Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Jul 21, 1997 on FOX
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When a man discovers a weapon that can kill many, the Romans steal it. Conor joins forces with Vorgeen, a chieftain from another village, in order to defeat the Romans and destroy this terrible weapon.

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When the merchant falls dead, there is a brief moment in which tread marks are visible on the soles of his shoes.

      • When Conor is yelling "fall back" after the battle with the Romans, there is a brief scene in which his sword is bent.

      • In the scene where the merchant is bathing and Tully is talking to him, as Tully says that Galen rescued him, you can see Catlin's legs behind him. At this point in the scene she & Conor have just arrived at the waterfall pool, and Conor is helping her jump from rock to rock, making it appear that she is in two places at once.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Conor: Can't you see what's happening?
        Fergus: They're killing us! We have to do something.
        Conor: Not this! She said "Balance the scales." Now we've lost half our people!
        Vorgeen: I thought you were with us.
        Conor: I am. But the powder is poison. Quadras knew it. That's why the secret died with him.
        Vorgeen: Well, the Romans still have some. We'll build a better weapon, then steal theirs.
        Conor: A better weapon? There's no such thing! If we try to top them, we perpetuate the madness! We'll be killing ourselves. Don't you see that?
        Vorgeen: You're not fit to lead anyone!
        Conor: What do you want, Vorgeen?
        Vorgeen: Revenge!
        Conor: Then you shall have it. If you want to steal the Atmos, fine. But not to use against our enemies.
        Fergus: For what then?
        Conor: To destroy it. That's how we'll avenge what's been lost here. The Romans stole our future. We're gonna steal it back. We destroy it all, or it destroys us.

      • Tully (about Quadras): Always a father. Always a husband. Always blessed.

      • Diana (to Vorgeen's village, after an explosion): Mark this day, for it is a turning point in our history. What you have just witnessed is not a weapon, but an instrument of peace. Nothing can compete with a god like this. So rejoice. Lay down your swords. Follow me. You can choose between the glory of Rome or the destruction of your village.

      • Conor: When my parents were killed, I wanted revenge. When Claire died, I wanted to die with her. Galen helped me see far beyond that. Maybe we owe him the same courtesy. His heart is in the right place. He's just lost his way.

      • Conor: Why are you so stubborn?
        Vorgeen: Why are you so slow?

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