the Barnum and Bailey Circus. They won't be in the actual circus but they will warm up the crowd before the show. They get made up and get into costumes. Los is a chef and Shelly is a fat old lady. The rest of them are regular clowns. Kit shares stories of the trip with the clowns. Everyone practices juggling and balancing on things. Mark is the best out of all of them. They do a meet and greet with the crowd and Kit feels bad when one of the kids cries because he is scared of her. Chris tells them to be there the following morning at 6:30 because they had to try to get on The Today Show. They stay and watch the rest of the circus. Everyone except Los goes to Bourbon Street which is Alison's favorite bar. They stay out really late and Alison really parties since she feels right at home They get up late and are very tired and hung over. They head back to Madison Square Garden for the makeup and outfits. They're not too happy since it's really early. They speed in a cab to the NBC studios since there is only 15 minutes left of The Today Show. They go up to the glass but security makes them back up. Finally, a cameraman comes outside and mission 10 is completed since they get on the air. Mark kisses an old lady that he doesn't know to get some airtime. Kit bumps into Dickie and another lady who are old friends. When they get back to Madison Square Garden, the ringleader gives them their next clue. He tells them they're going to Quantico, Virginia for boot camp. They all go to Alison's house in Long Island. By then, Los is tired of New York and of Alison. Her mom makes a big dinner and Alison complains about the tight living quarters. Her mom is bothered that Alison curses. Los is attracted to Margaret, Alison's sister. Alison's mom shares stories about Alison as a little girl. Her mom thinks that Carlos is a beautiful name and he has ruined it by shortening it. He tells her she ruined it by not saying it in a Spanish accent and gives her attitude. Everyone is happy about the dinner and hospitality. They leave to go to their next destination--Quantico, Virginia. Kit is afraid of driving in Manhattan and gives the wheel up to Mark. Alison asks Los about what happened with her mom. She says that her mom didn't realize that she was offending him but she shouldn't of given her an attitude. She also says that no one in his family has ever said Carlos with a Spanish accent. Los says she was making a crack at him and was just trying to be funny. They arrive at Quantico at the Officer's Training School for the Marine Corps. At the entrance, Shelley is asked for identification but she left everything in New York. They meet up with Captain Dutch Weitcher who tells them they have a lot in store for them and they will enjoy the day.moreless
  • Baldy and Fish
    Baldy and Fish
    Episode 7
    Kit's boyfriend says that he can not trust her anymore after that kiss in New Orleans, and she says that he is a jerk. Once everyone gets back to Kit's house they went out to a club. The next day Mark's girlfriend and some of his friends come up from Gainesville. Their next clue tells them that they need to find Old Baldy. So when the group finally figures out that Old Baldy is a lighthouse on an island, they take a fairy over to it and find a tape with a clue telling them that there next mission is to work at a fish plant and to also work on a fishing boat. So when they arrived at the fish plant, Los and Kit was the lucky ones to go out on the boat, so they had to meet them at 5:00 am. Once the boat gets out in open water Los starts to get really seasick. At 8am everyone else gets up and reports to the fish plant where they are put to work sorting fish and weighing them, they seem to be having more fun than Los and Kit are. Finally Kit and Los get back in and they are given their pay, and also a fish with there next clue in its mouth, telling them that they are to go to New York City. One the way to New York they stopped in Washington DC so that Los could show Shelly all around DC, but on the way back to the Winnie they got pulled over and Los feels that he was treated wrong.moreless
  • Nudes and Nails
    Nudes and Nails
    Episode 6
    On the way to Pace, Mark calls the place and realizes that they are going to a nudist colony. Once the group got to the nudist colony they started to make fun of all the people in the colony. After being shown around they were told that that to get their next clue they would have to get in the pool naked, Shelly and Los said that there was no way that they would get in the pool. So it was up to Kit, Allison and Mark. Finally after dark they got up the nerve to get in and they got their next clue telling them that their next mission was to help Habitat for Humanity in Georgia. So they headed to Americus Georgia. At seven in the morning two girls woke up the group and they started to work. While the group was lunch the workers decided to start plating games and the cast seemed upset that they had so much energy. After dinner everyone including the cast joined for a talking session about what went on, then they a worship service, and that was when Allison got upset and left. The next morning everyone gets up and goes back to work again. At the end of the day the cast was given a plaque, and on the back of the plaque was a clue that told them to go to Atlanta. So they were off to Atlanta. When they got there their first stop was at Kit's house where everyone meet her parents and her boyfriend, then everyone except Kit went to Los' house and meet his family.moreless
  • Sleeping on Buddy
    Sleeping on Buddy
    Episode 5
    The gang searches for a dead jazz player, and have to spend the night in a creepy cemetary in the pitch black of night.
  • Alligator Ice Cream
  • Home on Oklahoma
    Home on Oklahoma
    Episode 3
    The strife between Los and Shelly was all about a kiss that Los gave Shelly and she did not like. And Los even makes things worse when he expects the girls to get beers for him because they are girls. And Allison remarks that Los is the only guy that she knows that get PMS. On the way to Oklahoma City Shelly and Allison talk to each other about the fact that they have to talk to Los. At Amarillo they stopped and played in a pool and got a free Breakfast. Then it was back on to the road to Oklahoma. When they had arrived at Shelly's house Shelly was very excited to see her Mom. Later that day Shelly showed everyone he Indian dress, and showed a video of her at a tribal dance. That night when Shelly and her Mom was outside talking, Mark and Kit were being rude and raiding the refrigerator. The next morning they received a package that contained their next clue in form of a puzzle. When they solved the puzzle, they found out that they were to go and work on a farm to earn some money. So they said good bye to Shelly's Mom and took off to their next mission. On the trip the group continued to fight with Los. At one point they decided that someone else would carry the money instead of Los, and Los gets upset at demands that he gets to keep his money. the next morning the group stops in Shreveport and spends all but one dollar of their money. When they arrive at the farm it turns out to be a alligator farm.moreless
  • Going to the Dogs
    Going to the Dogs
    Episode 2
    The first five of road rules find out they are going dog sledding in Colorado, and get a clue to head to Louisiana after the snowy trip to work for some money that is badly needed.
  • Sailing With No Water
    The cast meets up on a hill in Malibu, CA where a suitcase is dropped by a helicopter. A tape and tape player are in the suitcase and 5 plastic bags. Mark, Shelley, Alison, Kit and Carlos are instructed to put all of their cash and credit cards in the plastic bags and follow the dirt road to their Winnebago. The cast gets their first clue and says to drive to Ivan Powah Lake in Nevada and get one sail before the big race. They get lost and then arrive in Ivan Powah, their mission is to landsail on a dried lake, the first 2 winners of the race receives a hotel room in Excalibur in Las Vegas. Mark comes in first and Carlos comes in second. In Las Vegas they receive a clue that says to meet the youngest mayor in America in Nogales Arizona. Once arriving in Nogales, they are instructed to participate in a Pentathlon which they are all nervous about.moreless
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