Road Rules

Season 4 Episode 10

Three Legs, Two Broken Toes and One Lava Pit

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Sep 08, 1997 on MTV - Music Television
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Three Legs, Two Broken Toes and One Lava Pit
The Rulers get their next clue while lounging in the galley of the Lady Jane: sail to St. Lucia and help plan a wedding. Cutting through deep ocean waters, the boat and it's unprepared crew face a violent storm complete with tidal wave. It's Tarzan time as Vince takes the rope from the mast of the sailboat and uses it as a swinging vine - he flies out over the side of the boat and drops into the water. PLOP, splash, kewl! Now Kalle gives it a try, and as usual screams her head off, legs flailing in every direction. PLOP, splash, kewl! Hey, that looks fun. Next up, Oscar. He takes the rope and leaps off the side of the boat, screaming "Puerto Ricoooooo...." CRASH! Oscar you have to let go of the rope! But he didn't! Instead of dropping into the drink, he smashed into the side of the boat. He crumples to the deck in pain. Christian's first mate, SONJA, bandages up his toes. She jokes, "you'll have to get those amputated." Oscar's mouth falls open - he believed her for a second. The boat docks in St. Lucia and the Road Rulers stroll over to a restaurant to meet the happy couple, ZAINE and CINDY. All enjoy a lovely dinner as the soon-to-be-married pair explain the next mission is "plan our wedding." And since we're in St. Lucia, we want a traditional Creole wedding. Cindy reminds the kids that if they pull off the wedding in style, they will be rewarded with an all-expense-paid luxury suite in St. Lucia's most fabulous resort. Now, that's motivation! One catch. The wedding must take place in 48 hours. Get busy. Erika immediately channels CoCo Chanel, explaining "Cindy, I see you wearing something very simple, something body-hugging." We know lot's of simple guys who'd love to hug her body... The next day, Oscar limps into a doctor's office for some x-rays. Hey, he really does have two broken toes! The doc recommends Oscar get a cast - a cast that should remain on his foot for ten weeks. Oscar declines, reminding the doc, "I'm on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I just can't have a cast - it could slow me down." Is that dedication or silliness? Jake let's his fingers do the walking (not through Kalle's hair), and locates BRIDAL PARADISE in the yellow pages. Everyone motors on over to the little local shack, where the proprietress explains that she can pull the whole wedding together for an excellent price. "You just supply the bride and groom." So far, so smooth... Now it's location scouting as Kalle leads the way to a dilapidated barn that was recommended by Bridal Paradise as the perfect spot to hold the ceremony. What a dump! All agree, Zaine and Cindy deserve better. The kids roll on to PIGEON ISLAND, a local park with expanses of green lawn spreading over a hillside plateau that overlooks the sparkling blue ocean. All agree, this is too good for Zaine and Cindy. Psyche! Everyone agrees, we'll hold the wedding right on this very spot. Next day, it's all about setting up the tent and blowing up the balloons. The band arrives and everyone freezes; they are a local Creole band, but these five men look like they will drop dead any second - we're talking prehistoric! Hang in there, guys... Let the games begin! Vince escorts Cindy up the aisle and hands her off to Zaine. Take her, she's yours. The deed is done and there's no going back. She looks so beautiful, tissues please... Now it's time to receive a little reception. The band plays on, the champagne is uncorked, and the dancing begins. Zaine and Cindy gather their happy helpers together and explain, you did a great job so here's your reward! They hand over the keys to the private suite and the kids bail with anticipation. You've never seen such mega-deluxe madness! This isn't a suite, it's a mansion! With our own pool. Vince marks his territory by jumping into the water fully clothed. Everyone cannon-balls into the pool, screaming with pleasure. Now what's this? Everyone is peeling off their clothes! Everyone is naked in the pool! Jake proves he is inhibition-free by crawling out of the pool and showing off his equipment. Vince comments, "Jake, you were blessed at birth!" Nine out of ten women agree... A knock on the front door, and a butler delivers the next clue: a huge, flaming volcano cake. Vince fishes a note out of the frosting and reads out loud, "hike into an active volcano and spend the night." Can you say human sacrifice? Next morning, the kids hook up with their guide CLINT, and he distributes walking sticks to our brave boys and girls. Clint explains, "use this as a third leg." Doesn't Jake already have a third leg? Everyone is worried about Oscar - how can he hike with broken toes? Oscar is fearless, nothing will stop him. All spend the day hiking up to the edge of the volcano. They gaze down inside to see the fog and mist hovering over the rumbling mound - all very intimidating. How do we get down inside? Vince notices a rope dangling over the cliff. Now I get it! We must repel, backwards, into the volcano. Vince comments, "if you let go, you're dead." Don't look down... from MTV.commoreless

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