Rob & Big

Season 3 Episode 6

Big Bob

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 12, 2008 on MTV - Music Television



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    • Rob: Can we please get Big Bob out of here before he kills himself?

    • Drama: This is like a weird dream!

    • Big Black: Being a big dude is like being a pickup truck. Everybody wants to use him when it's time to move something.
      Rob: I'm not trying to use you. I just got new couches. I'm asking you to help move the old ones.

    • Rob: Big Bob up in here! Big Bob!

    • Big Black: Mine doesn't hang way down there though. I can still see my wiener.

    • Rob: Do your arms rest on your man-boobs?
      Big Black Yeah, they just rest on that meat on the side.
      Rob: They just kinda hang.

    • Big Black: You're going to see that life is totally different when you're big and husky.
      Rob: I can't wait to be big and husky 'cause I have a feeling it's going to be alot of fun.
      Big Black: You'll see how it is to be a big man in a small world.

    • Rob: The only way I'll get into a fat suit is if it's done the real, right way.
      Big Black: You know what? I'll take care of it. I've got alot of big people in the industry that can make you big.

    • Rob: I'm never going to know what that's like.
      Big Black: You know what? You probably could find out what it's like. Fat suit!
      Rob: What? Like Tyra Banks style?

    • Big Black: Check this toilet out. Your boy ain't got no room!
      Rob: You've got plenty of room!
      Big Black: There's no leg room in there. What if your boy is trying to wipe right now?

    • Big Black: Your boy has to turn, duck, and roll to get out of the couch!

    • Big Black: These chairs right here, not massive ass certified.
      Rob: No?
      Big Black: If your boy's coming in hot with some ass power, look at this. That's half a cheek right there. Half a cheek!

    • Big Black: Being a big dude, you have alot of obstacles.

    • Rob: Being a little guy, I only look at all the advantages that you get from being big.

    • Big Black: They need more things around the world that deal with big people and big people only.

    • Rob: Nobody needs this much donut.
      Big Black: A big person might need this much donut!

    • Big Black: What's up big Otis? I've got a homeboy named Otis.

    • Rob: Look at that guy.
      Big Black: That is a good sized hippo right there. Look, he's got bacon grease all over his face.
      Rob: You know what? He looks like a big piece of bacon.

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