Road to Avonlea - Season 6

CBC (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Homecoming
    Episode 13
    Cecily comes home from the sanitarium with such high hopes, but Janet and Alec are afraid that she might have a relapse and treat her as if she is still ill. The towns people are worried and refuse to let Cecily return to school. Aunt Eliza convinces Alec and Janet that treating Cecily as if she is well, is they only way that everyone's life can get back to normal. Felicity is dealing with her choice to leave medical school, and eagerly awaiting Gus's return; with plans to go ahead with their marriage. Felicity is devastated when she learns that Gus's ship has gone down, with all hands lost at sea. Gus is presumed dead.moreless
  • A Time to Every Purpose
    Felicity has completed her first year of medical school, and passes with flying colors. Dr. Snow offers her a job for the summer, and Felicity learns the "human side" of medicine rather than the " text book" side of it, and it is a real eye opener! When Dr. Snow and Felicity are unable to save Felicity's friend, Colleen Pritcharts, life during child birth Felicity re-examines her plans to become a doctor and awaits the return of Gus.moreless
  • What a Tangled Web We Weave
    An impoverished Polish countess visits the White Sands for her son's wedding, as does Pierre's mother, whose daughter is the bride. However, there's a twist when it is revealed that Pierre has been telling his mother he owns the White Sands.
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is
    After recovering from her stroke, Rachel Lynde embarks on a return trip from her son's home out west to Avonlea. On the way, she suffers a second stroke that leaves her unable to talk. Hetty King takes her in to nurse her back to health but Rachel's son wanting to take her back to BC with him. Hetty, Davey, Dora and Olivia all aid in getting Rachel talking again, with help from the most unlikely source - Pierre (the chef at the White Sands).moreless
  • The More Things Change
    Clive and Muriel decide to be married, until Izzy's hostile behavior convinces Muriel to cancel the wedding plans. Davy is tricked out of the money his classmates saved to buy their teacher a wedding gift. Dora and Wiley Lester help him get the money back. Arthur convinces Izzy that having Muriel in their lives will make things better. Hetty has taken over Clive and Muriel's wedding plans; but they surprise all by taking the Pettibone children with them and having a quick ceremony in Carmody.moreless
  • A Fox Tale
    A Fox Tale
    Episode 8
    Felix goes into the fox raising business with Izzy; but when he needs to get a bank loan he trades Izzy for Nat Lester as his partner. Nat spends most of the money trying to impress people, Felix is in danger of loosing Izzy as his friend, and Felicity needs to learn to see life from other peoples perceptive. The foxes escape and Felix must find a way to repay the loan. Izzy accepts Felix's apology and they resume their friendship.moreless
  • Great Expectations
    Great Expectations
    Episode 7
    Davy finds that school is not to his liking, and decides not to go. Hetty thinks making him get a job will teach him to appreciate school. Jasper teaches Davy all about running the cannery. He and Jasper bond, and become friends. Hetty is worried that Davy will never return to school, until Jasper shows Davy how education will improve his life and his job. Davy goes back to school with a new attitude.moreless
  • The Trouble with Davey
    Rose Cottage is "empty" now, so when Rachel has a stroke Hetty agrees to take in Dora and Davy until she fully recovers. Rachel goes out west to live with her son. Once again, Dora and Davy have made a major change in their lives. Davy feels responsible for Rachel's stroke, and causes an unbelievable amount of trouble. Hetty finally gets to the root of Davy's guilt and she, Dora ,and Davy settle down to a new life at Rose Cottage.moreless
  • Comings and Goings
    Comings and Goings
    Episode 5
    Sara returns to Avonlea with Nanny Louisa ready to announce plans to go to Paris to study. Nanny and Aunt Hetty begin to squabble over Sara's future; they both have made plans for her with out consulting her. Sara loves them both, but is determined to go to France. Felix and Izzy are having romance problems and Sara nudges them in the right direction.moreless
  • Fools and Kings
    Fools and Kings
    Episode 4
    Janet has time on her hands for the first time in her life. Felicity, Daniel and Cecily are all away from home. Felix is busy at the hotel, Alec's time is taken up by the farm and his lodge. When she sees a chance to earn "extra" money, Janet jumps at the chance; but all of the money makers end up costing Janet more than she makes. Janet must find a way out of her problem without telling Alec; the owner of the company she is dealing with makes threats, and Alec comes to her rescue.moreless
  • Christmas In June
    Christmas In June
    Episode 3
    Cecily is in a sanitarium in New York, where she meets Louie, a street smart boy. Bored with their treatments the two get in to so much mischief, Cecily is in danger of being sent home. Janet and Alec arrive and try to smooth things over. Cecily tells them of Louie's sad life, and they plans a Christmas celebration for a poor boy who has never had one. Louie dies shortly thereafter; but Cecily settles down determined to get well.moreless
  • Lonely Hearts
    Lonely Hearts
    Episode 2
    The White Sands Hotel is the setting for a Bachelor Auction. Each bachelor makes up a picnic basket and a lady bids on it; the bachelor then shares the basket with the lady. Felix and Izzy's romance begins to blossom; Becky Lester has her eye on Davy; Hetty looses Clive Pettibone to Muriel Stacy; Simon Tremayne has his eye on Hetty but fears he has no hope; but the dance at the hotel, to end the day, finds Hetty is Simon's arms.moreless
  • The Return of Gus Pike
    Felicity is at medical school, and Felix is visiting,when they spot Gus in the market place with a strange woman. Felicity mistakengly thinks he is engaged to this woman,Charlotte Ames, and returns Gus's ring. Gus finds Felicity at school and they decide they 'need to talk'. As Gus walks Felicity back to her rooming house they encounter a flower lady, wandering the streets, who thinks that Gus is Captain Crane. Together, Gus and Felicity decide to bring her back to Avonlea to solve a mystery. Gus thinks the flower lady may be Eliza Pike, his 'deceased' mother. A photograph of Eliza and Abe Pike together, makes Gus realize that she is indeed his mother. Hidden behind this wedding photo of Eliza and Abe is a photo of Captain Crane, whom Gus begins to believe is his real father. He and Eliza go to Jamaica to find the captain. Before he leaves, Gus implores Felicity "...say you'll be mine." "I've always been yours, I'll be yours forever", she assures him. Gus gives her his ring again and sails away. They are, at last, engaged.moreless