Road to Avonlea

Season 7 Episode 11

Return to Me

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1996 on CBC



  • Trivia

    • Felicity shows Gus's picture to just about everyone she bumps into from New York through Charleston- yet, inexplicably, doesn't show it to any of the nurses at the Mariner's Hospital where she's learned survivors of his exploded ship were taken to. As it turns out, he was there for an extended period of time under his own name yet the most she does is ask the nurse on duty about a caregiver's whereabouts instead of Gus's!

  • Quotes

    • Gus: Have you any idea what a future would be like with me?
      Felicity: No, but I know what it would be without you.

    • Hetty: So, uh, Gus Pike, this is the lot you choose, is it?
      Gus: Go home, Miss King. Nothing you can say will change my mind.
      Hetty: Change your mind? Bless of you. You think I care a wit if you sit here and rot after making such a fool of me?
      Gus: Fool of you?
      Hetty: Yes. I had such hopes for you, Gus Pike. Always. You were bright, you were ambitious. But most of all you had spirit, or so I thought. That's why I, I, I tutored you and fussed over you and coddled you and, and for what? So you could, uh, hide away here and, and throw your life to the wind?
      Gus: It was no sense you and Felicity coming here. If you care about your niece, you'll take her home.
      Hetty: Don't you give me that pious face or I'll slap you!

    • Janet: Hetty, we are all well aware that you don't approve this marriage.
      Hetty: Since when is my approval of the least interest to anyone?
      Janet: A young girl's wedding is a, a time she should look back at fondly for the rest of her days. Now, I won't have you go and ruin it. Think of Felicity!
      Hetty: I am thinking of Felicity. Then, thinking of her, that I can't help but think of Gus Pike.

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