Road to Avonlea

Season 4 Episode 10

Felicity's Perfect Beau

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1993 on CBC

Episode Recap

Felicity and Sara are reading the latest edition of a Every Girl's Calendar, which has an article on how to find your perfect love, by the lake. Felicity wants nothing more than to find Mr Right, but Felix steals the magazine before she gets a chance to try out any of the potions.

Arriving back at the King farm, Gus greets Felicity and Sara. Trying to give both of them a hint, Sara goes on into the barn, but the other two follow. The King's pig won't nurse her piglets and if she doesn't start soon - they will die. Gus suggests bringing Digger, the dog, in - but Arthur who is there tending to the pig says that it a bad idea as she could turn on Digger.

The others leave and Felix starts reading from the magazine with Morgan and Izzy. He picks the perfect potion and they all know who to try it out on.

At the Pettibone's house, the father is leaving for a trip and asks Arthur to make sure Morgan and Izzy do all the cleaning and household chores while he is gone. Arthur resents his father's rules and strict way, so decides to change it, allowing Morgan and Izzy to do as they please.

Sara and Felicity go into town, and Sara tells her that everything she does revolves around men or impressing them at least. Felicity denies all what Sara says and uses to break in conversation to watch Arthur. She rushes off to help him, despite Sara's protest that her chasing after Arthur isn't fair to Gus.

Morgan, Izzy and Felix meanwhile have collected the ingredients which they need to make the potion.

In the General Store, Sara buys a new copy of the magazine for Felicity, but Gus finds her in the store. He asks after Felicity and makes up a lie to cover that she is really with Arthur.

Arriving at the King farm Janet tells Gus that Felicity isn't at home. Janet tells Gus that both girls went into town, but it does puzzle him. Felix comes up to him with a new drink, laced with the potion - Felicity's ground toenails!.

At Hetty's, Gus finds Sara there and asks her to tell him where Felicity is. She finally tells him, he is upset that Felicity is there and that Sara didn't tell him in the first place. Gus asks her to help him out if she truly is his friend.

At he Pettibones, Izzy has served tea to Arthur, with Felicity's ground toenails. Felicity and Arthur look through his books which have fantasy like creatures in them. They talk about what they've dreamt off for their future. A knock at the door causes Arthur to answer the door, it is Sara who says her horse has been injured. Athur goes off to help the horse, leaving Felicity there to look at the books.

After Arthur leaves with Sara, Gus approaches the house and goes to talk with Felicity. Gus is upset about her doing cleaning in Arthur's house. They argue over Arthur after Felicity goes on about what he knows compared to Gus who only knows common things.

At Rose Cottage Arthur can find nothing wrong with the horse and Sarah has to tell him that Gus was talking with Felicity at his house. Arthur hurries back home to find Felicity in tears over her argument with Gus. She is upset and Arthur comforts her and then kisses her - just as his father arrives home to catch them.

Felicity flees back home, while Mr Pettibone reprimands Arthur for his behaviour. Arthur brings up how his father left for war and how his mother died while he was away, blaming him for his mother's death. At home Felicity is searching for the answer in magazines, Sara is angry at Felicity because she has already had to lie twice. Felicity decides that she is destined to be with Arthur - not Gus.

The next day Sara goes to see Gus at the lighthouse, but he is finding trusting her hard after she lied the previous day. When Sara tells him that Arthur kissed Felicity he goes straight to the King farm to confront him in the pig pen. When Arthur says that Felicity chose to do it Gus punches him and a fight

Felicity and Sara go to bake pies, but Sara wants her to make up her mind which one she wants to be with as she thinks both have true feelings for her. Gus turns up to see Felicity and Janet stops him to see Clive with Arthur - ready to have a proper courting meal.

Outside, Felicity and Arthur talk about seeing each other, but she realises that what Arthur wants and what she wants are not the same thing. She tells Arthur that she doesn't want them to be anything more than friends, and that she wants Gus to court her. Felicity runs offf leaving Arthur standing alone.

In her room, Felicity is pacing up and down when Aunt Hetty decides to try and talk to her, but ends up more confused with Felicity's ranting about who is the right and who is the wrong person for you.

At the lighthouse Gus looks at his boots, the only thing he does really own and gets angry - then he looks at the ring on his finger which his father gave him.

He arrives at the King farm and demands to see Felicity - who is looking anything but groomed well. He tells her that he still cares for her and that he doesn't want to loose her. He asks Felicity to marry him and gives her the ring, but she doesn't give him an answer. Janet tries to talk her later on about the situation.

The next day Felicity goes to see Gus at the lighthouse, Sara walks her there, but she tells her she wants to be alone with him. She tells Gus that she isn't ready to get married yet - that she wants to go to teacher's college and maybe university and can see herself married to Gus - just not yet. Felicity asks him to ask her again in two years time if he still feels the same way.

They go out for a walk and Arthur seems them together, Felicity and Gus return to the lighthouse.