Road Rules

Season 12 Episode 13

Sensory Race

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 11, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Sensory Race
Donell and Tina find out they have a lot in common as they get to know each other. D confides in T, telling her that he thinks Mary Beth is as phony as her fake… well, you get the idea. Even though she's only been there a few days, Tina takes Donell's words as the gospel and she says she does not trust or want to get to know Mary Beth. Perhaps Donell is still a little peeved by the fact that Mary Beth wanted to vote him off the island. While hanging out at their campsite, Tina announces she is sexually frustrated. Chris is practically blushing due to her straight forward chit-chat. Tina embarrasses him further by trying to figure out how many girls he has slept with. Chris explains that he looks at women differently now that he's "given his life to God." Tina is aptly described by Christena as loud like Cara, yet more ghetto. Chris just wants her to "kick it down a couple notches." Not quite finished messing with her new teammates, Tina decides to "F" with Mary Beth, so she flirts with Dave by saying she'd hump him. Mary Beth coolly ignores the entire exchange and calls Tina's overtures pathetic. The Roadies are surprised to learn that they don't get a rest day and must go straight to their next mission. They worry that they will be too tired to do well, but they hope they can step it up. The mayors inform the Roadies that they have one hour to complete a three mile race. Easy enough, right? Of course, it's not that simple even though the Roadies pretend like they think that's all there is to the mission. Here's the real deal: four of the Roadies will lose their ability to see during the race and two will lose the ability to speak or hear, making this event less about stamina and more about communication. The teammates must make their way through an obstacle course that contains barbed wire, barrels of hay, rough terrain and water. They are forbidden from intentionally physically touching each other to guide in the right direction. After Donell freaks out at the possibility of wearing a blindfold, it is decided that he and Mary Beth will lose their speech and hearing, the rest losing their sight. Mary Beth assists in developing a highly complex code of claps (i.e. one clap mean walk right, etc.) that they will use to instruct their teammates which direction to go in. It's quite a comedy of errors as the Roadies attempt to navigate the obstacle course. During the first half of the mission, Tina screams and yells and complains which makes the difficult task worse. During their halfway-point break, Chris tells Tina pipe down cuz her hollerin' is making it hard for the others to concentrate. They all reiterate the importance of teamwork, but Donell decides to take the break as an opportunity to curse out Mary Beth for not listening to him during the beginning of the race. Way to boost team morale, D. The Roadies now have 20 minutes left to cover similar ground they just covered in 40 minutes and Tina is determined to prove that she can stick it out. Knowing that time was quickly running out, they finish the mission but they think they have lost. Tears are shed and the threat of another elimination looms overhead. The mayors finally let them off the hook and inform them that completed the mission with 1:21 to spare and they all celebrate. Chris is impressed with the way Tina took his constructive criticism and did well the second half of the race. Tina tells Chris she appreciates that he was straight-forward with her. In the RV, they get a message that they are headed to Tahiti. Tough Tina gets a tad emotional because she hasn't ever had the means to go on a big vacation like this. Donell and Tina proclaim that they are the luckiest girls in the world and they skip off into the sunset. from MTV.commoreless

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