Road to Avonlea

CBC (ended 1996)


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Road to Avonlea

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Sara Stanley is sent to live with country relatives and has a hard time fitting in with her cousins.

Hetty King, who Sara starts living with, lives near her brother Alec and his wife Janet and their children Felicity, the perfectionist, Felix, who always has an idea which doesn't go to plan and quiet Cecily who loves the farm.

Hetty and Alec's younger sister Olivia is a single woman trying to make a career in the world of journalism and falls in love with Jasper, a local inventor.

Felicity has many ideals, but when Gus arrives in Avonlea he isn't exactly what she is looking for, but he is determined that she is the girl for him.

Following their success with "Anne of Green Gables," the talented duo of Kevin Sullivan and Trudy Grant set their eyes toward a television series, based on one of Lucy Maud Montgomery's favorite characters, Sara Stanley, The Story Girl.

Using tales from the books, "The Story Girl," "The Golden Road," "The Chronicles of Avonlea" and "The Further of Chronicles of Avonlea," Sullivan Entertainment created a heartwarming family c TV series. Set against the stunning backdrop of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Road to Avonlea follows the adventures of the King family and the residents in the quaint town of Avonlea at the turn of the 20th century.

Road to Avonlea first aired in 1990 on Canada's CBC. It was soon picked up by America's Disney Channel, who re-named it "Avonlea." The series ran for seven seasons until 1996, a total of 91 - 1 hour episodes. Since the series end, Sullivan Entertainment has filmed a special reunion movie in 1998, "Happy Christmas Miss King" with many of our favorite Avonlea family members.


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    • This show was awsome! I wish they could bring it back!

      This is about an girl name who comes to Avonlea,to live with her aunts and there is adventure in Avonlea,even to watch them grow up.What can I say about this show? Its awsome! When I was an little girl,I used to watch this show an lot.This show was an instant classic,for me.I couldn't stopped watching this show.This show,had been my favorite since than.I got really disappointed when Disney,tooked it off their line up with new shows.It was on another channel,but that channel is no longer there.I have the dvd set.I wish that Disney could bring it back and put it on tv again.Disney create another channel,just Disney Classic,where they show Disney classic shows on that channel.I really do miss the show.moreless
    • This is a fun family show, with something for just about everyone.

      This is a very fun and addicting show for me. I haven't seen all the episodes, yet, but I hope to! It's mostly very clean, with humor, adventure, and romance. My favorite male characters are Gus Pike and Felix King. Favorite female characters include Sarah, Hetty, and Rachel Lynde. The show is very character-driven. They seem like real, imperfect characters, with numerous quirks and charms, in a small town environment. There are often new characters and places to peak your interest, sometimes even a little mystery. The people grow up and have romance in their lives, but there still remains a bit of innocence that we who know Avonlea have come to love.moreless
    • Great family show, especially for those who love shows that are set in the golgen age

      I loved the Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea movies from the start and was so excited to learn a TV show sequeled. I have a passion for anything Victorian and Edwardian, and this is one of the best shows set during this time. Even the costumers knew what they were doing, as I tend to be a critic when it comes to historical costuming. The costumes were accurate down to the very year. I was quite impressed. How they show every day life back then is also very accurate. Loved it! Over the years, you watch the kids grow up, and share in turmoils and celebrations. It's hillarious at times, and other times very touching and sweet. When Gus and Felicity first kissed I just wanted to fly! The only downside really is that it can get kind of corny and painfully predictable, especially since Sara always seems to be the one to fix all the problems, and is alwyas the peace maker. She's the main character, but sometimes I found they played her a little too much. I really miss this show, and hope to one day own all the seasons on DVD.moreless
    • Hooray to Anne!

      Kevin Sullivan did a miraculous job in producing "Anne of Green Gables" and "The Sequel." He picked out a wonderful cast for each character, and definitely three cheers to him for bringing Lucy Maud Montgomery's novels to life. And he was very brilliant for making a television series out of Lucy's novels. "Road to Avonlea" take you back to a time when life was calm, neighbors were friendly and looked out for each other. The cast was perfectly picked out for this show, and more seasons should have been filmed. It was wonderful when the cast returned about a year later to produce a Christmas movie. This series should have more movie specials like "Little House" and "The Waltons." The show and Kevin Sullivan deserve a emmy. But most of all, thanks to Lucy Maud Montgomery. Without her, we would never have the pleasure of meeting the townfolks of Avonlea.moreless
    • a good and descent show

      i have seen almost all the seasons of road to avonlea it was a really good show though it has been many years since it has ended i still miss it i liked the story of how a rich girl goes to live with her cousins in a small town the show had many plots and ups and downs some episode were very sad and some were really funny my favorite episode was the one in which everyone is planning to through a suprise party for hetty king iit was funny and a bit sad when she thinks eveyone has forgoten her birthday it was truly a memorable show.moreless
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