Road to Avonlea - Season 5

CBC (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • The Minister's Wife (2)
    When Janet and Viola go for a joy ride in Miss Stacey's new automobile, it raises rumors that Mrs. Elliott has a drinking problem.
  • Enter Prince Charming (1)
    A new minister comes to Avonlea; Rev. Elliott. However, many of the townspeople are put off by his use of humor during sermons. Hetty, in particular, is put off by his son Booth's forwardness in asking Sara to dance a new dance, the Ragtime, with him. Janet is the only one who makes friends with the minister's eccentric wife Viola.moreless
  • Otherwise Engaged
    Otherwise Engaged
    Episode 11
    Gus is offered a promotion at the hotel and he is finally ready to ask Felicity to marry him again. Felicity though is planning her own medical career, and although she loves Gus, when he asks her she wants him to see her view.
  • Best Laid Plans
    Best Laid Plans
    Episode 10

    Hetty sends Davey on a quest to do three good deeds and along the way Davey accidentally helps Jasper make a unbreakable cup. Olivia then gets Jasper's crooked relative involved and capers begin.

  • Thursday's Child
    Thursday's Child
    Episode 9
    When it is revealed that Cecily has Tuberculosis the family make the decision that she must be moved away from the other children to a sanitarium in New England.
  • Someone to Believe In
    John Hodgeson, a candidate for Prime Minister, stays at the White Sands with his daughter. Adeline takes a liking to Felix. Alec considers a life in politics after John's encouragement.
  • Stranger in the Night
    The Kings find a man in their barn and give him work, but is he all that he seems?
  • The Great Race
    The Great Race
    Episode 6
    Felix wants to enter the steeplechase; but Janet is afraid he'll get hurt. He trains for the race without her knowledge and is injured. Janet and Felix, face their fears; and he enters the race. Clive Pettibone wants to prove to his son that he is still as good a rider as he used to be and also enters the race. Who will win???moreless
  • Strictly Melodrama
    Strictly Melodrama
    Episode 5
    Avonlea is hosting the annual drama competition and Hetty plans to win.She makes a wager with Eleanor McHugh,betting a secret family recipe.Asking Janet to play the lead role,She callously recasts the role when the opportunity arises,giving the part to Isabelle Carrington,famous stage actress.However it turns out that Isabelle's refusal to play the part as originally written (by Hetty of course)forces Hetty to fire her only one day before the competition is set to begin. So Hetty must beg Janet to retake the lead role in time to save the play.moreless
  • A Friend in Need
    A Friend in Need
    Episode 4
    Davey Keith is already in trouble after the first day of school. After getting caught fighting in the playground, Clive Pettibone assigns him one hundred lines to write as punishment. While this might be difficult enough under any circumstances, for Davey it is doubly severe because he cannot read or write. After he inadvertently lands Sarah in trouble she learns his awful secret. With her help, however, he begins to learn how to read.moreless
  • Modern Times
    Modern Times
    Episode 3
    Plans are on the way for the American millionaire (see Home Movie) to turn the old cannery into a distillery. An outraged Hetty persuades H.B. Dunn sells the cannery to her, but she doesn't know how to run it. Jasper and Olivia take over the day-to-day running of the cannery, and use Gus Pike's expertise in operations. Problems arise that must be solved. Gus and the King family pitch in, even Felicity, and all the lobsters are canned; so Hetty decides The Dales must buy the cannery from her.moreless
  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
    Episode 2
    The family is planning a 50th birthday party for Hetty. Her publisher, no longer wants "Romance" novels from her. Muriel Stacey returns to town and takes over the general store. When Hetty succumbs to appendicitis, her out look on life changes. She decides to write about what she knows; her childhood and the beauty of the island. This episode is Heather Conkie's shining moment as a writer for 'Avonlea', as we are given insight to the young Hetty Kingmoreless
  • Fathers and Sons
    Fathers and Sons
    Episode 1
    Felix must decide where his future lies; the farm or the hotel. The choice is too difficult and Felix rebels. He is too tired to work well at either the farm or hotel; and gives up his job. Alec, seeing how unhappy Felix is, urges him to resume working at the hotel. Felix befriends a millionaire, who teaches him the importance of Fathers and Sons and how to "talk" to his father.moreless