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Season 15 : Episode 3

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Season 15 : Episode 4

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  • The Voyage Begins
    The Voyage Begins
    Episode 1
    The Season 11 premiere finds new road-trippers Ed, Tele'jon and Olivia heading to Santa Cruz, Cal., to meet climbing instructor Jakob Laggner, who founded Treks and Tracks, a company that specializes in outdoor expeditions.
  • Know Who You Are
    Know Who You Are
    Episode 2
    In San Francisco, the team meets Zen Hospice Project volunteer coordinator Roy Remer; and Omar Cardenas, a youth organizer for the Children's Defense Fund. Later, in L.A., they meet transgendered stand-up comedian Ian Harvie.
  • Time to Jump
    Time to Jump
    Episode 6
    The team arrives in New York City, where they meet spoken-word artist and LGBT-rights activist Staceyann Chin.
  • Connecting the Dots
    In Washington, D.C., human-rights attorney Brittan Heller shares her approach to career-building. Later, the team visits Philadelphia, where they meet with race car-builder Sal Donato; and American Paradigm Schools' Christine Borelli and Stacey Cruise.
  • Rattle the Cage
    Rattle the Cage
    Episode 4
    A chef, graphic designer and veterinarian at a chimpanzee sanctuary are met in New Orleans. Later, the team enjoys an airboat tour through Louisiana's Lafitte Swamp and learns that the boat operator is also an alligator wrestler. Later, in St. Louis, they take part in a Zombie Fun Run; and, in the nation's capital, meet poi (fire) spinner Ben Drexler.moreless
  • It's a Journey - Not a Destination
    NASA engineer Adam Steltzner, who directed the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars; and New Mexico river guide Sherry Grathler, who chose the outdoors over a law career. Also: the team enjoys a Fourth of July celebration in Texas.
  • Rounding the Bend
    Rounding the Bend
    Episode 7
    Writer Beverly Donofrio reflects on the setbacks she's faced in her life. Also: spoken-word poet Airea Dee Matthews; and professor David Stovall (University of Illinois at Chicago).
  • The Long Road Home
    The Long Road Home
    Episode 8
    The Season 11 finale features Growing Power CEO Will Allen. The road-trippers also reflect on their experiences and what they learned.