Rob & Amber: Against the Odds

Season 1 Episode 9

Rob Hits the Wall

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on FOX Reality Channel

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  • This series is a joke. For Rob to think he actually can use his Survivor baloney at a poker table and win is a stupid concept. He has one of the best poker coaches in Vegas but Rob knows better.

    Rob went to a big tournament for him. He got extremely lucky on one of the first hands and it kept him alive. Rob, you are not a good poker player, good players will win every time over blowhards and lucky player in the long run. Once in a while you get a run of incredible cards and make a name for yourself like Jaimie Gold, even Rob could have won the World Series of Poker with those cards.
    I love Amber, she is the brains of this bunch.
    You know Fox Reality is paying them stupid money for this show. If I had a guaranteed income like that I might even try poker, knowing I would not be tapping into the nest egg from Survivor. The difference is that I lived in the poker rooms and casinos for 9 years and know a little bit about the poker mentality, tournament mentality and fresh meat like Rob.