FOX (ended 1997)


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  • Decent show, incredible music

    While I enjoyed the plot behind this show, what really drew me in was the lovely celtic music that was so artfully played. That said I could find celtic music, but not another show like this one, it took a few episodes to get started (tho the primere was incredibly well done), and died far to early. Many of the relationships were just getting to the point were real romance might have sproated. Now I have to wonder whether Katlyne and Connor ever figure it all out.

    I started this show in hopes that the plot would be similar to some of the druid myths, and continued watching not because it was (it wasn't really) but because I enjoyed the situations that Connor and the others had to get out of, some of which were their fault and others... Well they certainly had their share aof bad luck. Still without the music I probably wouldn't miss it nearly as much. A second season could help to finish so many of the random plot bunnies that were left to hang.