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  • Season 1
    • All or Nothing
      Episode 10
      It's truth time for Rob. After three months of learning, he plays in his biggest buy-in tournament at Caesars Indiana. Then he and Amber must decide: Is this attempt at becoming a pro poker player over, or just beginning?
    • 2/15/07
      Daniel learns that Rob has broken one of his cardinal rules and threatens to end their relationship. In an effort to cheer Rob up, Amber takes him back to their home in Pensacola. Will Rob be back to his old self or will he decide to throw in the towel?
    • A week in the life of reality stars: Rob and Amber are presenters at the "Really Awards" in LA, drive stock cars at a speedway in Vegas with Daniel Negreanu and play poker with Chad Eaton.
    • 2/8/07
      Amber's dad comes to Vegas for a visit. Meanwhile Rob is invited to play in the "Mansion Poker" Speed Poker Tournament where he will put his poker skills to the test in front of Amber, her father and a live studio audience.
    • Rob Goes AWOL
      Episode 6
      Amber heads to Pittsburgh for her ten-year high school reunion. Rob promises to attend, saying he would prefer to stay in Vegas an extra day to play more poker. When his last-minute flight gets canceled, Amber becomes dissapointed as she has to fly solo at the reunion.
    • 2/1/07
      Rob enters his first tournament at the Aladdin, and has a meltdown as he is upset with his performance. Amber tries to console him by cooking him a special dinner with the help of "Hell's Kitchen" winner Heather West.
    • 1/25/07
      Rob's college buddy Rick comes to Vegas for a visit and Rob wastes no time betting him on everything from riding thrill rides on top of the Stratosphere to heads-up poker with the loser having to riding the bull at Vegas hot spot.
    • Amber Gets Hot
      Episode 3
      Amber has to find an apartment by herself while Rob goes out for another lesson with Daniel. Amber schedules a housewarming party but becomes upset when it appears that Rob is to be too busy playing poker to cook for the party as he promised.
    • 1/18/07
      Once in Vegas, Rob and Amber are faced with a new problem: they have no place to live. While Rob gets his first lesson from Daniel and then plays at a casino under Daniel's watchful eye, Amber searches for the perfect apartment.
    • Viva Las Vegas
      Episode 1
      The "Survivor" and "Amazing Race" vets head to Las Vegas, where Rob plans to bet their reality-show winnings on his poker skills. Amber lends her support, albeit sometimes reluctantly.